Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 3rd Award

Hello friends I got My 3rd award from a very sweet friend of mine Paula Rodriguez from she is one of my very first blogger friends who encouraged and supported in early days of my blog.She really is a dedicated blogger and mostly posts about her family and progress in her wait losing ,in which she has got a wonderful success.Her blog is an inspiration for me and it really is an honor to receive an award from her.

The rules dictate that I tell you 7 things about me that you wouldn't know , and pass this blog to other 7 blogggers.

1.When I was a child , I used to eat too much all the time, some times I even ate thing which are not supposed to be eaten like once my father was fixing a watch and I intentionally ate two tiny metal parts of the watch.My father looked for them a lot, Then I became aware that those were

2.When I was in 6th grade , I removed a quite huge rock from the place where our house was going to be built, it took me almost a month to do that regular and hidden effort from my mother ,I wanted to surprise her because she was worried that our contractor bluffed us.

3.I love my husband from my teenage, from since our families used to visit each other.but I did not tell him yet.I mean that he knows i love him but does not know that before marriage

4.My biggest fear is water,when i was child i used to swim in our village stream but as i grew up i became afraid of it.I also don't allow my eldest son to get in boat and it irritates him a lot .

5.During my village life ,I killed about 5 to 7 snakes by my self.

6.I think that women are the most beautiful and precious thing on earth that could exist and God have made them so special.

7.Some day I want to become some thing , and I pray that God lets me do this before my death.

1.Every thought counts gets this award for her wonderful blog every thought counts, she is a very sweet friend blogger who used to encourage me from my early days of blogging,i love to read about family life and amazing stuff she makes by her own,she leaves always very supportive comments.

Yaak Adventures i just love to read about her amazing daily family life and enjoy very much rids of her beautiful imagination ,she is super cool mom and blogger ,her comments are always great help for better.

Random Thoughts gets this award for her beautiful thought provoking posts which shows her strong and positive attitude to wards life,,as she is a very young lady but her approach is amazingly mature

Valea's Thoughts gets this award for her wonderful stock of knowledge which she often share with us

Al`eh's Writings gets this award for her very beautiful poetry which really touches the heart

Clare's Blog gets this award for her wonderful writing which speaks about each part of her life

.Life, Nature and Me gets this award for his awesome blog of pics which shows beauty of his peaceful village .His comments are always very respectable for him.

I still have a lot of names in my mind but by following the rules I must pass this award to 7 other blogs.


  1. Thank you SOOOO much Baili. It touches my heart that you thought of me for an award. You have amazing words of wisdom and I enjoy reading your posts very much.
    Thank you again for actually taking the time to read my poetry.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Baili, Thank you for this wonderful award. You have become something...God has used you to touch others peoples life with your writing. I feel so honored that you feel I have a stock of knowledge..*blushing* I absolutely love reading your blogs. Your writings bring a smile to my face. You are a very blessed woman.

  3. congrat 4 ur award, hope that can make u more eager for writing :)

  4. Salaam and Congratulations!
    Sister, Your blog with beautiful nature photographs and thoughtful posts really deserves such awards.

    It's kind of you to consider my blog Life, Nature And Me for this award. I'm so glad to know that you like my nature photographs. Thank you very much for your kind words and support.

    Best Wishes.


  5. Sister, I'm impressed to know about these 7 things about you, particulary how you were able to kill snakes while I fear them.

    May God fulfil your desire of doing something extra-ordinary in your life, Ameen.

    I think you are already on the track to succeed.

  6. Wow! Thank you Shabana, not only for this award, but for sharing some of the things about yourself. I did enjoy learning about you.
    You managed to kill 5 to 7 snakes by yourself?! You crack me up -- You're one hell of a woman!

    Thank you very much! This will be on my next post. God bless!


  7. Hi Shabana. Congrats on your award. I had to laugh at number 1 there!

    I look forward to exploring those blogs you have passed the award on to. If you think they are good, they must be worth reading.

    Bearfriend xx

  8. Thank you! That is so nice of you to say such kind things :-) Wow you are quite a brave woman killing those snakes!

  9. Hi Baili. Congrats on your award. Well deserved. Congrats all the other guys.
    Snakes? You mean the real ones? Oh my God. I once freaked out looking at a small green worm on my window...:)
    Have a good day!:)

  10. Ohhhhh.. that is soo sweet of you..thank you for the praises :)

    Godbless and keepy writing:D


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