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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters [true story] [image source google]

It  was  cold  windy   evening  of   January  .sky  was  covered  with  dark  clouds  and   it seemed  that  the  storm was coming   towards  the  small  city  . The  wind  was  running  madly   in  the  streets  like  she  had  lost  something   so   close  to  it's  heart.   Lightening   was   causing  the  pain  to  the dull   eyes  of  Sara  who  was   laying   in  her  room .   Under  the  blanket  her   body  was  shaky  and   face  was  pail . The  lack  of  proper  food  and  sleep  made  her  very  weak  and  dizzy.

 Her  eyes  were  still   staring  at  the  bare  branches  of   front   yard  tree  which   were  waving   swiftly   with  the  each  blow  of  wind  and  placing  back  when  it  passed  away .Under  the  blanket  her  body  was  freezing  .Her  soul  was  calling   for  Robin. Her   dried  lips   seemed   like  a  desert  where     it   did   not   rain   for    long .   The  moment   had  come  so  close   she waited   for   desperately .Her  suffering  will  end  and  she  will  be  in  the   arms  of  her  love   of  life.

  That   thought   gave  peace  to  her  mind  and   there   raised  slight  glow  in  her  heavy   eyes  later  that  glow  turned    into  the  tow  glittering  pearls   which  rolled  down  slowly  to  the  deep  dark   world  of  pillow  .Pillow   that   had   countless  of    the  same   felt  her  true  friend  in  such  situations.

And   that   night   when  it  was  raining  heavily  with  noisy  wind   Robin   came   home . His  heart  hardly   beard  the  shock  when  he  looked  at  Sara   who   seemed  for  a  while  like  a  dead  body. .He   felt  that  something  will  burst  out  in  his  head .For  so  long  he   grabbed  her  weak  body   in  his  strong  arms  and  hugged  as  tight  as  he  wants  to  dissolve  her  in  himself  .

Oh   god  how  would  i  heal    her  wounds  ?

This  poor   soul    beard   more   then  her  strength   because  of   me .

How  could  i  believe  my  cruel  heartless  mother  and  leave  this  innocent  soul  with

i  made  a  huge  mistake,  oh  god     please   forgive  me .

Please  forgive  me  Sara,   i   am  so  sorry    i   put  you  in  trouble   its  all my  fault.

Will  you?  said    Robin   with   dropping  tears .

I  promise   it  will  never  happen  again .he  said  and  pressed   his  arms   around  her .

Sara  said  nothing    and  her  tears  said  all    .Uncle  John  told  everything  to   Robin .

Although   he  was  broken  and   wanted  to  shout  and  fight   yet  Robin  knew  well  that  saying  anything   to  his   mother  will   make   no   difference .So  next   day  he   announced   that   soon   he   and  Sara  will   live  in  another   house  .

Helda   said  so  much   to  Robin   about   Sara   that  she  is  creating   everything   to  make   you  decide  this   she   is  so  clever   my  son  don't  be  fool  by   her.

 Helda   blamed  that  Sara  had  a  lover  back  in  village  and   she  is  still   in  touch   with   him    and  writes  letter  to  him  .

Doel  said  that  our  mother  is  right   Sara  is  a  characterless   girl  and  when  i  saw  her  writing  letter   to  his  lover  she  started  to  black male  us  and  said  if  you  will  tell  this  to  Robin   i  will  tore  your   family .i  will  snatch  away  the  Robin  from  you .

Inspite   of  all  this  Robin  knew   his   mother   and   brother  very  well  so   he did  not   believe them .He   said  that   he  will  give    the  certain  amount  of  money  for   the  house  expenditure   every   month    but  will  not   live  here  anymore .

He  visited   to  the  doctor  who  advised  good   food , bed  rest  and   many   supplements  for  Sara  .After   that  Robin took   one   month  leave  from  office  and   took  great  care  of   Sara  which  helped  her  to  recover  soon.

In   the  month  of  May   Sara   gave   birth  to  a  healthy  baby  boy .The   beautiful  world  of  Robin  and  Sara  was  complete  to  have   Erik  as  their  first  son.

Robin   and  Sara  shifted  in  an  other  house   which  was  far  from  this  one  and  was  situated  in  a  quite   an  expensive  area   of  the  city   to  do  so  Robin   took   house  loan   which  he  would  have  to  pay   in  installments    within      eight   years .

Though   this   loan  was   cutting  from  his  monthly   income   and   with  new   baby   it  was  little  hard  for  them   to  manage   yet  they  were   so   happy  and   content  because   they  had   each other  and   it   made  them  so   courageous   to  face  all   kind  of   problem   with   positive    approach  and   healthy   attitude   towards   life .

Sara   and   Robin   were   enjoying   their   time  with  their  son   who  brightened  their  world  with  his  lovely  smiles  and  sweet  cheerful   noises .Sara    felt   herself   so  lucky  that  his  creator  heard  her  unsaid  prayers  and  fulfilled  her  dreams  with  such  calmness  and  joy .

She  did   her  house  chores  and  look  after  her  baby  and  if  found   spare  time  she  read  books  of  her  interest  or  listened  music .Sara  had  few  friends  from  school  who  were   still  in  touch  with  her   .They   mostly   wrote    letters  to  each  other  or   called   occasionally .

Her   one  friend   told  her   once   that   her  husband  was  very  loving  in  the  first  year  of  their  marriage  but  since  she   had  a  child  she   felt  that  he  had  start   spending   more  time  outside  the  house  instead  of  being  with   baby  and  her  he   is   getting   away  from  them  and  she   felt     that   he   did  not   love  her  anymore  as  he  used  to  do   before .

Sara   felt   sorry   for  her  friend  and   prayed  that  may  she  be  happy  in  her  married  life  and  find  more  love  of   her  husband .By    hearing  all  this  from  her  friend  Sara   did  not   felt   bothered  with  the  fear  of   that  thought  that   Robin   will   ever  be  changed  such  way  because   she  knew   that  he  was   loyal  with  her  when  even  he  was   pulled  by  Neena .

Sara    rarely   visited  her  in  laws .But  they   visited  her  often  specially  the  wife  of  Robin's  younger   brother  and   with   each  visit  of  her   she  could  not   hide  her   jealousy   that    was  shown  from  her  eyes  and  her  tongue .    Sara  did   not  care  what  she  think   for   her   she   still   behaved   with   her   lovingly  as   Sara   was  true   and  divine   soul  of   God  who   loved   each    creature   of  her   creator   always    and   did   not    take  revenge   from   someone   who    hurt    them    but   pray  for  them  to  come  back  on   right  path  and   get  rid  of   negativity .  Instead   of  trying  to       harm  them  whom  God   has   blessed  such  people  should  improve   themselves  for  better ,Sara  often  thought    sadly .

It    was   a  beautiful  evening  of   August  2000   when   Sara ,Robin  and  their  three   year  old   son   came  back  from  a  picnic  .Erik   slept  in  his  room  and  Sara  and  Robin  were  having  coffee  in  their  lawn .Beautiful  fragrant  of  various  color  of  roses  freshened   their   mind .

.Meanwhile   rang  the  phone  bell  in  the  lounge .Sara   went  inside  and  received   call  from  her  mother  .When  she   told  her  that   they  both  are  invited  for  the  marriage  ceremony  of  Neena   Sara   was  surprised  and  happy  to  hear  this   because  she  thought  that  may  be  Neena   got  tired  of  being   lost  in  the  world  of  no  respect  and  sense   and   that  is  why  she  has  decided  to  take  over  to   a  right  path   where  is  a  healthy   and beautiful  life  is  waiting  for  her  .

to be continued ....


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  20. I know a lot of people eats unhealthy. I see it quite a bit on my job.
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