Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sun Connection And Let The People Decide Now

Hey  Beautiful Hearts 

Hope beating with positivity and gratitude :)

5 pm ,Sun is moving towards west slowly.His anger seems fine when i understand how increased his duty hours are in long summer days .Probably his lack of sleep  cause him anxiety which makes his temps rise and we have to face his harsh mood :(

Despite of  it i love sun. I know i know question is what is that i don't love :) 

If love is disease i am seriously ill. And with age it is growing faster .So i love being within nature ,Feeling my bond to her and deepening it by contemplating on phenomena before my eyes. 
When i was little girl in my early teens i would stand in our native yard and try to stare straight into sun's eyes (well he might have one) Mom would bang on my shoulder if pass closely or shout from far,
 "what  are you doing girl are you mad?  Stop or you will loose your eye sight " sharp shine of sun would hurt my eyes and i would rub them for while or mom would wash them cold water. That may sound mad .But i did it many times in my childhood and early youth. What would make me do so i cannot say accurately but it could be some kind of curiosity
 "What is inside this brightest world" ?

When i grew young my habit changed little bit ,i would not try to see right into sun but i would look at glow of his calming rays coming across the tree branches .I would do it often ,at certain point sun rays glow would burst into colorful blaze .My eyes would spread wide to find out "What is this " ? "miracle "?  

After many years i still do it sometimes .While sipping my tea when i look above i find same sun rays peak through my neem tree branches . I inevitably look at them and it seems they tied my eyes with their delicate golden ropes .Look turn into stare and this time when rays burst int illuminating colorful blaze i do not wonder what it is anymore .A strange strong and deep  sense of Connection  touches my soul powerfully .
Like my Creator had left tiny window opened for me  so i can see him . Peace grabbed in such moment is undefinable ! It strengthens me alot!
Oh i am sharing my silly adventures  here and sun has left my yard meanwhile.yes ,5 :45 ,almost evening as sun will set within one hour now. Marble installed in our yard gets so warm during day.After sunset it will start to loose heat it absorbed during day.
When i take my evening walk as i will after finishing this post i feel heat rising up from yard. Though when we sleep in yard at night it is cool ( around11pm) .
We don't have air conditioning system in our house .Reason behind it is that we both hubby and me prefer natural environment .Me more than hubby :) Actually when relatives or friends ask him why you did not buy air conditioner until now? he replies because my wife does not like it . 
I feel guilty when he say so .Then i ask children if they want it but both my sons at home unlike eldest one say No .
They repeat my words about side affects of ac instead. And i do not agree except with one thing that we live in big house and it is not possible to install conditioning system at once ,before doing so we have to shut down our whole house and turn into a mouse hole.Oh even thought makes me sick . Having one air conditioner in single room is useless because none of us is going to sit at one room for whole day as we are have different routine and various business which keep us run from here to there .
So let's see ,
Evening is stepping down in my yard outside.I can see how walls ,tree and plants  felt relived since sun curved from corner house .Temp is 43 right now . Our govt has allowed markets to open fully as Eid festival is 3 days ahead .Trains and transport is also opened except our Sindh province .I don't know what is the logic but it is still kind of word war between transport owners and govt authorities .Hotels and parks are still closed though i agree with many others that governments has informed and taught well people already .It is unfair to keep industries closed which is not just causing harm to national economy but also spreading restlessness among people who relay on daily vegges.

So let the people decide for themselves now instead! They have to Behave and stay cautious if they want to stay healthy .

alright dear friends ,6:15 now ,time for 25 minutes walk and then evening tea followed by evening prayer .
Take good care everyone!stay well and healthy!
God Bless You All!


  1. I love the sun too, but I've never had the habit of staring into it as you have. I like the warmth it brings when spring arrives.

    1. sun is source of life on earth indeed dear Connie

      and we all know that life is generated when it is warm and humid :)
      warmth brought by sun also uplift and refresh our spirit either

  2. I agree, people are ready to make intelligent choices that they may not have been able to do only a few months ago. As to the sun, I know really smart people explain how it generates such light and heat and has for a billion years and should continue to do so for another billion years. I've never understood it beyond it is a miracle, and just because really smart people can explain the science of the sun does not make it any less of a miracle.

    1. Oh this was beautiful dear Joe :)

      so blessed are people who can find miracle within and around them indeed

      i was trying to put on quote to express what you just said here but unfortunately had no time to look for it ,it says something like this

      if we stop and contemplate on these miracles the wonders unveiled will revolutionize our way of thinking and we will finally understand WHY ARE WE HERE AND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO FOLLOW LAWS OF NATURE

  3. I imagine it will be wonderful to have treats and nice food for Eid, Baili, I hope you find the markets well stocked. People here celebrate Eid, some friends at work would usually bring in some Indian sweets and savoury pakora. We will have to miss that this year :) Blessings to you and your family, Ramadan must be very challenging in this heat for those who are fasting.

    1. oh this is pleasure to know dear Betty that you know some friends who celebrate Eid :)

      Yes no Eid without sweet here ,specially this Eid after Ramadan month is about sweets and sweet dishes
      this is only occasion when i too eat little sweet but i don't know this time sweet will make difference to me because i will be missing my eldest son sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Eid without him will be sad but i don't have to show my sadness as my behavior should not spoil this event for my family here with me :)

      hubby and me don't fast due to health issues anymore ,my younger son fasted for almost ten days though ,i could not let him more due to heat
      thank you so much for kind wishes
      same here for you my dear friend!

  4. Replies
    1. you are so kind dear Christine :)

    2. You might be interested in my post on yeast today

  5. When I was a child I used to use a magnifying glass to concentrate the sunlight on a piece of paper or a dry leaf. It was magic for me to see how it smoked then caused a flame. The sun was truly wonderful.
    I also enjoyed the way it heated my skin and clothes. I was afraid to look into the sun and it would give me a headache.
    I enjoyed your post.

    1. how wonderful that each of my sons did this either dear John :) this is their favorite experiment too though i get anxious when paper catch fire
      how easy is to lit fire by using magnifying glass makes me uncomfortable
      we dry our clothes in sun light and as child it was fascinating experience to look this process in progress
      i hurt my eye sight with looking straight into sun but it was instant and automatic action believe me

  6. With your love of sunlight and warmth, perhaps you were a cat in a former life!

    1. haha

      if you think so my dear Debra :)

      there are few times in my life when i laid down under scorching sun for hours ,it caused me ever lasting pigmentation physically but what it did to my spirit is magical believe me :)

  7. Replies
    1. wishing you all the peace and joy dear Emma :)

  8. I don't like Air Conditioning either! I much prefer the breeze when the windows are open. But you would not believe the summers here, Baili. (Southeastern USA) It is like stepping out into an oven, so we have to have AC. I don't know how you do it. It must get as hot or hotter there. I slept outside on my balcony sometimes when I had an apartment in college. I thought I was the only one who did that!

    1. Oh forgive my ignorance dear Sandi as i had no idea that southeastern USA can be as hot ,i thought you live in a cooler part of lands

      Heat you have during summer sound scary as our's and having air conditioning is must in such areas ,when i visit to my native land i find hardly someone having it but here most of the people (who can afford) have it as summers are crucial here

      how amazing you prefer breeze and sleeping in natural environment instead air tight room with cooling system :)
      many people think of people like us bit weird or abnormal (talking from personal experience) because it is beyond their comprehension

      but like others i cannot change my nature and desire to stay connected with Nature is filled me like soul in body :)

  9. I do enjoy the warmth the sun gives but don't look straight at it.

    Keep safe as some lockdown restrictions are eased.

    All the best Jan

    1. no wise man would do it indeed dear Jan

      hose this easiness bring no difficulty amen!

  10. The sun is indeed amazing. It is natural to want to look at it. This is true for both adults and children.

    Wonderful post as always.

    We are also slowly opening up where I live. We have been hit hard here in New York.

    Have a happy Eid!

    1. thank you for approving that i am not crazy to stare at sun dear Brain :)

      i felt compelled to do so always ,may be i simply followed my instinct

      number of patients are increasing here either specially since lockdown is eased
      fear and confusion whatever authorities are opening things slowly with constant instructions by each possible way
      hope and pray that people respond it with wisdom

  11. Love how you described the sun and its' moods. I really look forward to your musings on your life write so well. Can't imagine staring at the sun - i think you are a very unique Soul - and memories of a beautiful place live within you and you see it expressed externally in your life.

    1. thank you dear Sandy ,you are generous :)

      i just share what i feel at the moment i sit with my laptop

  12. Dearest Baili, oh how utterly beautiful and uplifting I found your post! It is such a coincidence, but I was sitting in my garden this afternoon...and was mesmerized by the patterns the sun was making on the lawn. I felt such a powerful connection to Nature, and truly felt at one with Her. It was an amazing and magical experience...almost mystical!
    And I was thinking at the time...this is the same sun that is shining down upon my dear friend Baili...and I felt so close to you! 😊😊

    Have a lovely day...and stay safe.

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Oh this is enchanting dear Ygraine :)))

      how amazing that we feel almost same way and our experiences with nature are similar too :)
      i could see you sitting in your yard observing play of sun light before your eyes and feeling same depth of connection with Creator
      this is all that matter most for me my friend ,sometimes i think what if i was free wanderer on earth ,viewing wonders of nature from one corner to another ( no corner i know but let my imagery run wild ) :)
      if it was so, i would have spent my whole life only staying close to natural phenomena mountains , river banks ,meadows and forests all those would have been my homes sweet homes :) no walls would have been around me then
      just me and my nature ,through her feeling Creator is exceptional and extraterritorial experience and i am never tired of it

  13. Nature has kept me going through this pandemic! Take care.

    1. we are her's so she take care of us by providing us comfort of her lap :)

  14. You are a wonderful writer! Your posts are very inspirational. We are opening up a few things here but very cautiously. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

    1. this is just beauty of your mind dear Martha that you find my simple words good ,i am honored :)

      after reopening here markets are flooded with people and each time hubby get back from market complains how much crowed was out there
      it seems as keeping blocked people for while have made them impatient and over conscious specially about shopping
      praying that may this all not result in negative circumstances

  15. Have a great weekend, baili.
    Thunder, lightning and heavy rain here

    1. you too dear Pedro
      heavy rains and rainstorms are in neighboring India are reported though our rains seems to have taken break ,hoping for this kindness from lord

  16. The sun is good for us in moderation, gives us vitamin D.
    My it's warm there at 43 deg.
    Take care, be safe.

    1. true dear Margaret :)
      since vitamin D is essential for bones sitting in sunlight is good each day for a while :)
      yes temps are rising here constantly ,all i can pray for rain !

  17. being real is constant test too here in this world dear Laurie because people hardly like such realism
    they love escaping from it and prefer to illusion themselves with artificiality they paint around them ,i wish i can enjoy that too sometimes

  18. I can understand your love for the sun, Baili. Although I have never looked directly up at it for long periods hearing my mother also offer cautions to me. We have been spending our afternoons sitting outdoors in a small park area near our apt, enjoying the sun and reading or talking. The sun offers light, warmth and perhaps the hope that life will get better in future days. I hope that the re-opening of many things does not cause people to develop a false sense of security. And also hope that you can enjoy the holiday with your family. Lastly, I am not so sure I could survive without being able to use ac when needed but I can understand your aversions which make good sense.

  19. Time spent in nature is incredibly important to me. I find solace, healing and comfort in it. That said, the sun scares me, and on very bright days I am happiest in the shade.
    I do love dawn and dusk though.

  20. O sol é fonte de vida. Por isso o amamos e desejamos o seu calor. A Natureza é maravilhosa. Que tenha muita saúde, assim como a sua família.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  21. Ah, yes! This is one post I was responding to when I was interrupted. I love that you love everything, Baili! I get it ~ and the older I get the more I realize what a precious gift life is. I heard at the time your markets were open so people could purchase supplies for Eid. On one level I recognize that our countries must open up because so many people are suffering economically and we can't stay shut down forever. On the other I worry about the health and lives that are lost because of the virus. Each of us must be responsible for taking preventative measures to slow the spread of the virus and stop as much sickness and death as possible, and we must do what we can to help others less fortunate and suffering economically.


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