Monday, February 22, 2010

Curse (piece from my prose)

today when clouds suddenly came and cover the blue face of sky with gray ,baili hold my hand and flew towards the highest hill ,when we both landed on the top i thought i can touch clouds if i raise my hand ,breeze had the fragrant and freshness of coming spring ,we were looking at the view of the busy city down there ,i think it will be raining again soon ,i said with joy ,
you like rain hmm baili asked like i said some wrong ,
yes ,who doesn't i replied ,
she smiled and looked at me like i was a child ,and said there are so many people who dont want rain because they cannot handle the damage it causes to them ,when you enjoy the hot drinks beside the heater in your big warm house while raining do you ever think about people who dont have shelters not even warm clothes on ,and if they have one it has not enough strong roof to protect them from rain , they spent their days and nights in deep worry while you celebrate the rain
i was silent then i did not say what should i reply to her ,then she she suddenly ask a strange question do you think i am sick ,

i looked at her surprisingly and asked why are you saying this,
she replied ,i am bearing my strange attitude to wards life since years ,i never met any one like me ,some time life seems a curse on me,i just want to know that why me ,why every single thing effects me then others ,when i eat i see the people beyond my eyes starving for piece of bread ,mothers having babies in their arms dying with hunger ,how can you eat with peace while watching all this,when i lay to sleep and put my blanket i cannot stop thinking of them who don't have such comfort to sleep and coldness is shaking them like death storm,
she stopped her eyes were lost in destinations what she was talking about,
i did not said any word just hugged her tight for long,on our returning i was thinking that i did not think this way ever am i so selfish ,


  1. Hi Shabana. Reading this I immediately thought of the people of Madeira who have just endured terrible flooding.

    There is only so much of people's pain that we can take on otherwise we'd be living our whole lives in pain because there are always others who are suffering for one reason or another. On the other hand if EVERYONE cared that much about others being in pain then no-one would be in pain (or at least not for very long) because we'd all make certain to take care of one another.

    So what should we do? What can we do?

    Bearfriend xx

  2. "that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." MT 5:45
    Enjoy the rain. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. He loves you and them both. He's big enough to take care of it all. If you have some one living by you who has no roof, then build them one. If you see someone who needs your umbrella, give that too. Rejoice in the rain, but open your heart to grow seeds of compassion in its moisture.

  3. hello friend of the bear and out door mom, let me share that i past many years of my life in such pain like baili has ,life really seemed curse and i was not able to enjoy precious moment of life as i was feeling guilt in being happy ,but my husband was great help for me then he bear me for this way and gradually made me understand that my pain and cries are not making any difference for people in misery ,i red our holy book again and again which tells that we must be grateful for what we have and ,the thoughts you both have mentioned above ,now i am feeling much better from some time but there is some thing still disturbing me, i wish even after my death i will stay in any shape and witness that all humans are equally happy and safe,thanks for your such beautiful words

  4. Hello Shabana,
    I remember, we had been hit by numerous typhoon last year. A lot of people had lost their homes and loved one. Everyone prayed hard for the rain to stop....That was just five mos. ago. Now Philippines is facing drought -- water is nearly on the critical level. Many farms has dried up. Now everyone prays for rain...

    God bless dear!


  5. This is part of life, Shabana. God is always right. The nature acts in non-partisan ways. We have to suffer for our ways that were not so ideal when things were favorable in the past (or past lives). What we have to do is to change ourselves and not try to change the world. God, our father is there to look after everyone. Each one of us is a bundle of flaws. Otherwise we would not have been here, we would have been living with Him. The biggest achievement would be if we can work ourselves to be better person and get rid of the many and varied flaws.
    Great post as ever, Shabana. Keep enjoying Mother Nature.

  6. Hi Shabana. You were right about everything. It sure is sad how many people suffer in this world. We should thank god for what he has given us and not curse him for whatever he hasn't.
    Lovely post. Enjoyed every bit of it.

    Have a great day!:)

  7. You are so right, its all so sad!

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