Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Gift (a poem)

it was like some one placed a statue beside the road,
she was old and blind ,her lips were dry and eyes were empty,
i used to see her ,while evening walk ,
sitting on road side ,silent and still ,like her whole body became a ear ,
who wants to grab the life around,
but there was no one around, to read her story of life written in her wrinkles
no one intend to look for the colors of her dreams
lost in her eyes,
people are passing beside her,laughing and chatting ,singing and whispering,
some with family some with friends,
most of them dont see her ,some who get the look ignore her immediately,
i wondered so many times ,why is she so lifeless,like her soul left her body long ago,
her dried lips seems, never tasted a smile ,
very few coins laying on her cloth asking for her attention ,
even their sound was not enough to please her face ,
i dont know why buy i suddenly got a beautiful idea ,
i plucked a rose from near went to wards her,

i hold her weak hand and put the flower on it,
she hold it with both hands and that new touch brought a life in her still body,
like she suddenly remembered some precious moment of her life ,
as she met some loved one after very long time,

i saw her barren eyes glittering with tears ,and her dried lips became a desert which received
rain from some kind peace of cloud,
her beautiful smile was like raining with still having sun on sky


  1. This is beautiful touching.
    And the photo you used described the woman best. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless!


  2. It takes so little to show some kindness a few seconds a minute at most

  3. wow! you are wise for listening to the old woman. you are even wiser for honoring and blessing her with the flower.

  4. So touching and beautiful!!!

  5. "her beautiful smile was like raining with still having sun on sky" i really like those expresion :) GBU always :)

  6. Assalamu alaikum,

    Sister, I see that the one who gifted her that flower was also rewarded by a gift and that gift was her beautiful smile.

    This short poem reminds me of a series of good deeds that we can do to help each other and in return to such good deeds we can be rewarded by smiles and deep relationships.


  7. wasn't able to drop by here for some days..hope your doin fine:D

  8. There are few people who are as compassionate as you nowadays!


  9. Hi Baili please visit me at where your Beautiful Blogger Award is waiting for you to pick up. :)


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