Monday, March 1, 2010

sun and me

life is passing on so quickly, days and nights are chasing each other very fast,every morning when sun give me his very first smile ,i try to stare at him instead of knowing that he will vanish my eye sight ,but i try it every time ,we are not at war,not at all, but we have some issues which we used to argue with each other,and yesterday it happened again,he gave me smile and saw me with questioning eyes,HOW ARE YOU TODAY ?i smiled and replied fine and you ,and he said with pride OH ME I AM WONDERFUL ON TOP OF THE WORLD ,and looked at me like i was a joke you dont look fine you look tired ,i saw him with little anger ,its you ,you are getting too fast to make me run around ,

NO, he did not even hide his smile ,its you ,your progress of life is very slow lady don't blame me if you are lazy,and i replied with smile ,OK come and replace me then say it,

he laughed loudly and said ,ARE YOU COMPARING YOURSELF WITH ME,don't you know what i meant to this world ,and don't you know what i meant to my home and family,i said.
then he said ,you can easily replace by any woman ,its your man who is responsible for each comfort of your family,
it was my turn to laugh ,how many he will bring to replace me there are so many of me in me,
a mother ,tutor ,playing partner,cleaner ,cook,organizer,listener ,adviser ,and above all a best friend for each member of my family ,and what would he do with what he earns if i do not do my all these jobs with dignity and honesty. there was a silence for a while this time,then he said politely,OK i am convinced,we both have common situations,i saw his golden face with all my loving heart and said ,yea but there is bit difference ,you been selected for this job by some one else, but i chose it by myself ,i know you also have some desires in your burning heart,you want to be cool one day ,want to feel life crawling on your chest ,like i want to discover my self one day ,you know i think there is some thing what i am made to do for ,some thing which will feel me ME one day.but it is not that i am not enjoying what i am doing right now ,Of-course i am.It all belongs to life and i love life and all its belongings.


  1. It's another way of saying...being a stay at home mom and wife is a choice. And I should know it's never easy to give up your own dreams just to be an effective home maker. I could say though that this is the choice that you can never ever have regrets in the end -- super rewarding.

    Thanks for this very nice post Shabana.


  2. I still think that being a mom is a wonderful job, who else in this world who could multi-task better than a mom. Enjoy being the super woman, a cook, a driver, a nurse, a wife, a counselor, a tutor ......... and the list never ends. Enjoy it while we can. Smile always. I am just another mom who understand what you are going through.


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