Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Victory , Big Happiness...

Hello fellows i hope all of you are in the blessings of dear God, i was pretty tired and feeling not well due to do lots of laundry and house stuff today ,but suddenly i heard the good news on T.V that a common woman of my country suddenly became a star .she won a 100 meter race at 11th South Asian games ,she belongs to a poor family but her passion and hard work enriched her life with success ,our govt gave her pride of performance ,and she is being considered a role model for each woman of my country.

things like this may be not a big deal for modern countries but in country like mine it is a great achievement for woman ,in big cities women are pretty relax now but in rural areas life is still hard for woman ,i am glad that they are trying to make their ways and getting success ,i hope and pray that one day they will get their all rights and live with self respect and according to their own will.OK friends may be that is enough for today ,God bless you all.


  1. That's good to hear. Philippines is full of catastrophe nowadays.:(
    with all the killings and kidnappings, i don't want to stay here for the rest of my life

  2. This sure is a great achievement. I am glad the government is recognizing her effort.
    Have a blessed day too...:)

  3. i feel touch when read this, just salute for her n GBU too :)

  4. Wow congrats! It's a sweet victory and you must be very proud of her achievement. There is no too little nor too big when it brings honor to our country.

    Have a good day Shabana!


  5. congrats! are you from philippines and live in the u.s?

  6. YAY!!
    That is great news. I do not watch tv myself so I have no clue how the Olympics are going.
    Have a blessed day tomorrow Baili!


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