Saturday, April 8, 2017

Meet My City Khairpur ! [means city of peace!]

Hello   Precious   Friends!

Hope   and   pray    that   Life   is   passing    wonderfully   under   the   obstacles    of    circumstances  and   you   are   feeling   proud   of   you   that    each   time   when   you    encountered   to  one   and   though    for   a   while   you   think   it   is  impossible    but   then   very   next   moment    your    inner    fighter    jumps   out   of    you    and    cross   it     with   an   unbelievable    and   remarkable   move    and     you    hear   your    inner   voice   so    clearly   "oh   that   was   nothing   ,i   can   do    even    better ".

Dear    friends    today    i    want   you   to   peek   little   into   my   city   and   explore  some   important   points   about  it.

We   all   know   that   each   city   was  village   before   it   extends  into  a   city .Our   khairpur   city  was   a  princely    state  and  was   ruled   by   the  Talpur    Mirs  [means   LORDS  or  kings ]   from  1783 .  When   in  1947   our   country   came  into    being   ruler   of   this   state   did   not   submitted    this   state  to   the   new   government    until   1955 .  Now   this   city  is  a   capital   of    district   and    twelfth    largest  city.  This   city   bears   almost   3  lac   inhabitants .  It   is   6   hour   away   from   Karachi   city   which   is    among   the   few   biggest   industrial   cities  of   the   world.   Mostly   peoples   are   educated    yet   bound   to   their   cultural   values. 96 percent   people  are   Muslims   though    Hindu   community   and   Christian   community   also   living  here   on   good   terms  with   each   other  . This    city   has   a   good   luck   because   the   most   of   the   chief   minsters    of   province   belonged   to   this   city    and    paid   full   attention   to   groom   their   city.Unfortunately    i   could   not   find   appropriate   images   to   share   with   you   the   beauty   of   this   city  .Though    throughout   the    year    longest   and   harsh    season   is    summer   and   rains   are   rare    still    management    tried    its   best   to   make   city   green.

   This  palace  belong   to   the  Mirs [lords]  Family  who  ruled here for many decays ,Building   still   belong  to  the  new  generations  of  them  though   don't  live  here   anymore  but  well  looked  after  by  care  takers.

  found  only  one  photo  to  give  you   glimpse   of   insidious   subtilty   as  it   is   not   open   for   visitors  sadly .

      Fort  kot diji  one   one  most  wonderful  and   captivating   place  to   explore  half hour drive from main city   but  could  not  find  history  belong  to it online .

                                     Fort  umer kot  one hour  away from main city 

                                                         View   from  kot  diji

 Shah Abul Latif   University has  huge  building which  is  quite  attractive  and  bears  hundreds  of  students  as  coeducation 

                                                            some  more  angles  of  this  university 

          Main  gate  of  NAZ  PILOT  school   which  is  second  largest  school  in  Asia ,sadly  could not  find  good  pic  to  reveal  it's  hugeness   and  marvelous  architecture 

                          some  part  of   the  huge  lawn  that  school   has  

Mehraan   engineering   college gate  view 

Front  view  of  Gymkhana  which  includes  all  facilities  of  exercise and  sports 

Front   view   of   library  near  us 

Inside  view of gymkhana 

Gate  of  new  hospital ,there are main  civil  hand city  hospitals  too  but no pics available 

one  of  our   playground 

Bilawal  Bhutto  Park .

dear    friends  hope   you  liked  my  city  i  hope   soon   i   will   get   some  more   interesting  photos  to  give  you idea  of  place  where  we  live .

See   you   soon   dears ,Please   take  Great   Care   in  each   single  mean  because  you  are   precious  and  very  special !
keep   smiling stay  positive  and   srtorng ,God  Bless  You   All!


  1. Thank you for the tour, Baili. I loved the photos, especially #5.

  2. The palace of the Mirs is impressive! Can you imagine living there? It was difficult, I think, because their lives weren't their own. They were a part of something else, something so huge.

    It is lovely. Do we build anything so magnificent anymore?

  3. What an impressive place. The photographs are breathtaking.

    I agree that View from kot diji is particularly impressive. I would like to know more about that structure and its history.

    The history that you described is also fascinating.

  4. The architecture of your city is beautiful. I like older buildings the most.

  5. Thank you for the nice visit in your city - it is very colourfull and exotic! Our spring has been rather chilly and threes have no green leaves yet. Let´s wait some weeks! Have a nice sunday!

  6. Thanks for this tour of your beautiful city!

  7. wow you live in a great city. Have a great sunday

  8. You have a beautiful modern city.

  9. City of Peace ... I like this.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and allowing us a tour of your city.

    All the best Jan

  10. Wow! Thank you for all of the amazement you brought to me with these wonderful photos.
    Blessings upon you

  11. The view from Kot Diji is amazing. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.


  12. Oh, what a fun tour! It is such a beautiful area. The view from Kot Diji is breathtaking!

  13. You live in such a beautiful city. Love the fort.

  14. The buildings are like works of art in themselves - very beautiful. Thank you for showing us some of your city!

  15. The buildings do look wonderful and cared for.
    Thanks for showing these photos.

  16. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing this tour!

  17. Amazing buildings! My favourite is the fifth picture. Stunning view! I like the modern buildings as well. They seem so bright and spacious. Thanks for this gorgeous tour! :-)
    Have a beautiful week! ♥

  18. I loved seeing your city thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful images. I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend.

  19. Wow, amazing pictures of your lovely city! Such views too! Thank you for sharing more about where you live, it is quite different terrain from where I live, and I love seeing the city of peace that you love so much! Hugs to you today :)

  20. Very beautiful and very interesting. Thank you for the fabulous tour!
    And thank you for your always thoughtful and heart-warming comments!
    Wishing you blessed spring days!

  21. Beautiful photos !!! Gorgeous places !!!
    Thanks for sharing !
    Thanks for your visit !
    Have a nice week !

  22. Gostei de ler sobre khairpur e de ver as excelentes fotografias. Obrigada pela partilha. Gostei de saber que khairpur significa "cidade da paz".
    Uma boa semana.

  23. Your city is beautiful and very exotic looking to me. The history! We, in the western hemisphere, are infants compared to the rest of the world. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. God Bless you!

  24. Dear Baili,

    Your blog is so colorful and a beautiful place to visit.

    Thank you for taking the time to write me.



  25. What a beautiful place to visit !!
    These photos are fantastic !!

  26. My goodness, some of those buildings are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us - you live in a wonderful place.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  27. Hi Baili, Your city is beautiful and I enjoyed the photos your share. The buildings and architecture is incredible. Wishing you a lovely week.

  28. Beautiful architecture! Lots of beauty where you live!thanks for sharing Baili and thanks for your visit!

  29. What a beautiful tour! Thanks so much for sharing my friend! Big Hugs!

  30. So nice to see your beautiful city, Baili! Everything looks so pretty! Sending hugs and blessings for your week. xx Karen

  31. What a magnificent view from kot diji,Bali. You live in a beautiful city.
    Have a good new season.

  32. Thank you so much for sharing your informative pictures of Khairpur. I have heard of your city many times, but I really had no concept of it. It was a place on a map, but you have made it so much more. I googled "Fort kot diji" and found it dates back to 3300 BCE. That is amazing! You make me realize how much I don't know about the ancient world. We learned about Sumer and Stonehenge and Minoan Crete, but never about the Indus Valley civilization. I'm sure that I heard about it briefly at some point, but never anything that really stuck. Thank you for making your ancient and storied area come alive to me. Sending you a big hug!


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