Friday, February 19, 2010

Shocking Accident

hello dear friends ,i hope and pray that all of you are in blessings of dear god , previous some days were pretty shaking for me, as you know i was expecting my sister this month ,but last night she called and told me that she delayed it for some time,because her mother in law had an accident and has some serious injury in her back ,doctors have decided for operation within next two days ,she was very worried about it because her husband is only one son to his mother and he really care about her ,my heartiest prayers for her ,i hope she will be better soon ,and my sister will visit us happily ,more then her i am strawing to see my niece ,

since she has a baby girl i am feeling half mother of her i know it sounds crazy but i am really thankful to dear god that he did not blessed me with daughter but at least my sister has one ,in over here niece calls her aunt MASI ,which means like a mother .
now let me share with you the other mishap ,about four days ago my younger son came from school and gave me a paper which was informing that his annual exams are starting after a week ,it was shock for me ,i used to receive this kind of paper at least twenty days before exams ,i got so much busy with helping him it while working in kitchen ,watching my favorite show and even while eating i was trying to make him remember the things ,you will say it is not right way ,but what if you don't have right time for it ,

i made him study even while i was reading and commenting my fellow bloggers BUT suddenly my husband told me that he talked with school principle and he is saying that it is some kind of miss printing of date numbers ,exams are staring from 8 march ,wasn't i right about the school ,but i think it made me my husband think seriously about other school ,thanks to all of you for reading my miserable stories ,have great day every one


  1. I am sorry to here about the accident. I hope that you sister's mother in-law will be ok. It's all that more upsetting especially when distance separates you from your sister. As for school - it appears "mistakes" on the administrative side are the same the world over! Well on the positive side you helped your son get stuck in early with the revision, I do hope it goes well for him.

  2. Hi Shabana. I'm sorry about the unnecessary stress you've been put through by that letter. But looking at the positive side, at least he has a head start in his studies. You're obviously a very caring mother to make so many efforts in helping your son.

    I hope your sister's MIL's operation is a success and your sister will be able to visit you before long.

    Hope you're having a good day today without too much stress!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. I am sorry to hear about your sister. Hope all is well. Maybe you should let yourself relax a little bit sometimes!


  4. So sorry to hear about your sister's MIL.. Hope she gets well soon so that she could visit you soon.

    I know cramming for exams could be very stressful.

    Have a great weekend dear.


  5. Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope she gets better soon.
    Maybe you need to take some time relaxing. Stress is something that can ruin work. As for your son's exam, at least he's had some extra time studying. That's good in one way...:)

  6. i got the idea about your lines. my support for you. never easy to become a mother, i thought a lot about my mom recently. i don't know the reason you review my blog. But i do believe God lead me here for a reason. A good one. thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm sorry for what has happened with your sister's mother in law. I really hope that she will be okay and that the operation will do her good ..
    Godbless to you and your family Shabanah

  8. Assalamu alaikum Sister,

    I feel your pain, and it's sad to know about your sister's mother in law's incident.
    May Allah give her a sound health.

    Not only the words used for Mother and Aunt have similar pronunciation in Urdu but we also get similar type of love and affections from these two relatives. Therefore, sister your love for your niece seems to be natural.
    May Allah bless your whole family. Ameen.

  9. AoA

    Sorry to hear for mother-in law of your sister. May ALLAH give her health, amin.

    best of luck for exams of your son. Yup i understand that while being very young, childern's all things are to be shouldered by their parents and good parents always work hard for study of their childern.. :)

  10. i hope mother -in law of ur sister could recovered like usual..amin, GBU :)


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