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A Disagreement With Personal Opinion On "Moralized Character "

 I was reading chapter 19 from the book "The force of character" by James Hillman and i started to feel uncomfortable with the writer's point of view. I though have enjoyed rest of the chapters which put light on last years of one's life and all the possible thoughts ,feelings and behaviors about it .At the end of each chapter writer speaks his mind very nicely which i found very impressive. But what writer says in the chapter nineteen is confusing and disturbing to some extent.

I consider myself a student who wants to learn things in life in order to improve it. So what i am going to say here is completely my own opinion based on my own raw observations and assumptions. I hope it won't upset you at any level .If so please mention good or bad all is welcomed because as a student they will surly make me learn something of value,

In chapter nineteen James Hillman discuss human character with title, 

" character of virtue or character moralized" The first line of second paragraph is 

"character was not to bent to the moral strictures" According to him character was divided into two forms by science and philosophy and pushed to settled among moralists. Then he refers some classical  philosophers and writers who had drawn all kind of black and white characters powerfully who inspired till this day due to what they did whether good or bad. Writer is against of any attempt people try to mould or influence human character. He suggests that let each  

character be unique in it's way and age will reveals it's truth. I understand the James Hillman experienced world when people loved to stay what they were and hardly liked any change in their habits or perspectives because they believed that they will loose their identity and genuinity and i think they were right in their opinion in those early times when human consciousness was on earlier stage of it's evolution as well.

Now in twenty first century when science and psychology has advanced and revealed that everything existing in this universe is "energy" and we see that all forms of energy that serve human life are present here in  "Raw form " and to utilize them as "facilities" we have to work on them to refine and shape so they can adjust in our day to day life without causing any issue to the environment they are put in.

Similarly as we now know that human thoughts are form of "energy" too. We receive this energy as child when come to this world. How to use this energy we learn this throughout our life consciously or unconsciously.Our way to use our "mental energy" shapes our "habits" that goes along with genuine "instincts" and "nature" we born with. This is easy to see in the pattern of Nature that provides perfect circumstances to  "train" this mental energy for it's inhabitants. I believe that "training of our mental energy" was the only thing that made "family" system possible in the pattern of Nature. Parents try hard to make their children "learn" what to do and what not to. Our brain is bundle of raw energy that jumps to learn. It does know that it has to work but has no idea how and what are must and must not. Parents are earlier guardians and guides to protect and show path. But when we grow and take reins of the horse in our own hands we still are ignorant most of things that help us to lead safe healthy life and place us somewhere we feel important and and cared.

We all know that each of us is unique and comes with different perception . Sometimes differences are too big and make it difficult to adjust in society or even family. Human instincts can be good and bad in terms of their harmfulness or harmlessness . It is great to follow our instincts but what if doing so troubles others? For example i am in mood of listening music and it is my right to listen it of course but i want to raise the volume to enjoy more but which hurts my neighbors ,they complain but my hold of my wish is too strong and makes me do some unreasonable things that probably i regret later.

That strong hold of our wishes or what we call "will power" is most beautiful thing but when only we know how to train our "mental energy" and command it by "willpower" ,this makes us different as human  from other species right?

Many people don't agree that they have some harmful habits and skipping them can make their life easy and beautiful. But thankfully that light is reaching to so many hearts and there are so many people who acknowledge that training our brain energy is essential to live healthy and peaceful life that can influence people around them positively. 

Everything we see in life is brought to this present shape after long effort and time whether it is gold or diamond jewelry ,metals ,and numerous things got from underground or things on the ground such as wood and plastic . If i am sitting on this chair so comfortable it is because it has been passing through many processes and procedures to get this shape. Energy is everywhere in raw random form but to make it useful and to benefit from it we have to mould it.

People fear that if they will rearrange their thought system it can destroy their genuine natural gifts such as painting ,poetry ,writing or any other form of art. I don't think so . I speak from my own experience that since i have started to calm and shape my mental energy i can think better . My imagination and my inner strength for writing is stronger ,i can say this because when i compare my newer posts to older one i think newer are more clear ,less emotional and more reasonable or i at least think this way .

I think when we calm our mental energy it gets better and clearer shape which make us do better in life on every level 

What do you say friends ,please share if you have any thought on this topic it i will really appreciate !

blessings to all of you!   



  1. It seems to me the question posed here is, "Can people change?" Yes. 🙂

    Also, I think parents have a God-given responsibility to teach their children. You are right.

    1. People can change if they want to dear Sandi.
      I agree that parents have most important responsibility. This is sad that in modern age this responsibility is neglected and looked down but if we think a little carefully we will understand all problems world has today because this responsibility has not been fulfilled wiith dedication somewhere by some parents and people who could have bettered their attitude didn't do so because their ego overshadowed their insight

  2. Replies
    1. i think i am among those who started to realize that "our observation need to get beyond surface" dear Christine

  3. I believe that we all know what is right and what is wrong. Part of that comes from what our parents taught and part comes from experience. We are all flawed and sometimes do the wrong thing even though we know it is wrong. All we can do is strive to be better.

    1. i totally agree with you dear Emma , now when in this era which is scientifically advanced and give us better insight into things including human mind and it's flaws we need to realize that this knowledge point out that where lies the roots of all issues we face as humans , i know what i recommend seems little ahead of time right now but i bet in future more people who will feel that to live a healthy ,peaceful and truly successful life it is necessary take command of our brain and arrange our thoughts ,which can help to figure out what thoughts are just clutter and must be clear and what are to choose ,put in order and prioritize them ,just like we clean our houses few times a year to avoid sever health issues and once houses are neat we feel that there is lots of trash piled up in storeroom waiting to to throw away .our unhealthy and negative thoughts and habits formed by them are roots of all problem we face in life .what a blessing to have privilege to get rid of them whenever we want

  4. Parents do have a responsibility to teach their children, unfortunately there are some parents who do not seem to do this ...

    All the best Jan

    1. dear Jan my younger son said a week ago when he called at weekend that when many of his friends who are very rich complain about the negligence of their parents he feels proud that he had parents who attended him more than anything in life .please don't take my words as self praise because we are just doing our duty and feel lucky that we realize it's sheer importance in life of growing kids thankfully!
      life has been taking many twists and so human consciousness but this time this hit on heart of humanity because people are attracted by things which actually matter a little or not at all and are neglecting most important roll they have as "parents" which is terrifying absolutely

  5. People can change their thinking if they wish to unfortunately so many people only have a one track mind and can't see the otherside of the coin so to speak... playing music aloud to annoy the neighbours, not good - I would use ear plugs for myself to listen to my music and indeed I do.
    Rearranging thoughts in my opinion, good thoughts, can only be for the better of that human and his fellow man. People usually know right from wrong from a young age if taught by their parents and have role models to guide them along the way.

    1. thank you dear Margaret!
      well said that one's freedom ends where my nose ends ,though in this phrase physical parts are mentioned but we all know that it speaks for our mindset and behavior and how we can hurt others if apply them in their "raw forms" without processing them in our analyzation and commanding with willpower.
      to fit in a civilized society we need to work on our mental approach because we are not wild trees stood tall and widespread in jungle but in garden of humanity where we have to trim down so we can exist with refined shaped and without probability to hurt passerby .this is civilized behavior i believe.
      when each of us say i am free soul with right to do whatever i want we forget that anything in pattern of nature does not work this way but support and sacrifice and give way other .this is sad that our survival is threatened by our stupidity and selfishness .
      when we are grown it is in our hands how we eliminate "harmful" thoughts and habits which make our own life miserable and make uncomfortable people around us

  6. In reading things you disagree with does what it is suppose to do. Make you think, make you understand more of who you really are. I love that you challenge things. That's so part of growth.

  7. i think i know a little to challenge things dear Nichole
    i just share my personal opinion which is my right i believe :)
    if we see it carefully everyone has something to say ,i think it is his her duty to convey the message he or she feels worth it personally and rest leave on others how they take it ,the good thing about it is that by doing so we hear what others have to say about it .

  8. Writers can pen their personal opinions and readers have the right to own own opinion. Some people will change for the better but there are some who will stubbornly cling to what they think is right.

  9. It is is said that "right" varies for person to person according to his\ her own perception dear Nancy ,i believe that Nature or Creator knew this already so he has laid all the basic lessons of "right "and "wrong" into the pattern of Nature and left the rest on our "unique intentions" and "Urges" that determines our approach and behavior in daily life.
    He has also installed the "sense of good and bad" in our genes as basic instincts as any bad happening around us such a kids hurting some animal or fight between two animals bother us as humanbeing if not bother literally it surly make us feel uncomfortable .all this and so much other like this points out that we have recognition for what should be choose and what should be avoid but that "ego" or that "stubbornness" originating in our utter ignorance strain us from being reasonable

  10. You share some very interesting things, Baili! I definitely believe people can change things about themselves or aspects of their life to make thing better; to make their life better, easier, happier. But change requires effort and hard work. And it takes time. So, some people just settle where they are and how they are living even if it's not the most ideal situation.

    1. i agree with you dear Martha that changing ourselves is hard ,hardest even .only those can attempt who consider life across the change worth it and dare to achieve it .
      i believe that there are not less people in this world who once realize what is wrong in their attitude try to move ahead of it .
      i think self improvement is an instinct gifted to so many of us. i can say this because being from a tiny village could not stop me to keep struggling for having better mind set and more knowledge about life and everything within it .

  11. Hope your health is better it is sometimes quite hard.

    1. so true dear Catherine ,me and hubby suffered from health issues time to time and have learn to survive through the tough time they give us .i wish you health in perfect manner my friend!

  12. Hello Baili. You’re an avid reader and thinker, which I’m always amazed with. Nice to know your thinking and writing got more reasonable, less emotional with your mental energy. As for myself, I’m not sure about my progress, but I consider myself a slow thinker seeing things in perspectives and trying to be better person each passing day. Thank you for your comments, which are always delight to read. Have nice days ahead.


  13. dear Yoko my eldest son made me this blog about thirteen years ago when i barely know how to use computer and touching it's keyboard and buttons would made me nervous and emotional sometimes . Thanks to him who guided me how to handle a blog write post . it was something totally unfamiliar for me back then. it took some years to get used to it and blog without the help of my kind eldest son.
    so blogging done in those years when typing kept me little confused and it was hard to combine my imagery with speed of my fingers as before me was not page but keyboard ,my writing remained what was present in my most immediate memory system as i mentioned in the profile note that " i write whatever comes in my mind" this was true .it is even till today but now i can attach my recent memories with my personal perceptions that had been under process in my head for years . it think my yoga and meditation has helped me lot to do so because my mind feels little in "more balance and little more disciplined" than before .this is nice to feel that we can improve if try and best improvement in my opinion is "inner" one which help to improve what we have outside

  14. Interesting. Theoretical challenges: What if you are watching someone you love slowly being lost to a destructive lifestyle? Do you stand by? No. I believe that we have a responsiblity to speak to them, to say our opinions. We can be ignored, but we also might be planting a seed which will result in positive changes down the road. Children? Children should be free to explore, but they also need to have an awareness of others, and understand their responsibility in this world which is to do good, to be kind. It's all a balance, and the writer seems to have disregarded that entirely. We are both individual and part of something bigger as well.

  15. dear Debby i think it is your first visit to my simple place ,thank you for insightful words .they mean lot to me as it is always an honor and pleasure to learn what readers has to say what i shared here so your response matters alot!
    i was always ahead of my age as little girl even and i hardly could stop myself to point out what i felt was wrong in their actions and could harm them.wrong not according to my personal point of view but according to universal laws of attraction that govern the universe ,i did not know the laws then but i had slight feeling that i am on right track .for example for me if one is friendly and helpful to all and show no harm to anyone .fulfill her duties at all level honestly and is faithful to relationships avoid temptations of worldly things and so on ,to me this come within definition of "right" as Nature reveals in her pattern .
    i think creator created family because he wanted his creatures to be guided by who had experienced life before them .it was not matter of "protection" or growth" but guidance as well otherwise there was no need for creating bunch of people who don't care about each other though live together .

  16. Hi, Very insightful thanks for sharing this and hope you like my articles below.


  17. Quando um autor a leva a pensar desta maneira e a interrogar-se, é porque o livro é bom. Gosto das questões que põe e da reflexão que faz sobre elas. Obrigada por partilhar.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  18. i like the book dear Grace as it put light on issues that i can relate as aged person and gives understanding of problems that rise in older age like after seventy or eighty so i am enjoying it as profound friend who holds the tprch for me to show what can be ahead

  19. I have a little knowledge on the process but never tried it. Has anyone tried the ketogenic diet? I crave some carbs to give me energy for my daily activities. Is eating none to barely no carbs until you hit the keto part easy? Has anyone tried this diet and was it easy to cut out all carbs and do you feel different when your body or brain goes into ketosis? How long did it take you to get to to the point where you did not crave carbs anymore. I consider diets to be temporary and more extreme, and usually gain the weightback, How realistic is the ketogenic way of eating a all year round way of eating. Not to deprive yourself of foods you want to eat and so on. I see a lot of videos on youtube talking about it, but I have not heard it as a 365 day a year way of eating. There are plenty of good fats and proteins but i wonder if there is enough energy year

  20. O carácter humano pode ser moldado por várias forças... a genética, a hereditariedade, a sociedade, a cultura, as circunstâncias... e mesmo assim sempre será difícil explicá-lo, pois por vezes dois irmãos criados de igual forma, podem desenvolver temperamentos e atitudes tão diferentes... agora no mundo, com infinitas situações a ocorrerem e a moldarem o pensamento das pessoas, a todo o instante e hora...
    Também gosto dos autores que nos dão sobre o que pensar... e sobre o que discordar...
    Adorei o seu post, Baili! Como sempre, envereda por temas profundamente interessantes!

  21. Deep thoughts, my dear friend! The most important job in the world is parents raising children. I observed hundreds of parents and their children during my 25-year teaching career. The differences in children was profound depending upon how they were raised. When children are raised by parents who love them, nurture them, and guide them, they are healthier, happier, more confident, and will usually become successful adults, able to create their own healthy lives and happy families.

    No parents are perfect; every parent makes mistakes, and great parenting doesn't aways insure a happy, successful child growing up. Money isn't what is important, as your middle son has learned through his experiences in university. What's important is the time parents spend with their children, loving them, supporting them, guiding them, giving them a sense of security and encouraging them to follow their interests and dreams. It's important to have high expectations for children, but it's also important to children to learn that failure can be a good teacher, that if you fail, you get up and keep trying because that's how you learn and develop resilience. You are raising well-rounded, thoughtful children who know they are loved and who feel supported and encouraged. As they get older they will realize how fortunate they were to have you as parents.

    I think of your mother, Baili, and all the sacrifices she made to help you get an education, how she instilled a strong work ethic and positive character traits in you, how she let you be you within the cultural constrains of your upbringing in a rural village. Proof positive that it is important to mould and influence human character.
    Training our mental energy and using will power is what distinguishes from other living creatures. Certainly most other creatures ~ I've known a few clever dogs who try to manipulate and influence their humans to get what they want ~ lol!

    Joking aside, I know I am happier, more productive, and more creative when I am calm, responsible, more disciplined, and taking the time to care for myself. I am happy for you, my wise friend, that you are making progress and seeing progress in you own life.

    Thanks for always being brave and sharing your thoughts and experiences! Love and hugs to you!


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