Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Old Diary

hello friends ,i hope and pray that everyone is doing fine ,today when i was cleaning my cupboard i saw my old diary which i started to write when i was in fifth grad ,it was like meeting some one who was lost for long ,like looking at the mirror covered with heavy dust of time ,and when we remove the dust we see the beautiful memories in the shape of words moving front of my eyes ,i realized that my that writing is very different ,then my favorite things to think and write about were my eating stuff ,my mother never liked my this habit but i did not care and my pockets were always filled with dry fruits,
, i used to write about my favorite teacher as she was so graceful and brilliant and her teaching style was such interesting ,she used to even play tennis during the PT period and when its cloudy she used talked about so many amazing things, she was so different and friendly ,i wish i can see her again ,the most written topic was my mother ,she was my ideal due to great and strong personality she has, i cannot even breath without remembering her love and care for us ,she raised us without any support and put us in school against the will of her family,and did not except any pressure for our marriage,since i was a child i decided to stay with her for my whole life and my diary is mostly about my this feeling, i never wanted to be married because i could not leave her alone, asthere was no one to look after her ,after my marriage i tried to keep her with me but she was un happy with climate here ,then i stayed with her for four year while i was doing job as pharmacist ,but due to my sickness i felt unable to manege job and house together while my son was in third grad and was missing his father so much ,then my sister came and i got back my homemy mother lives alone in her new home in big city and looks pretty happy ,she is sixty plus but refuse to have servant ,she says as long she can keep her in movement it is good for her health ,i think we all should write diary little bit it is wonderful thing to keep our all pieces together take care every one


  1. hmmm nice diary :) GBU for u and ur family :)

  2. so neat that you found your diary! Now you have me looking for mine. I am so curious what the younger version of me use to want
    Have a wonderful day

  3. I used to have a diary during my teen years, but I stopped writing on it when I realized that one of my cousins might read it and make fun of me. I wrote poems instead -- to express all my feelings about anything. I have been keeping it along with old greeting cards.

    I'm sure you had a great time reading your old diary. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. Having a diary is a healthy sign. one can remember old incidents and can enjoy a lot.. i have been writing a diary from some years on intermitetn basis i.e. wrote in 2005 and 2006 thn again in 2008 but could'nt write in 2007 and 2009 but i smile and laugh a lot whenever i read my old diaries.. events become memorable.. :)

  5. it is wonderful to read from journals. I had a favorite teacher too :-) My fourth grade teacher was my favorite. I also liked my Kindergarten one too!!

  6. Its a wonderful feeling on reading an old diary or looking at old family pictures. I couldn't manage writing one this year. But have since from a small age. A dairy is something that we express so many things in and reading them after many years brings a smile.
    I am glad your mother's found a great place to live in now..

    Have a nice day...:)

  7. Assalamu alaikum sister,
    First, thanks for your prayers and well wishes wich you have for all your readers.
    It looks nice to hear that you started writing a diary since grade 5.
    I think I started a dairy in grade 8, but that contained nothing except the titles of important incidents and their dates.
    I think that continued till grade 10.
    Thanks for this post for you have reminded me of many forgotten and closed chapters of my life.

    May Allah bless you too, sister. Ameen

  8. I wanted a diary too but fear that someone might read it. So I kept everything I learn and know in my head. Guess now I could pour some out on my blog.


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