Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sales Strategy Seems Big Fraud

 I have mentioned on my blog many times that i shop only when i really need something . I don't know whether habit is good or bad or probably it can be rooted in days when i lived with my parents in hand to mouth situation and bought something only when there was no option except replacing old with new .

I feel thankful that hubby and me both have content nature and hardly seek pleasure in material except basic necessities of life. Luxury wasn't my dream ever and as far as i know the hubby also likes to use his money reasonably .This is only reason we could make our separate house and did not have to wait until he is retired. Or anything that we could manage in limited resources (one man's income only) because we both avoid participating in rat race.

 Biggest example for this i have is our way of doing khatna of our boys. We did it when they were in their second month of life and we did it without any celebration at all which was impossible .People would and still take loan or sell piece of land or jewelry just to celebrate such occasions with extended families . Only reason was that we could not afford the expenses of ceremonies supposed to be held. Since the beginning hubby had idea of separate house in mind and he literally followed the quote " collecting drops creates an ocean" we both did actually .We had to face lots of whining from all family members for years .They still recall in gatherings but we know what we did was wise .

One of the  precautions was  buying cheap clothing. Only hubby would buy some fine suits of better quality for office use . I hardly shopped for myself back then and whatever hubby would buy was of my likening because it was good enough and adored by others around as i said i was less interested in things. Brands were out of our list due to being pricy.

We started to buy branded clothes hardly a decade ago . Gul Ahmed Al Karam and Khadi are popular brands here for good quality and long lasting clothing . Bata ,Service and  Borjan are main brands with few others for quality shoes .

We still try to buy clothes in particular months when sale is on so we can make better use of our money .

What disturbs most is falling quality of things we buy in sales actually. This opinion is formed by a bad personal experience actually.

I did not mention that we have been buying shoes of Bata and Service since more than three decades because unlike clothes shoes are not being changed soon and can wear with different clothes occasionally . When shoes get older than two or three years we give them away . Keep in mind that my use of shoes bought for special occasions is rare because i use only one shoe at home and my outdoor ventures are really limited . It never happened that shoes bought from Bata or Service were worn out or broken meanwhile. One of my oldest bought shoe stayed firm more than 11 years .It was of Bata. I gave it away eventually. 

Almost two months ago we visited Sukkur market .I was wearing sandal purchased from Bata shop Sukkur three years ago . The sandal crumbled down while i was walking amidst the  market surrounded by shops and people . That was so embarrassing and shocking. We had to walk for shoe shop for ten minutes or so . It was sigh of relief to find shoe shop because walking with broken sandal felt so bad and even i doubted if someone made video as people do such stuff now days even when serious incident take place they just get busy in filming instead helping, what a wonderful world .

Anyway my point is that sale strategy is getting faker and the things to put in sale are made separately and of lower quality .Otherwise a rarely worn sandal of such big brand could not be just wither away like whooshed  dandelion .We also have noticed that even fresh branded things have lost their charm. Only Borjan seems stable in it's presentation.

Sales signs are kept on every possible existing thing in market and brands are no exception .This trend is benefiting only businessman because they are tricking people by selling them low quality things  on the price of high quality . Shopkeepers don't have to face long arguments by customers over bargaining anymore due to fix prices mentioned on sales. 

This world is only for capitalist now ,a bitter sad truth .

What about trust that people had on these brands ?

When trust breaks it hurts both parties eventually 



  1. The price of everything is going up here in the states. It seems everyone has an app for a discount, but I don't go that route either. Yes, I have had cheap clothing for decades and they weren't even good brands. Like you, shoes seem to be getting cheaply made. I like having my work shoes, since I am on my feet, a lot.
    The older I get the more I like finding new sleep pants and tees in the bargain bend than looking for anything fancy. It seems places I used to go for clothing I like look more revealing than ever. Granted, I guess with climate change less is more, but I don't like something so skimpy.

    My favorite sweater is thrifted as well as my coat. Still, it is always hard to stop buying certain things. Especially, when one might feel they have a project to tend too. I will confess I have bought too many Barbies. So now I have found creative ways of gift giving with some that I can part with. Oh, those American hobbies.

    Thanks for the post. You are very insightful.

    1. days are gone dear Ellie when real discount was offered to costumers . as you said even online such offers are everywhere since it is and obvious new strategy to fool buyers .it works like magic on human psyche and this helps only the shop owners .
      i find old clothes more comforting than newer one .we have longer summers (more than 8 months) so most of our clothing is lawn and light cotton and both worn out soon due to extreme sweat people get during hottest season. if we can't choose good quality clothes are torn within few months unlike earlier times when children would wear old clothes of parents kept carefully ,i did wore some of my mom's clothes that she had preserved years ago .i wore them for years .but now everything is made for short while and it starts to break away even it is kept safely in cupboard ,just my shoes that i wore out of trust i had built by good long lasting shoes by Bata company for decades ,it was really immoral sadly .
      just like you i have bought hardly few sweaters during 32 years of my marriage and all from sale except two that hubby bought me from branded shop because i was on job .
      good to give away your barbies ,it is always an amazing feeling to see smile on children's face specially one you are the reason of :)
      i too have given away three dolls gifted by my mom as she had preserved them for us (sadly i was never doll player but tomboyish) .i kept them for more than two decades just as a cherish memory of my beloved mom but at this part of age it seems more appropriate to gift those dolls to children who can give them meaning of their existence :)

  2. Yes, the quality of many things is dropping all the time!

    1. this is a heartless scheme dear Debra because it breaks all the moral rule set in society ,people's hard earned money is being snatched by sellers unjustly

  3. I so agree with you. I only shop sales my whole life. In the US the quality of cothes, shoes and really everything else is pretty bad and the prices are even worse. No, there is no pride or shame, only how much money can be made. The rich get richer and that's all they care about. Sorry about your sandle breaking. That must have been a long 10 minute walk. Hope your day is going well.

    1. dear Nichole our country receives loads of old clothing and shoes and everything possible that is sold in thrift shops thrice a week so poor people can buy on affordable prices but if you go now you will leave empty handed because of price they tell are no way less then new items in markets .
      i had bought some decoration pieces and paintings in 2019 because things were reachable but after that same things are shockingly out of reach and being sold on ten times more price than 2019
      i agree it's not about pride but what is in our approach .to be honest having less money never made me feel bad even once in life .believe it or not i am kind of comfortable with less because it makes me feel so light and alive
      true about walk in broken sandal ,kind of unforgettable experience full of shock and trauma of broken trust more than a shoe actually

  4. We can buy items that are just as good as the big-name brands. If we are careful and check the way things are made we can often skip over the name brands.

    1. dear Emma i fully agree to you ,this is such a relief that whether here at hubby's house or at parents we were lucky to wear quality clothing .
      my father lived in Rawalpindi near Islamabad that was famous for Bara market a certain place where imported things were available on affordable price for public . My father would buy our clothes from there for special occasions and even rich of the village would ask mom from where did she got those clothes. mom had sharp eye for shopping and she had amazing skill to buy better quality in cheap price .
      similarly hubby is shopping expert and most of his friends would take him along when had to buy something for special occasion such as shopping for wedding of their kids etc .
      i wish i had camera so i could show you how nice clothes hubby would buy for us .I hardly understand how to check quality of clothes because of lack of interest first and secondly because of less experience but hubby knows undoubtedly well .before sale strategy he was famous for his bargain skill in family and friends on the other hand i don't know how people do this lol

  5. You've done well by being wise with your money. Too many people spend what they don't have. I wear clothing until it is worn out.

    1. technically it's hubby's money dear Red :)
      this is painful that how people put themselves in trouble only to entertain others .here it is really a big issue for middle class and poor specially ,people suffer lot because they think showing off is only way to please their extended families .and sadly therefore they bury themselves under intolerable pressure for so long.
      the only loan we took was for house building ,two bank loans at once and one more after two year ,and we cannot forget how tough it was to manage without much of salary (cut monthly into loan) specially when one of our child was adolescent and other infant .
      people find such habit annoying ,i mean habit of wearing clothes until they are worn out ,but i too just follow my instinct

  6. Hi, Baili! Poor you shuffling around with a broken sandal! I'm glad that you didn't injure your foot. I read with interest how you lived below your means throughout your life. You were wise to forego the costly kahatna festivities for your boys. By not taking on debt or buying expensive things, over time you were able to have your own house and educate your sons well. That is wisdom! Terry and I were like you and your hubby. We bought less than we could afford, and we were careful with our money. We saved and saved. Since we both had public service jobs we were paid less, but we each earned a pension. This is why we can now travel and do the things we do. And Terry is always looking for the best deal. I have never cared about fashion or jewelry or shoes. My extra money has gone to a trainer and massages which I consider preventive health care. My one vanity is dyeing my hair, and it will be as long as I can do it ~ lol! One thing I notice here is that manufacturers are selling the same size boxes at the same price, but when you open the box, there is less product in it (cereal for example). And like you, I see the quality of things deteriorating. I try not to let it make me crazy. My 21 year old car was destroyed by vandals in November. When I can drive again after my eye operation, we're going to try getting by with one car. We shall see! I hope you have been enjoying your week. blessings and love to you!

    1. haha imagine that lol
      very bad incident and mostly i was afraid of being filmed by anyone as people think such things make them viral :)
      but one thing is true that broken trust was hurting me far more than broken shoe because Bata 's shoes has been our choice since always ,even my parents would buy because they were considered for lifetime. but my confidence in that was broken into pieces leaving me in shock and trauma .no i was fine because a string of both sandal was still stick with other side which kept me from walking on the ground .it would have been worst if i had to walk on flithy street full of trash(not densely but could have been hurtful ) and spits oh my.
      we choose to do Khtana without inviting hundreds of people (family and friends ) because we had no money and taking loan was not the option due to it's insignificance . Our savings were so little for being enough to handle the expanses of ceremonies. My in laws got really upset and whole blame was on me as outsider who does not wanted them to involve in our joys .this was heartbreaking because my all in laws witnessed how loyal i have been to all of them equally since i got into them . There were some serious back offs and we were neglected to invite in some ceremonies of my both elder sister in laws (sisters of hubby) but gradually things cooled down and we came into normal terms specially when our life little bit eased after paying off house loans and kids got older. I am thankful that with time their confusion cleared and things are better now.
      wow you both seem to live on same terms and conditions as we both here used to dear Louise :)
      contentment is one of the biggest blessings indeed ,if your heart is free from useless wishes such as loading house with abundance of things that add nothing to your life except a way to show of ,or sets of jewelry and so on ,then you can focus on some meaningful things that enrich your life with peace of mind and good health. just like you i never followed fashion blindly but only comfort and ease within my approach .only this was the reason i could deny rich people's hand because i wanted to experience the journey that a couple makes from scratch to something :) .i have such weird faith in God that i think if i have to leave house for some reason (just example) i will leave with only clothes i have on because i know with heart and faith i have i can build life wherever i want as if no one is around but only one who supposed to be is with me always one who has created me and sent me here ,gave all what was beyond my dreams ,he can ease way for me ahead if he wants to !
      i think you both are fortunate to have mindset that are alike :) and therefore you are able to spend your money on best things you want in life and not waste it away such a gift by the grace of God!
      i wish i too could have govt job so our pensions would have support for us to travel :)
      honestly travel is in my wishlist but not a condition to be happy .if it is in my life i will if not it's okay :) because with my attitude life is fresh and blessing to be grateful for everyday and i find it biggest blessings even bigger than life because i know life seems curse without it .
      this is indeed worrying that business are being utterly selfish and cruel and providing bad things in return of money that comes after labor .there must be some authority to keep check ,but honestly most of the crime are tracked down into parliaments of the countries so it has become very organized and systematic and hard to break in . Public for politicians and capitalists is fuel to warm their hands sadly .
      really very sorry for car incident dear Louise !!!
      i wonder how this happened and why those responsible don't have to pay you of for what they did ?
      was this during some kind of protest ? horrible .i remember when our Lady Benazir got killed a terrifying series of protest lasted for more than week and so many public properties including banks were burnt down and many innocent people were killed .may God be merciful to all of us!
      hugs and love to you dear friend!

  7. Quality today is not so good for many things.

  8. Your husband married the right woman and you married the right man. It is important to see eye to eye on these things.

    1. there is a saying describing same thing dear Sandi that "love is not four eyes look in each others but Four eyes look at same direction"
      i agree because difference of mindset can spoil the relationships .
      love has power to change people too but what if it's not .
      i thing we have adjusted for each other and this is so natural because no one is perfectly made to get in adoption to other .both have different minds and this is actual love when people with different mind set change themselves to adjust into relationship .our's was arrange marriage which became a love story when after seven years we realized that we cannot live without each other .life became easier afterwards ,realization is must and life brings it to you though circumstances

  9. I have been in Macau for almost 30 years.
    Since then, there is a local shop in "closing down sale" :)))

    1. seems like us you too are not experimental Pedro :)
      people like exploring so do we but only to check if we are not being fooled .we too go to certain shops for decades and that is fine with us

  10. Items are getting more expensive at the same time the quality is going down.

  11. Well done Baili to you and your husband. Ceremonies cost lots of money, it's good to know that you and your husband put that a side to save for your home, it must have been difficult because it's your culture but I can see your point of view on this for sure.
    It wasn't necessary, so why have it - life goes on without it and no harm was done.
    You are both wise when it comes to clothing and shoes - and not good that whilst walking but I will tell you what I once saw that is embarrassing - a lady in our small city was walking towards the traffic lights, her underwear (panties) fell to the ground and she stepped right out of them without blinking an eye! That is so true because I saw here and when I think back how lucky was that lady that no one back then had mobile phones to take a photo of her....take care Baili.

    1. Thank you dear Margaret you said it so nicely indeed.
      Even no harm was done by skipping the khatna event still everybody reacted as it was. We weren't invited to the wedding ceremony of one of my brother in law (hubby 's brother).it was so heart breaking for both of us.things between us started to settle down slowly when we as family were loan free and kids grew .despite understanding everything we never showed attitude to put in laws because it is not in our nature. We loved them unconditionally and did whatever was in hubby 'hands to help his family always instead.
      I treated all of them as my own family. Each of them knew at heart we are sincere to them despite what they did .
      The story of woman is shocking as well. Indeed she was lucky because with phone people are out of control these days.

  12. capitalism has grip and public seems like a sugarcane dear Kathy

  13. Baili, you are right about the quality of so many things going down. I often shop at thrift stores and look for specific brands which I have owned and enjoyed and finding them at less cost than when bought new is OK with me. As long as the item is in good overall condition, it is washed when brought home and enjoyed. I have older clothing which has lasted for many years as it was better quality when bought new. My husband and myself consider ourselves "thrifty" in the sense that we would prefer to buy something better quality which may cost more at first, but will outlast something bought for less that will need to be replaced, so there would have been no savings.

    Sorry to read about your broken sandal which you believed to be of good quality and then it failed. I wondered if it might have been what's termed a "knock off" when well known brand names are imitated to fool the buyer into thinking he or she has got a great bargain, but really has not.

    While I am not familiar with the term, khatna that you mentioned as a celebration, it reminded me of how so many people go into debt to have a large wedding. We did not do that, but when we married invited immediate family and some special friends to enjoy dinner with us. We had no large expenses as a result and still had an enjoyable celebration.

    Good for both you and your husband realizing that there sre more important things than name brands or spending money for eleaborate events.

    1. dear Dorothy here a new trend has been started since some years that everywhere people go to shops no matter what item except food, spices or fruits . Everything has been tagged in few sections ,such as term "new arrivals" is for newest stuff and there are other with different percentages off like one row is 50 percent off ,other is 30 or 10 .
      but with slight ponderance one can see that 50% off is not the same quality and clothes or shoes are made only to sell on cheaper price but by fooling costumers that they are buying high quality thing but with less cost .that is sad and bad equally.
      the shoe that broken was bought from company's original outlet from where we have been buying since decades so no chance for doubt at all .

      you both and hubby thinks alike because he too believe that buying better quality is wise but this is also true that he tries to buy better quality thing in less price which though seems impossible most of the time but luckily he has been quite skillful bargainer and used to be successful in buying better quality things on comparatively cheap price .What used to annoy me more his long smooth conversation with shopkeeper to make it happen .I admire his patience which makes him winner sometimes and i am witness of this since one decade since i get along to shop. I am totally opposite of him and he and other in laws make fun of me that she is one who wants to give more money if shopkeeper ask for less because of empathy (i know too embarrassing)
      still hubby bears me lol (loves indeed)
      my late mom had to borrow 40,000 from house building finance corporation in 1988 (most probably)so she can roof up the house she had built with money she got after selling her last pieces of jewelry . She got my brother married to her niece with little money left from roofing . but those were cheap times and people weren't demanding as well . the whole village and many relatives from other villages participated and everything (food and sitting arrangements) went fine with that money .
      Now it is impossible to celebrate with less money and satisfy people because inflation and attitude of people are huge issues to deal with. We always by the great grace of God spend more than others when it comes to participate in other's celebrations .we are desperately waiting for when our eldest son decides to get married so we can celebrate because now we can .but back then it was pointless to spend money on lesser important things when bigger problems are waiting to be solved already .
      but again people don't care what you are going through because it requires sensitivity and most of us lack it sadly .
      my eldest son has simple heart as well and asks to stay the possible event quiet and spend money on better things like investing on something etc

    2. Thank you, Baili, for your long and thoughtful reply to my comment. The more I read your posts, I am amazed at your insights and views and very glad to have "met" you through blogging.

  14. Oh my goodness, I really felt for you when your sandal broke dear baili. This happens at the most awkward moments. What you speak of is a world-wide happening. I read the other day that products are being sold smaller in size like a bag of cookies or some such product, the manufacturers don't lower the prices of course but raise them, we the consumer pay more for less and they blame it on inflation, and yet the corporations' profits are billions. How happy they must be! I enjoyed your quote very much, "Collecting drops creates an ocean." May I use it sometime please? I like to collect quotes and share them on my blog. These wise words give good advice over and over again. Thank you for a very interesting post my friend. Wishing you and your family many blessings.

    1. thanks dear Denise ,that incident is going to stay in my mind for long because the embarrassment 's association of another feeling of being hurt when one's trust is broken suddenly .
      as they say that today capitalist is owner of the world who is running it by joining hands with politicians .both support each other and benefit each other on the time of need so no one has left to accuse or take action them for such treachery and cruelty .
      in an underdeveloped country like ours's situation gets worst because lack of education and awareness specially lower class .almost all children eat things stuffed in shiny wrappers made of lowest material and really dangerous for young children with bodies susceptible to diseases .i observed as teacher that school shops allow such cheap toxic things in canteen. s bad that when so many kids open wrappers of chips or other things the smell is unbearable and it is revealed on small new channels unsold to owners that these chips are made with filths and wastes of animals .how unfortunate is this that no one see the harm they are causing to whole generation by selling poisonous products .
      i personally don't think that one who harms others intentionally can experience a true happiness ever .
      you are so sweet to sk for the quote dear Denise ,it's not my personal invention but only i tried to put here in my words ,originally heard or read so many times by elders or in story books :)
      i believe in these words though personally i had hardly saved any money to be very honest .from small to big gift of money given by hubby or now eldest son goes to others in way to help them and i consider it grace of God on me!

  15. It is difficult to buy quality items these days. I have a few favourite brands which stand the test of time.

    1. Even by paying we don't get quality stuff most of the time dear Cheri
      I think the brands you buy care for their self esteem and reputation

  16. It is always interesting to read of your life experiences, baili. Bata is a shoe brand that was well-known here for many decades. I don't think I've seen a Bata shoe for about twenty years or more. They were highly regarded at one time. I'm glad your sandal held together long enough to find a shoe store.

    1. thank you dear Jenny for sharing that Bata company originated in your in your part of land ,forgive my ignorance that i still did not googled it though same things used to say my parents i think .
      Bata 's shoes were considered for life time and i think one of my far previous post i had mentioned one of my teacher whom i saw wearing black sandals for entire nine years i studied there .my father would buy Bata shoes and mom would do same on special occasions that would not break though get very old .
      the company might shifted here because decided to lower the quality with trust that people are not going to challenge it's flaws .
      but as i said the flaws began to appear since some years like six or seven or so

    2. I'm sorry I was unclear, baili - Bata did not originate here (it began in what is now the Czech Republic) but I meant to simply say I was familiar with the brand name and they were considered a very good shoe years ago. As I said, I have not seen any for a long time, though. It is a shame their quality has gone downhill!

    3. Thanks for clearing dear Jenny
      It's my fault that I should have probably go and Google to check where company belong to.
      But I have circumstances that keep me away from luxury to be on laptop. Our power has been absent before and after election. It has stabilized compared to before but it's loadshedding timing has got worst. Times when i am free to use laptop unfortunately. Yet I jump to do whenever power is present.
      Hope after replacing our old solar battery this issue will resolve that is down since few months and tv and laptop can't work on it's power except fans .
      No words how bad I felt when saw it's shoes dismentaling in my feet.trust breaking is painful

  17. Prices are going up and the quality of many things seems to be going down!

    All the best Jan

  18. Hello Baili,
    My hubby and I do not shop often, most of our shopping is at the grocery store.
    There is really nothing that we need to buy unless something breaks.
    It does seem like everything cost more and the quality of the items are not so great.
    Take care, have a great weekend.

  19. A qualidade daquilo que compramos é cada vez menor. Já os preços aumentam imenso. Precisamos de estar atentos às estratégias de venda para não comprarmos "gato por lebre" como se costuma dizer.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  20. So good to read this. I frivously spent money as a young mom and wife because I worked at medical transcription and Mike had a good job. Looking back i wish I hadn't spent so much money on things we eventually gave away when we moved. We had way too much and a big house. Now we rent a smaller house and the only thing I have way too much of are books and sketchbooks and speaking of shoes - i have way too many that I never wear because we live in the mountains and I wear the same ones all the time while many sit in my closet which are brand new bought years and years ago. You were smart to keep it simple but fulfilled your needs.

    1. no doubt we all share similar regrets dear Sandy because with age our wisdom grows too and we learn to spend less and wisely my friend !
      i have left shopping extra things for decoration purpose ,necessary things only and the less they are the better it is
      hope we too will move to smaller house in future and the books will be the only item after grocery that we will buy

  21. This is an interesting post Baili, I think you have found something here. As a child my mother brought us up alone, we got free lace up (boys) shoes from a factory which gave them out to struggling families, those shoes got handed down to my younger brothers (brand name was Tuff), how I hated those shoes, they lasted for ever and, to me, told everyone our status, they never wore out and the result was I never got the fashion shoes my friends had! Nowadays branding does not mean quality and yes I think manufacturers have different/hidden levels of quality in their products. I have never bought or had an interest in labels or designer wear and had my suits made very cheaply when I worked in London, trendy clothes never last and I enjoy buying things that are either hand dyed and made or made from repurposed material, I also look for things that are planet friendly, i.e. eco labels. These days yes, you are right, sales clothes are inferior and also I see things in sales that I have never seen in that shop before and I think - where did that come from? . In the UK a company has to prove that the items are genuine sale prices but they do this by showing that maybe only one or two stores had it at a higher price elsewhere before the beginning of their 'sale', so it's a trick. I don't buy in sales often because I think 'if nobody else wants that and they are trying to sell it cheap, why do I want it, there must be something wrong with it'. I wouldn't be shamed by walking through a market in a broken sandal! it shows a woman who values her things, keeps them until they fall apart because she is not frivolous and I admire that :) Betty

  22. dear Betty thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
    i think we shared similar childhood .My father was watch maker but he had less interest in hard work so he never could own his own shop for long and each time when mom would try to have him one he would get bored and sell his small set up pf rented shop and go away in any other city for few months .those few months would make us face real life full of stress and anxiety .Mom would go to field for labor or she would go to Islamabad to work as nanny or maid . Father would return and life will get on normal track where food comes without much worry . But still one thing that father was able to buy us best clothes from bara markets of Pindi where smuggled fabric from iran or Afghanistan was sold on affordable price .
    i strongly noticed that things put in sales are of less quality which is sad .with such trick companies play with people psyche on big level and earn huge profits sadly .
    i appreciate for your last line specially .i had no clue that such terrible thing can happen because of trust i had for the product of Bata since decades


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