Monday, January 18, 2010

The droping tear...

hello friends time is passing like some one is put it on fast forward ,its been a month i did not meet my good friend , she does not live so far and we had no fight either,but i still did not feel myself comfortable to meet her.before moving here we used to meet once in week she is sweetest person i know here in my in laws very down to earth humble and no ego problems but her husband is completely opposite of her especially not a gentle man for women around ,

they have grown kids one of them is married since years but even after many years of marriage he has not changed a bit, He use to abuse her for nothing ,may be the reason is that they have nothing common either in appearance or nature.God made her so pretty in look and nature both.But one thing that hurts most that she never resists or protests against that humiliation .

Month ago when I met her , her own daughter told me that he slapped her in front of guests for nothing.I was totally shocked ,when I wanted to talk about it , She replied "May be , I should have listened him more carefully" , as if it was her mistake.

Wasn't that a limit ?.... That time i thought I don't know if she can bare this all but I can't.I love her so much and I am missing her very much but I decided to stay away from this painful situation.God may keep her in His blessings.


  1. i hope ur friend can find the best way for solved her problem...amin.

  2. She is a wonderful person. As they say, a person who accepts others mistakes as his, god will accept them back. I am sure God is always with her all the time.
    Maybe you should meet her often. She would feel happier that way. Maybe ask her o stay a few hours at your home or in the park.
    Anyways, Baili. I am glad you have such a great friend....:) May God bless her.

  3. may God really help your friend.. there are just things that we can't help about..only through prayers.

  4. She must have been very submissive to her husband -- the reason for the abuse. So sad, that she fell for a person who doesn't see her value. I really wish the best for your friend. You should meet her once in a while, maybe she needs you.
    May God touch her husband, so he would finally see what he's losing.

    God bless both of you.


  5. I'm so sorry about your friend and I hope things improve for her soon (and for you as well).

  6. Hi Shabana. Have you told your friend of how much pain you are in over her mistreatment?

    I understand you find it difficult to see her, but staying away will only make things tougher for her.

    You need to rebuild her self respect. It sounds like she has been brainwashed into thinking she deserves this treatment.

    Bearfriend xx

  7. wow this is difficult. its different in your country. we women here can stand up for ourselves. we have legal rights. In your country it is more difficult because women are viewed differently. In the Bible, God still was faithful even though it was a Middle Eastern Country. When I think it was Abagail was married to evil Nabal, God gave her grace. Eventually her goodness won out and God blessed her to marry King David. I'm not saying that God wants to kill her husband. I'm saying that God will have His way. He looks all across the face of the earth looking for those hearts that are faithful toward Him. If God sees her good behavior, He will move heaven and earth to change things for her. Expect God to move in a Supernatural way for her. Don't believe the situation is hopeless. Know that our God is a God of Hope. He loves the downtrodden. He is the father of the orphan and husband of the widow. May God give you the faith to believe.


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