Saturday, February 27, 2010

my recent random stuff

hello friends ,i hope and pray that every body is having great time and living each moment of its with complete beauty and importance,
my days are passing in helping my younger son for his very close exams ,and all house stuff ,spring is spreading its pretty and colorful wings all around,my garden is bit sad this year ,because since my husband got promotion in his job he added more responsibilities as well as facilities,so among all my garden is being ignored ,i am trying to learn to do it by myself as he returns almost in the evening ,my first effort looks successful because after some digging around the old plants they start breathing well i think, so i am seeing them feeling the spring well, now i am going to try some new plants,need all of you to wish me luck because these are my weakness .
now i want to say some thing which i think i should share with my friend ,as i mentioned earlier that computer is completely new thing for me and i learn to post my writing by my own from my eldest son,there are so many things which i really dont know about internet and computer, especially the short language who often use in comments ,in my recent post below there was a comment from Mr lexi that he wants to links exchange ,i asked my son and he explained that it means i have to put the name of his site in my blog list as i did other sites of my friends ,

here i want to say that during the blog i saw many times blog lists ,and i did same due to think that it will help me to get updates about my friends blogs and it is helping me this way,it has nothing to do with link exchange,,that is all i wanted to say ,and best of luck to all of you for your goals in life,god bless you all


  1. Hey Baili, know exactly what you mean. I got into blogging not to build up a readership but just to write and if people found what I wrote interesting or worthy of comment it was a bonus. That was over a year ago now - and I just really value blogging, being able to write, share, comment and meet amazing people from all over the globe.

  2. Hello Shabana! That is one pretty flower. What do you call that?

    Even I, still have to learn a lot of things. Slowly...I'm sure we will get everything right. Good luck!


  3. hehehe hv a good time with ur garden :) GBU always :)

  4. Don't worry about your plants. Whenever I attend to my plant just treat it with your tender loving care and it will bloom. Plant them with your heart, ask them to bloom and constantly pray for them to grow healthy and it will, just watch.

  5. Great post Baili, I really enjoy reading your blog. I can't wait to start planting this spring. Right now it is still a little too cold to plant.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It is always nice to know someone is out there enjoying my writings.
    Be blessed this week.
    Take care!

  6. Sister,
    Assalamu alaikum.
    I'm glad to know about your plan for this spring season. I wish to capture lots of flower photos.

    Sister, I know that you don't do link exchange and it's an honor to see my blog in your favorites.
    Thanks for your prayers, I really need them.
    May Allah increase your knowledge. Ameen.


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