Wednesday, January 27, 2010

story of a life

when i opened my eyes i found my self on extreme height ,i was a leaf of that old thick tree which was standing beside the big busy road ,to that tree i was first gift of spring the tree was very kind to me he feed me well ,i was feeling the life moving in me my health my youth and my beauty were making me happiest and proudest living being ever, i found air and sun my best friends ,

from up there i could see the people crawling down ,that world also seemed divided between two kind of people the high and low the high kind was neat and graceful and other was looking worse and disgusting ,due to living high i was always on neat side ,when ever i looked at them i thought okay only they deserve to live here ,i mean who wants the panic and crying creatures here

i enjoyed the expression on the face of that poor dirty boy who was cleaning the car but man in the car drove away without paying him a single cent ,the boy was like some one pulled his hand back which hold a piece of bread .i told that funny indecent to others and laughed aloud ,life was beautiful and i was on the top of the world ,but by time i start feeling some changes in my friends around ,the kind tree was turning in to a stranger he was decreasing my liquid of life so my veins were getting drier my body was turning yellow , the sun was trying to burn me and air was shaking me like wanted to throw away,then once tree said your time is up you have to be back now, but i am from up here ,i replied but he did not show mercy

like air was waiting for it she pushed me towards ground with its all power ,while i was loosing my heights i was remembering my whole life , my childhood my youth my beauty and all the love and praise i got, and now i was falling down to the ground the place i hatted most when i touched the ground i felt disgraced then suddenly the old beggar crawled over me and tore my body in to pieces ,but why was he crawling , O my god he is not a dis able he does it only to get others sympathy i saw him walking well from up there.


  1. Very cerebral message. I love the pictures on your blog.

  2. Hi Shabana. Very interesting - to see life from this perspective. Wonderfully creative piece.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. "story of life" hmmm beautiful analogy like usual :)

  4. That was beautiful Shabana. Well written. This is Life and you convey the message perfectly. Loved the second pictures. Its amazing!
    Have a great day...:)

  5. Shabana,
    I am very impressed with your writing, I also feel right there and with those pictures, wow!

    Take care

  6. That was very nice Shabana... Telling the story of life from a tree's perspective. Just lovely.

  7. Hello Shabana! It was beautiful and well expressed. I wonder where does the inspiration come from. You must have a lot in your head. Keep on sharing it with us. I love it! esp. the ending.



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