Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Headache.

hello friends i hope on this little earth every one is having nice time okay not every one but who those who are face the hard time right now they are remembering their good times and trying to bring them back , i just had tablet for headache ,actually i thought No i was not in position of thinking so i felt that may be i am not able to post today due to such terrible headache then i decided to take the tablet

now may be you will think is it big deal i would say yes for me it is. some years back i was almost addicted to self medicine ,due to have anemia i get tired earlier then normal people and feel slight fever after daily work so i started taking self medicine, some time i took paracetamol tablet thrice a day ,but by the time i start feeling pain in my stomach ,doctor advised me to quiet the self medicine immediately ,,since then i avoided it ,i found it so hard but as time passed i was habitual ,

last night i had some guests ,a wife of husband 's brother with her five kids , who had blast in our house last night my both young ones joined them happily they made amazing noise and played in freestyle everywhere ,i don't mind kids playing and being naughty,but there are a always some limits when they are playing inside .

I was hoping for description from their mother but it did not happened , the worse part was that we could not even talk correctly due to this disturbance ,we met after four month so there was stuff to share ,but what to do ,after dinner her husband came to take her back home and i was wondering what kind of meeting it was .


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  2. Hello dear, you are right about being anemic -- We easily get tired than the usual. I have had anemia and it and got even worse when I was pregnant with my youngest.

    Hey friend, you have to limit yourself on taking too much medicine -- it might harm your liver overtime.


  3. Hi Shabana. I am OK today after catching on up my sleep. I feel much better for it.

    I think it's a good thing not to take painkillers too often. Are your headaches due to stress? Maybe todays was due to all the noise the previous night?

    I'm sorry you didn't get to talk properly to your sister in law. Perhaps you needed to be stricter with the children. They got their fun but you didn't have the chat you needed.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Hi Shabana :-) I hope you are feeling better soon! I will send a prayer your way :-) Sorry you didn't get to visit with your friend. Godspeed for you to meet again.

  5. hope u r feel better soon n do activity like usual..amin :)

  6. Hi Shabana. I hope you are feeling better now. Well, you were right about self medication. Though it is a risk, it is an addiction. I have had a few relatives who had a really hard time getting over it.
    Kids can always be that way. I hope, you get to meet her again soon...:)

  7. got so busy with school stuffs and i was sick..hope your doin fine:)

  8. got so busy with school stuffs and i was sick..hope your doin fine:) i might confused you with the comment above this..:P
    i messed up my two gmail accounts:P


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