Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Flight Over The River (piece from my prose)

Baili again hold my hand and took me to the sky ,We were flying over the river which was flowing from the proud mountains to the kind sea from up there we could breath the fresh and deep sense of life it seemed that rain stopped just while ago cause air was still feeling wet .River was flowing so quietly it had a peaceful smile with a lot of wisdom which it got from its experience of long journey.Its both sides were lashing with green waving grass which had lots of flowers with different sizes and colors , Red and white were pretty small then violet , yellow , orange and pink ones.

It was like ,some pretty fairy had laughed with joy and her laughter changed into flowers and was spread all over.Pleasure was over flowing from the happy face of earth like it finally got for what it has waited for a long time.We were flying so low that we could touch those flowers with our fingers.Our hands were feeling their softness and beauty drops were glittering on them.A strange but beautiful unseen craziness was dancing with the breeze .I dipped my fingers in the water while flying i wont say Baili smiled caused playing on our lips since we started our flight.She said, what its like?I replied,its like touching life.

We flew higher and saw a curve coming and looked ahead.The river was taking a curve so beautifuly with same peaceful smile and silence, I asked, can you define its smile and peace .She smiled again and replied, I think it is about the pleasure of going back to home.I saw her with my questioning eyes ,Home...?Ofcourse ,She replied , It is going to the sea,Its real home.From where sky grabbed it and kept it as a special guest then dropped it on mountains where it waited for a loving touch of sun and then melted back to its homeland.


  1. very beautiful words...hmm i like the word "its like touching life" and "I think it is about the pleasure of going back to home" :)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful story, the words painted such an amazing picture!

  3. If only we can experience that kind of gift here on earth...

  4. photos are lovely as is your poem - writing :-)

  5. You've nicely combined your lovely words with these amazing photos.
    I appreciate them very much.

    Best Wishes!


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