Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mind Blowing

hello every one ,since i got back from my trip to home town my younger is bringing so much load of home work from his school, i am getting tired of this routine and this school too which is preferable only for its being close to home otherwise it is not the good one,in the end of his final exam of second grad i intend to admit him in school where my eldest one complete his schooling that one is quiet far but teaching style and studies are pretty great,i think it will take some time for me to convince my husband for it cause since we moved here in our new home he found the nearest one better for our six year old asad,any way i hope that my son will found better place for study soon

i used to clean my kitchen with detail once in a week, and today was the day it took me half day and when i was finished and about to say my day time prayer i heard the door bell, my cuisine and her family arrived .The first thought came in my mind that ,what if i was informed before , but i just told my mind that he must support me with throwing away the feeling of tiredness and believe me he just did it ,

i served my guests well prepared nice meal and after that had lots of chat on evening tea they were gone before much dark, while i was in school i used to read stories ,one was about a very interesting man who had very strong control on his mind even before he sleeps he directs his mind to make him awake at a certain time,I wish I could do the same.


  1. Salaam Sister, I'm glad to know about your interest in finding a better school for Asad.
    I wish all this to your whole family.

  2. Hello Shabana,

    I surely know how it is; my daughter is just on 3rd grade, but she already went into three different schools. I'm glad, at last, I've found the perfect one for her.

    BTW, the last pic is too cute and kinda funny.

    Have a great day!

  3. Baili,

    I think you are making wise decision on changing schools for your youngest. Their education is the most important, and they need all the benefits if you can give it to them. My husband tells his mind what time he is going to wake and he wakes exactly at that time. I believe god gives us the strength when we ask for it..as you did when you had unexpected guest. Thank you for your wise words and loving words on my post about my dog. I agree, I think god wants us to love all living beings.

  4. Shabana

    You are a good and dedicated mother. I admire your careful thought to your children's education. Follow your insticts. At least that is what I have learned as a mother.

    You had a great attitude about your guests. I know its' unsettling when people show up unannounced but you handled it just fine. God does give us strength and what a nice surprise to have the visit, don't you think?

    Take care

  5. That photo is adorable! I can totally see that happening - the curious baby falls asleep. Glad all is well out there. May the school situation resolve soon. Have a wonderful week!

  6. the kid is sooooo cute :D hope you will settle your school matter :)

  7. i hope u n ur family always got the best way n blessing from the GOD mighty of power..amin

  8. Hi Shabana. I tell myself what time to wake up as well. I pretty well always know what the time is when I'm awake, but when unconscious I'm more accurate!

    In fact all humans have perfect temporal discrimination - otherwise known as the ability to measure the passing of time intuitively. As do all mammals.

    In children and animals this can be seen easily in simple experiments. But in adult humans this ability is usually disguised by the busyness of their conscious mind.

    At the root of this ability is the regular release of hormones and neurochemicals at intervals throughout the day. Some are released only once an hour, most more often. We can tune into this rythmical chemical pulsing if we choose. It is there in everyone.

    I think too much homework is a bad thing. If the teaching in school is of good quality the need for homework is much less. I was virtually never given any homework when I was at school and my school was regarded as the best in the area.

    Bearfriend xx


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