Saturday, February 6, 2010

meeting with young old

every one is really waiting for rain here ,air is running through the streets trying to spread the rumors that spring is about to come , but without rain things got so dusty here especially our area has sandy plane so when air moves takes the dust along ,i don't hate mud but sand is a thing which irritates me a lot , i live in a big house which takes my quite enough time to clean ,its been cloudy here since three days but seems that air has some differences with clouds as pushes them and make them fly away .

yesterday me and my family went to see my aunt who was not well and lives in village quite away from us ,after one hour 's journey we reached their home ,she was sitting in her front yard and looked fine now ,her grand children were playing around her and mine joined them happily ,i always liked the villages ,for living natural life they are very fascinating ,we had great chat ,that village was founded by the father of her father in law and all houses are belong to his children and grand children they have gate around it and no stranger is allowed in,

if the men were not their then i could have take some pics but they don't allow women out. Their i met with the woman who was famous for her some strange behavior in her relatives ,she was very afraid of being old ,and admitted it always that she never want to be old or die ,during the marriage parties or other ceremonies she always joins the people younger then her ,and wearing makeup all time was the things which created some time problems for her ,she was over 70 now ,but in this time i find her bit different then previous like she is convincing herself to get ready for giving up ,just as she got tired of her efforts .


  1. Wonderful post Baili. It sounds like an amazing experience to fellowship in such a community/village.
    Thank you for commenting on my post. I love snow and winter myself.
    Have a great weekend and Be Blessed.

  2. Thank you for your comment and following my blog. I left you a response in my post if you are interested.

    You took some really nice pictures and I really like them. I find it weird that women are not allowed out of the house. I also think it's a good thing for the old woman to finally accept the reality. It's better to accept the truth than being deluded her whole life.


  3. Hi Shabana. Good that your Aunt seems to be better. And nice for you to have a change of scenery like that.

    At least the old lady used to have plenty of spirit. I feel a little sad now if she's going to just give up!

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Hello dear, Love those shots!

    Good to hear about your aunt..

    As for the woman--I can't believe that she's over 70 and yet hasn't overcome the fear of aging. There must have been something in her past that she keeps on holding on--so sad for her.

    Have a great weekend Shabana!


  5. Hi Shabana. I am glad your aunt is feeling better. Great pics by the way. Your village looks really beautiful.

    About the woman, she sure does have a strong heart and a will power. Well, as Bearfriend mentioned, its really sad that she's finally giving up...:(

    Have a great day...

  6. hmmm nice trip with ur family, GBU always :)

  7. So glad to hear your aunt is feeling better. The village sounds wonderfully peaceful. I am so glad you had a nice trip. Beautiful pictures.


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