Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Wonders ! (poem written by me)

 Earth like sleeping beauty yawning lazily in sooth

Sun like naughty bro smiles while peaking through 

Spreading his golden whisper gently to the heart of hill

Shared it over around and all views transformed with thrill 

Early gust of wind made all the trees sneeze 

Later it was gossiped  over by the tender breeze 

Birds flew joyously on sky with singing beaks

Will come back in evening , know how promise to keep

All the seeds of dreams that were sown during the night

For them to plough and harvest morning time is right 

Mind the nature's odds though as life is slippery slope 

But having faith keep us firm and never loose the hope 

When bro burnt my books i transferred ashes to lawn

Where grew plants of love and wisdom in new dawn

If you think that air or water can be kept confined 

With the skill of transformation they change to new way find

Each drop of water though seems imprisoned in sea 

To your knowledge it evaporates and flee

Then it is drop of rain that falls over the ground 

Declaring it's freedom of choice  with rythemetic  sound 

Then travelling back by the rivers to oceanic  home

Telling that everything here is bond to it's own "will" alone

You may find trivial ponder on the withered natural path 

Signatures of human feet who chased their dream so far

It's like turning into steps distances of endless miles 

Do you think what wonders can do to someone your smile

From the shining star on sky or little piece of rock 

Nothing here is without the reason or the task 

Best is to find our place and purpose in the world 

So can pick the path with clear mind ,nothing stays absurd 

This is only way to feel the fulfilled and at ease 

Once one is happy with herself ,all around is pleased !


  1. Such wonderful imagery with land and climate family. Such a wonderful and inspiring poem. Thanks so much for such a poignant poem. I am so glad you share your creativity this way. All the best to you and a beautiful February 🩷

  2. Dear Baili,

    In the embrace of dawn, where whispers knit the morn,
    A canvas painted by the sun, with strokes of gold and warm.
    The earth awakes, a symphony of light and shade,
    A dance of shadows and beams, in which our dreams are swayed.

    As leaves rustle, stories to the wind they tell,
    Of seeds that dreamt in darkness, now breaking through their shell.
    The sky, a vault of azure, where birds in chorus sing,
    Promises of returning, on swift and joyful wing.

    Life, a tapestry of moments, woven with threads of hope,
    Guided by the light within, down life's kaleidoscope.
    For every book that’s burnt, a garden of wisdom grows,
    From ashes rise the tales of love, where the river of knowledge flows.

    Let us find our purpose, amidst the world's wide stage,
    And tread the path before us, with wisdom of the sage.
    In finding joy within us, we spread it all around,
    A harmony of being, in which true peace is found.

    So, to the poet who dreams, beneath the moon's soft glow,
    May your words be seeds of change, in life's continuous flow.
    For in the art of living, and in the songs we sing,
    Lies the power to transform, the simple into something.


    1. dear John wow this is such an awesome poem full of beauty and rhythm :)
      i wonder if you have written it ???
      if yes this was your hidden talent and i am so glad you shared it with us today because this is flawlessly beautiful unlike mine :)

  3. This made me feel content. I could feel the wonders of the world with you. Thank you.

  4. I enjoyed reading your words here Baili.

    All the best Jan

  5. Wonderful Baili - thank you for sharing.

  6. I love it when you write like this. You should write a book, my friend. Have a wonderful day today.

  7. You know what, when you're happy, you do make others happy too. With the exception of people who hates to see you shine brighter than they do. Keep shining!

  8. You are truly talented, my friend. I know that your brother burned your books, so the line, "When bro burnt my books i transferred ashes to lawn," I felt that outrageous hurt. But you turned the event into something beautiful and with "love and wisdom in new dawn. There are lovely images throughout the poem. And yes, you should write a book! Blessing and love to you and your loved ones!

  9. Baili, not only did I enjoy reading your poem but also that of a fellow blogger, John. You both have a beautiful way of expressing yourselves.

  10. Um hino à Natureza, o seu poema.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  11. Hello Baili,
    You do have a way with words, lovely poem! Take care, enjoy your day and happy week ahead!

  12. What a beautiful poem, sharing such beautiful thoughts! I can see the trees sneeze, and then whispers on the tender breeze, so many beautiful allegories you told! And I'm sorry your brother's burning of your books, but you have made it into a new thing. I pray that hope springs in your heart with the joy of the Lord in knowing that He made this beautiful earth for our enjoyment! The poem John wrote is amazing as well! Much talent in this post today! Many blessings to you dear friend!


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