Sunday, August 7, 2016

Once Upon a Time true story of two sisters

Once upon a time there lived two sisters in a  small  beautiful village .They had  loving family   which had obviously  some flaws too.Their mom was a pretty  lady with wisdom and courage . She supported her daughters in their studies .Their father was a shopkeeper. .Though he loved his family but he often used to leave them alone with no financial  support and disappeared for long period of time .During such  times the family  would suffer with so many crises .  

In those  hard days their mom worked hard to  make them feel safe and earn bread for them .Such  situations raised the love of their mother in their heart more then anything and both girls did their best to comfort and serve their mother  and decided to look after her  forever .They thought their father was a irresponsible man and when ever he returned back they did not treated him respectfully.

Time passed and girls reached in their youth.Sara was seven years older then her sister and had ordinary but attractive personalty .she was quiet and reserved person.She was not extra ordinary in her studies but she had good writing skills .Though due to be shy she never acted but she  used to write for her school mag and stage .though  she saw suffering and poverty but still she had a strong and confident personality .

She hated men because she saw the irresponsible behavior of her father and decided that she will never get married and never let any man to get close to her .Due to her rude attitude her male cousins  tagged funny or bad names on her to tease her but She was happy because she wanted them to stay away from her at any cost .In her life she encountered many boys who tried to catch her attention but nothing could change her not their personalities nor positions .

Neena  was  a very  beautiful girl with light green shade eyes fair color slightly golden hair she was a complete package of beauty and brain  .She was aware of the power of her beauty and wanted to     bring  an overnight change in  her  life .She was rebellious of  her  situation and wanted to get rid of it immediately  .

Whenever both sister talked  about their future  the  elder sister always said that  she don't want any sudden change in life ,if something better will happen in my life it will  happen gradually  and will be the result of my own  efforts  instead of any other 's help.
Neena  always laughed at sara's  simplicity  and called  it stupidity  actually.She said life is not for  to waste in  long struggle  which's result is unpredictable.One must take a short cut to get on top from where all has seen small.

After  finishing the matriculation sara  started teaching .Though salary was small but she was very happy that now she was able to support her family.  She stopped her mom to work anymore as her health was becoming critical .Sara supported her sister in studies and continued her's too as this way she would be able to promoted and earn more.She thought that their sufferings   were about to end now .

Since years sara was bothered by her one cousin Nile who wanted to marry her and once  he put cut on his wrist front of her and tell her that see how much i love you as i am writing your name on my diary with  my blood.He put lot of pressure  on  sara and her mom  to be agree on this as he was a rich and spoiled boy of village and got many fellows with him .It made  sara  afraid and she decided to leave her job and  go to any other city and look for new job and then shelter .If she will be establish she will bring  her mom and sister  with her.

To start  her struggle she went to  search job and stayed at  the relative's house who treated her  nicely.She told her uncle her problem and said that once she will get job she will be on her own .Those days were so hard for her and she was deeply sad and crushed .She hated men even more who always put a woman in  misery.After almost one month's struggle sara got a job and felt peace of mind .After two she shifted  in a working women hostel where she did not like the environment as women living their were taking the wrong advantages of their freedom .She felt uncomfortable but she kept moving.

One day sara received a letter from her sister that mom is very sick and wants to see you immediately .



  1. Wow, what a story! I am looking forward to hearing more...

  2. I am finding this story so fascinating. Please continue...


  3. A very interesting story. Sounds like a true life story. Looking forward for the next post....

  4. I also look forward for the next post... Fascinating!

  5. This is intriguing! I want to know what happens next!

  6. When is the next part? I look forward to it.

  7. I'm rooting for Sara! And clearly, the Mom is a wonderful person.

  8. Hello!:) This is a captivating story, and I too will enjoy reading what happens next.:)

  9. very interesting story as Gosia says, can't wait to hear more

  10. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You have written the beginning of a very interesting story!

  12. You are a wonderful writer and I too find your story very fascinating! Thank you so much for visiting me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Life is sometimes very hard, isn't it? This story was interesting to me because I am a mother with two daughters, and your first picture reminded me of them so much. The mom in your story was a wonderful woman. :)


  14. Your story and your choice of pictures is very good

    All the best Jan

  15. I just finished reading the three parts to your story. You're a good writer, and it is interesting. In what country is the story set. Also, as an American, it seems strange that she would marry a "cousin..." Am I understanding correctly?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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