Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Fundamental Source Of Human Behavior (updated)


Hey Sweet Hearts !

Hope beating beautifully on rhythm of positivity despite of all odds as sunshine of hope inside your soul keeps you enlightened no matter what i bet :)

As you know i am more into question about how human life and universe resemble in their behaviors what makes them act or react same way despite of all the variations they have as different parts of "matter"  

I kept contemplating on the topic consciously and unconsciously all the time and tried to imagine the possibilities . I watched lots of stuff on YouTube including videos about Radiations ,Hawken's Radiation specially and blackhole .They described specific behavior of wave particles and quantum behaviors when they reach at the edge of black hole but i was after something more basic which lies in the foundation of universal structure and effects everything made up of matter with it's slightest manipulation. I think i can't go further than this as science has it all  now . 

I think i have found a fundamental point of my research that gives me clue about behavioral variations in everything whether living or nonliving including humans. 

Yes it begins from atoms we all are made up of . A universe has atoms and an Atom has a universe within as they say . So what an Atom has inside determines the how will be the universe and everything in it. Atom has subatomic particles ,Protons ,Neutrons and Electrons . A little change of these atomic number cerates the whole magic we witness in this universe .

When i found out that electrons have negative charge and their attraction towards protons and neutrons put them "together" in the nucleus . I knew that already but never pondered upon it this way . True that things are always before our eyes ,it is us who take time to notice the and there is time for everything. So i think my curiosity why people differ in their behaviors in such extreme ways finds it's answer to some extent here in this interesting Video here which reveals the roll of "Electron negatively charged " nicely .Video is ten minutes long but if you want to skip the detail  teacher mentions this roll of electron in physical world on sixth minute very briefly .

Being part of matter and being consist of numerous "atoms"  defines our behavioral differences .Most important thing this points out that such diversity was "crucial" for the phenomena of life and universe as we find it today.

i often wondered (as i aged particularly) that why people are different in their behaviors and choices . With time i am learning that "Creator" has preplanned and and predetermined everything existing here and there are limits within which things are allowed to work and change such as a small change in atomic mas and number forms something very unique ,not just unique but of value .

The roll of negative energy in our life is same as electron plays in the atom ,therefore we say everything happens for the reason and our "bad" experiences turn our life upside down and we feel "fallen" and "lost" 

Then begins the real game what seems Actual target of Creator ,he by giving us consciousness and liberty to choose tests whether we leave our "Nucleus" and wither away into darkness and make mess or Try to reunite our Inner strength and stand up .This "standing" is not easy at all we know to do so we have to travel inwardly  to dig for" tools "  hidden in our "core" for survival .once we find those tools we make our way towards far better place from we had fall before .Nature want us to travel inwardly and we hardly do so unless we are pushed by negativity in life .

This is actual test of this game . 

Negative push is to "shake" and "awake" us to recognize our true place in this universe and make journey towards it,

Blaming and complaining about negativity in our lives is not important ,important to realize the value of it's existence and how it help us to make this world what it is today. Creator knows how to keep balance until most or all of us decide to live under the commands of  ego and crazy wishes that make us crush others.

As human we have freedom of choice so it is totally on us what we want to be in life .

predetermined destiny can be changed only when our wish to be good is stronger than our ego and this comes only when we recognize and believe the presence of divine energy and how everything is put to do something unique to support this phenomena .

 See you soo all dear friends! 

keep smiling and keep spreading your light as  a unique star !


  1. I enjoyed the video Baili. Hope you and your family are well.

  2. Being a part of something greater is a hopeful way to look at life!

  3. You have given me a unique way of viewing life. Thank you.

  4. That Tyson quote is fascinating - and gives me a whole new perspective. Many, many thanks.

  5. That quote by Neil Degrasse Tyson is fabulous! Very interesting post.

  6. Interesting read. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I agree that complaining and acting in a negative manner is not the best way to live our lives, Baili. Most people do have the freedom of choice, unfortunately many do not.
    Your choice of reading materials and the way you interpret and present it in your posts is always so fascinating and interesting. Admittedly, I do not stop and think about the universe as deeply or as profoundly.

  8. Sometimes I am still a mystery to myself. So is the universe.

  9. An interesting read and I liked the quote from Tyson.

    All the best Jan

  10. A vida na terra e o universo, estarão mais ligados do que muitos de nós teremos noção!... Pesquise sobre o termo... Panspermia!
    Adorei as suas reflexões, Baili, bem como as formidáveis citações escolhidas!
    Beijinhos! Continuação de uma feliz semana!

  11. Such a thought-provoking post, Baili, as your posts usually are. I have struggled with understanding quantum mechanics and the world of atoms and subatomic particles. But it's such a fascinating area to study, and the more I work at it, the more I understand it. I'll never grasp the quantitative mathematics, but I can grasp a qualitative overview.

    I admire how you are always searching for fundamental knowledge and applying what you learn to the puzzle of human behavior. What exactly are we, why are we what we are, and how can we shape the course of our lives to become better or to become who we want to be?

    I find it insightful when you draw comparisons between the physical universe and the patterns of nature and humanity. You allow me to see patterns I wouldn't think of on my own. You stretch my thinking and allow me to see things from a new perspective. That's one thing that makes you a very special friend to me. Hugs to you. Never stop being you!


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