Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Moments!

Hello  Dear  Friends!

Hope   and    pray   that   all   of   you   getting   perfect   results   from   your   struggles   you  are    doing     right   now   for   various     aims   of   life.

It  is   not   always     that   we   get   hundred   percent   out   of   our    efforts ,sometime    there   remain    some    more    energy   to   put   in   to   get  what   we   wanted .And   sometime   different   factors   affect   our   struggle   negatively .

If   we   are   very   much    sure   that   we   have   given   our   BEST   and   still   did   not   reach   the   end  it   simply    calls    destiny    and   with    all   my   experiences   i   can   say  it  without   any   hesitation    that   If   we   still   except   what   destiny  brought   to   us   and   do   not   let   our   faith    shake    that   everything   happens   for   the   reason   things   miraculously   turn   into   our   favor   and   it   is   possible   only   when   our   FAITH   ON   OUR   CREATOR  IS   UNSHAKEN .Believe  me  and  try  it  dear  ones!

In   previous   year   when   my   eldest    son   and   hubby   advised   me   that    i   should    leave   the   job   [as  principal  of  Junior  Mikaza  school]   because   this   is   effecting   the   studies   of   my   younger   boys   i   felt   bad   because   i  was   enjoying    my   work  though  lesser   when  i   was  appointed  only  as   class  teacher  in  senior   Mikaza  school   .

My   eldest   son   approached   me   that   when   i   get   back  from   school  i   am    so   tired   and    not   in   condition  to  supervise   kids   in   their   studies    well. 

 He   said   "even   i    was   careless   until   you   motivated   me   and  sometime  even   forced   me  to   study  well   and   now   i   am   bearing   the  fruits   of   your   devotion mom" 

 " They   are   not   enough   mature   to   choose   what   is   right   and    beneficial   for  them    in   future "   I   thought    it   for   few   days   ponder   upon   the   results   of   their   monthly   tests   which   was   getting   weaker  .Then   finally     decided   to   quit    the   job .

Yesterday   My   younger   son   brought   his   result  of  ninth   grad   in   which   he   got   First   Position    i    felt   that   my   efforts      became   fruitful    and    My   youngest   one    got   A+  .He   is   grad   six    now .

It   made   me   feel  little   easy   that   i    am   investing   my   energy   in   a   very   Correct  way [Grateful  to  my  dear  Creator]

There   are   so   many   things  in  my   mind   that   i   want   to   do   but   right   now  i    am   giving  preference   to   my   kids   ,If   life   stays    after   four   or   five   years   i   will   be   able   to   do  what   i   want   to   do  hopefully.

Sharing  below  some   recent    photos ,hope  you  like  them.

                          My   younger  son  [14+] stood  first  in  class ,now  in 10th  grad!

                                                    His  result  card  and  shield !

                        First  sunflower  in  my  front  yard ,pretty  smile  of  the  season 

                    Jasmine   likes  summers  so  started  blloming with  lovely  fragrance 

Colors pouring in  my  little  garden!

Captured  this  little  black shiny  bird  through  the  fence  two  days  ago .They  always  wander  around  in this  season along with many  other birds  and squirrels 

My   neem   tree   growing   quickly 

Last  day  evening sky  beauty!

Take    Good   care   dear   friends  ,stay   Positive  ,  strong    and   happy  always.Have  wonderful  Pleasant  life  each   moment   ahead.God   Bless  You  All!


  1. Congratulation to your son, he certainly did very well and you all must be so very proud of him.
    Love your flowers.

  2. Wonderful pictures.

    To invest time and energy into your family is one of the best things that we can do in life. In my opinion it is effort that is well spent.

    I can see how proud of your son you are.

    Have a great week!

  3. I changed jobs when a principalship was too demanding on my time as a parent. I understand your dilemma. You can always go back to teaching or administration. You get one shot at raising the children.

  4. Oh Baili - Happy Moments Indeed!

    Many congratulation to your son, he certainly did very well, you all must be so very proud of him.

    I do like your flowers too.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  5. It's the biggest joy in our life, when our children do well and are happy and satisfied themselves. Sometimes the best choice is that the mother (or father!) stays at home, sometimes it may be economically necessary that both parents work outside the home.
    It looks like summer there... Lovely flowers!
    Stay well!

  6. Congrats to your son for his hard work! Your decision to be there for your children is the right one. They will be grown before you know it.


  7. Congratulations to your son and to you for sacrificing your career for your sons. It is admirable that you held such a good position yet you put your family first to stay at home. I was always a stay-at-home mom too. My mom used to always say that we are responsible for each of our children's souls in raising them correctly. Andrea

  8. Congratulations to your son and to you, great results☺ You have made the best decision☺

  9. I’m happy for you that you can find happy moments all around you. Especially you must be proud of your son’s achievement supported by you. It’s not sacrifice but investment in future, I think. Have happy days ahead.


  10. You are so smart and wise, love visiting here! Congrats to your son!!

  11. Well done to your sons, and well done mama also. Your choice has paid off and will continue to do as as your boys grow up. You have given them a solid base to build upon for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to all!

  12. Congratulations to your son. You must be ver proud. Thak you for the other pictures.
    Continued blessings

  13. That is wonderful about your son. You have good reason to be a proud mama. Your choice has certainly rewarded both of you.

  14. Your son has a nice and warm smile, Baili. That's great that he is doing so well in school and getting excellent grades. Your first sunflower in your front yard is pretty and cheerful.

    Your words are always heartwarming, Baili, and touch my heart in just the right way.


  15. A wise, but difficult decision. You will not regret giving your love and attention to your children. They grow so fast! Soon you will be able to do what you want and also watch your children become parents, God willing.

    You are a sweet and kind person and are very blessed.

    I absolutely love the sunflower in your garden, the nice bird drinking from a flower. It lifts my spirits as here we still have snow! It is melting now, but our winters in Canada are far too long! Have a nice day! And thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. And God Bless you too. Thankful for our creator. I look forward to color like you have, here in Wisconsin soon. And such smart kids too! Cute photos!

  17. Baili..
    love the post and
    your darling son ..
    glad he is doing so well :)

  18. It is so nice for your son to see the results of his hard work. And a proud moment for you, Baili. Happy April!

  19. The positive energy from this post is crackling! Lovely photo of your son, hard work pays off!

  20. "i am bearing the fruits of your devotion mom" Music to a mother's ears.

    Your words beautiful as ever, dear heart. <3

  21. I'm glad your youngest kids are now doing so well at school! Both they and you and their father must be so proud!

  22. Lovely photos and such a wise post. I thoroughly enjoyed both. Your son is a joy and I congratulate him on his good grades. You are a wonderful mother.

  23. Pretty plants. And it sounds like things are going well.

  24. Your flowers are just gorgeous. I can see why you are proud of your son and his work. Good job, Mom!

  25. Your son did very well. Congratulations to him.

  26. Such an inspiring post and lovely photos.

  27. Congratulations to your son.

  28. Congratulations to your son.

  29. Hi, Great photo of your son. You made a difficult decision to quit a job you loved for the sake of your children and their education. It is nice that they are making great grades now with your devotion. Your garden and the little bird are pretty. I hope you and your family have a nice weekend.

  30. wow congratulations to your son:) beautiful post:)

  31. Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions, although in your case, the end result was worth the sadness of giving up a position. You are justifiably proud of you son's accomplishments thanks i am sure to your guidance.

  32. Although difficult to chose between your job and family, it's great you are able to see the benefits of stepping back from your job for a little bit. Congratulations to your son on his hard work!

  33. I'm sorry you had to leave your job, but you should be so proud of your son and you! You are a wonderful mother! Love your flower pictures! Big Hugs!

  34. You have great sons! You must be proud of them all!

  35. It must have been difficult to leave your job, Baili, but you made an important decision for the success and well-being of your children. I admire any mother who has the opportunity to choose to stay at home and makes that choice. There is no more important responsibility than nurturing the next generation. You are seeing what a difference your close presence in your children's lives has made. That has to be very rewarding! There are seasons in our lives, and each season has its joys and challenges. Before you know it, your last son will be off to university and you will miss this precious and brief season.

    I experienced deep fulfillment throughout my adult years from my being employed and knowing that I could survive on my own if I had to. I was not blessed with the gift of children of my own, so I was never torn between the needs of motherhood and the demands of my career. As an elementary teacher, I had a life full of children and the opportunity to observe all kinds of families.

    I have two sisters who had children, one who worked as a lawyer in a high level and demanding series of jobs and another who worked as an elementary teacher in a difficult and demanding series of schools. My lawyer sister always worked, and my teacher sister left her job when her children went into junior high school. She returned to work after the last child was off to university. My third sister never married and has enjoyed her independent and successful life. My sister-in-law married to my one brother started working while her fourth and last child was in high school in Kuwait. The good news is that all three families' children grew up into amazing young adults. And all we "girls" have enjoyed fulfilling lives, regardless of our individual choices. There were different paths for each of the three families, but the one constant was that each child was surrounded by unconditional love and support from his or her parents and our extended family.

    If you bring a child into the world, you have a fundamental responsibility to help that child grow into a happy, compassionate, independent, and educated adult. I think that requires unconditional love, a lot of time, listening, and guidance on the part of the parents, a solid moral foundation, and a framework of belonging to an extended loving family. These things provide children with the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe way, surrounded by love and people who will support them and stand up for them as they find their way. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents have also been hugely important to our next generation.

    Congratulations to your hard-working young scholar. He will look back on these days and thank you (like your older son) when he realizes how right you were to guide him and his brothers and insist on his doing his best! Hugs to you!


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