Friday, January 15, 2010

some time ,i hate baili

hello fellows i am trying to post some thing very pleasant here since yesterday i love to be happy all the time like everyone else,i know that picture of life has to sides and i wan to to look at the brighter one mostly,but you know baili is not like me at actually some time she is my best friend but some time worse enemy,she was badly after me since Haiti thing happened i ignored her alot but she kept pulling me towards there to show all the destruction i protested that why should i see this i mean will it make any difference for victims so isnt it better that i must just go on and enjoy with my happy go nature, but she just dragged me there,

then i saw so many bodies lying there still warm with the uncertainty of death dreams of future had not left their eyes yet .i could not see more and pulled myself back to my world,i am trying to convince myself that all is well,

people who faced sudden death had no time for pain or fear and people who survived are definitely grateful for their survival, so what should i worry about,you saw how positive i am actually since in my country suicide attaches spreading the pieces of human bodies and media shows us i became so brave even some time i found myself next...sorry friend today's post is too heavy and believe me its not me its baili i hate her.........some time i do .


  1. I feel thankful to God everyday that we are living our lives better and happier. I felt really sad for the people who were killed. As you mentioned, they couldn't even feel the pain and never got to fulfill their dreams. Thank you for this wonderful post. Have a great weekend...:)

  2. Hello Shabana,
    I am really so sad for the people of Haiti too.. I can't stand to hear people mourning. Next thing I felt was fear-- it can happen to us too, anytime. And I'm so afraid to see these things happening and at the same time thankful that at least for now, we are fine. I guess, no matter how optimistic we are trying to be-- when reality sinks in, we felt fear and pain-- because of our loved ones.

    God bless dear!


  3. Hi Baili. Its hard to know how to feel when we witness such chaos and despair. I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with the sad things I encounter. One woman told me not long ago to purposefully roll my burdens over on to Jesus. Since His yoke is light and His burden easy, we can find rest. He can carry us through all despair and take the heaviness away. Know the peace of God. Rest in His presence. Then hug and kiss your babies and be thankful that God has been good to you so you should be good to yourself.

  4. I also share your opinion, it is sad to see all the heart break, despair and death.

    Its a great time to remember that life is short and a precious gift, we need to love our loved ones now and live life to the fullest
    Take care

  5. Yes, it is sad to see the heart break and despair. I just can't take watching the news anymore. It's terribly sad.

    Shabana... if I may change the subject. I left you an award. Please stop by when you have a moment and pick it up.

  6. Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister!

    Thanks for writing this thoughtful reminder of the sad incident of Haiti. Haiti earth quake reminds me the days when people of Kashmir were also facing similar situation in 2005. Although, I was in Lahore and also there were no destruction in my district in Kashmir. But still the incident had shaked everyone of us. People who were competing each other by building luxuries concrete buildings, after the earth quake many changed their view of life and realized that the purpose of our life is to live and die with a good character and it's not to leave a huge buildings for next generations.

    Sister, I'm also thankful to you for your comments on my blog.
    May God increase your and your sons love of understanding His book.

  7. oh, oh.. that wasn't really good to picture things out..:( I'm saddened by it as well. the pictures are all horrible, much more to see it the way you saw it.. i'm a little bit confused, did you saw it personally?:(


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