Monday, February 8, 2010

So...finally it rained today

hello every one ,today was the one of most beautiful and happiest day in my city ,people got what they were strawing for after long time ,yes you got me, it rained today not much but thank god at least it touched the thirsty and dusty ground ,being a woman i really feel stuck in times like this i wanted to take some out door shots while raining but i had to wait for my husband so we can go out together ,he never stopped me to go out alone but i don't feel it comfortable due to atmosphere outside ,and clouds seemed in great hurry they suddenly came deliver their give away and flew away ,i just got glimpse of my child hood rainy days when we ran in to the streets of our most beautiful village and shouts loudly kind of poems which means

wow see it is raining
clouds have brought ,gifts of pearls

come on friends ,lets play in rain

we can play more ,till its night

mother can 't say come its getting dark

because ,it is already no light

i visited the areas where snow falls, but in my seventeen years of village life i saw snow fall only for once ,and the cold beauty of that has stored in my golden memory box ,i was in class six i think and our very big school ' ground became whit velvet ,i was looking soft whit feather of angels which touch was undefinable and delivering lightness to soul ,

on return i tied my sister's bag with mine put them in my shoulders as they both were hanging on my right and left ,and i put my sister on my shoulders because she seemed afraid of walking on snow , when we got home mother cooked us my favorite chicken with pears and fresh hot roties ,whenever we meet we remember that day it was an unforgettable fun with our first and last snow fall . i hope you all also have treasures of memories


  1. What an atmopsheric picture your last shot is. I'm happy for you that you got some rain. I really enjoy your posts, helps me to put many things into real perspective.

  2. So glad you received rain. I am here in the midwest of the united states and we have had nothing but rain and snow. Why is it some have too much rain and snow and others have none. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hi Shabana. The picture with the rain is beautiful.

    Glad you feel refreshed and happy for having some rain.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Hi Shabana. Glad it rained at your place. Rain is always nice. I love rain a lot. Most times, I get drenched on purpose. Its something of an experience, I cherish each time.

    Wonderful pics. Have a great day!:)

  5. thanks Mui, but let me explain that these pics have not been taken by me ,i just put them to match with situation.

  6. Hi Shabana, It's the most perfect time to least for awhile. I loved to be stuck in my bed when it's raining while either watching a movie or reading a book.

    I'm glad it finally rained in your place. I hope you had a very relaxing day!


  7. SO glad that it rained. I love when it rains here.I cuddle up with a book, or write letters

  8. Beautiful post Baili!
    I'm glad you got some rain.
    You should be here, we have lots and lots of can barrow some if you want.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my latest poem!
    Be blessed

  9. In our country, rain is categorized as the hate day since the roads gets muddy every time the rain comes by. We crave for snow:)

  10. Assalamu alaikum Sister,

    Congratulation on this blessing of rain.

    Alhamdulillah, It rained in Lahore as well, we were in a great need of it for many months.

    We praise Allah for His uncountable favors.

    I also wanted to take a few photographs of rain but I think it's difficult to show rain drops with a camera.

    Congratulations for you have very nicely captured the scene.

    Thank you for this beautiful post and for wonderful photographs, peotry as well.

    May God forgive us, and bless us more.

  11. nice photograph sist :)i like rain too, GBU always :)

  12. Hello Shabana

    Glad it rained and you took such pleasure and joy. Most times I complain of the rain but know in my heart that its good for the earth. You pick such lovely pictures to match your posts.

    Hope you are having a lovely day... take care.

  13. what beautiful photos!! what a celebration :-)


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