Friday, January 10, 2020

Praying For Peace Of My World!

While  ago  i was  visiting  to  a dear blogging  friend  Jenny 's  blog   and  news  she  shared  through  her  post  weighed down  my  heart  suddenly .
(As  i  shared  often  that  since  some  months  hubby and  me don't  watch  news  anymore  though  my  husband  read  newspaper  regularly  and  was  aware  of  Iranian  officials  murd  few  days  back  by  u.s strike.)

Many  innocent  lives  lost  in  plane  crash  in Iran last  day! There  can  be no  appropriate  words  to  express  grief  that  such  horrible  news  deliver .

Few  days back  Myyounger son  was  telling at the dining  table  that it. Is  going to be third  world war soon  as it is all over the social media that usa and Iran are  at  boiling point.  A  fifteen years old can not understand that how serious and terrible a war could be nor i had courage to explain to him as it might had increased his knowledge but  could have ruined his happy positive image about life !

It hurts  my soul deeply that  how  a bunch of people is.deciding  that  how  millions of  people will live or die on this planet!

If we have an observant eye we can realize  that  strings of governments and authorities are in certain hands since world war second.

Politicians  are only puppets to these hands  no matter in which country they are.

Everything  that  appears at the stage of  this  world  whether it's  on  political side  or  in  form  of  traumatic  accident  anywhere  is dramatized  to influence people's psyche  and opinion  in certain  shape  so  those  who  are  behind , can  secure  their advantages.

I  have no  wisdom  or  words to  say  things  appropriately  but  only  instinct  to  share  my  opinion  and  pain  which  i  feel  and  bear as  an inhabitant  of  this  glob!

May  who  think  are  in charge  can  think  of  consequences  which  can  destroy  the  whole  world and  for  what  ,only  their  lust  for  power!

May  ordinary  people  get  peace  and   stay  unharmed  by  the  actions  of  selfish , ruthless  brains  who are stuck in soulless bodies that  are  cursed  to live  life  worst  than  death.    


  1. Like yourself and many other people in this world I also am concerned about a large scale war. I may be too optimistic but I think that the current situation may cool down and the worst will be avoided. However, there are still too musky wars going on and too many people are dying and are suffering. It is important that we all work toward a more peaceful world.

  2. Praying for peace, Baili. Praying for you.

    Things seemed to have stopped...well, I have not looked at the news today. My nephew is in that area of the world. Lord, protect him. Protect us all.

    God bless you, Baili. I pray for His hand of protection over you and your family, wherever they go in the world.

  3. Our world is in a sad state right now. Instead of talking to each other and trying to work things out leaders of countries decide to try to bully each other into submission. This particular fiasco could have been prevented with more disciplined minds. We can only hope that something will change to allow for mindful discussions to alleviate the bad feelings and mistrust.

  4. Dearest Baili...I feel exactly as you do. What do these people think they are doing??
    No one can win in a situation like this. If there is a World War Three...our beautiful planet will die, and every lifeform with it...including all those deluded ones who feel they have to have power at any cost. How deluded they are...there would be no life left to have power over.:(
    I am praying for them to see sense. I am praying for the safety of us all - and for those in power to see sense...before it is too late.

    Be safe, my beautiful friend...if we keep praying, hopefully the Gods will hear our voices above the din of war!

    All my love and hugs xxxxxxx

  5. Os grandes dirigentes, decidem fazer as guerras... mas mandam para lá os filhos e os familiares de quem não escolheu participar nelas... mas que é forçado a tal... Vivemos dias de grande incerteza...
    O mundo não precisa de guerras... as alterações climáticas, provocadas pela inconsciência da humanidade, já está a fazer vitimas suficientes... agora... e ainda mais no futuro!...
    Enfim! 2020 ainda agora começou... e não se adivinha muito promissor infelizmente... mas oxalá eu me engane! De qualquer forma que seja um ano com saúde, e paz... e que possa ser vivido da melhor forma possível, por todos!
    Esperemos que o bom senso impere! Um beijinho grande! Tudo de bom, por aí!...

  6. The rich and powerful start wars and ordinary people pay the price in death and suffering.

  7. You're right that some present leaders do not look ahead at what the consequences may be.

  8. Innocent lives were lost and that is the very tragic and sad news event. It is certainly true that power corrupts and it also kills. You have said it wisely, Baili.

  9. If only everyone could see himself or herself as "an inhabitant of this globe" as you do, my dear baili! That would be so much healthier and conducive to peace than dividing ourselves into groups, each one wanting more than its share.

    I do not believe this will turn into a third world war. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if there is further unnecessary loss of life due to the arrogance and greed and ego of leaders and their followers.

    As some folks commented on my post, we must continue to see the beauty and peace within our own lives as best we can, cast our votes carefully, and keep hope alive within us. Hugs, my friend.

  10. We ordinary people can pray, try to contact the politicians... and continue this grass-roots level friendship between people from different countries, ethnicities, religions... :)
    Big hugs!

  11. So sad and frightening. If only people could just come together as one.

  12. Dear Baili - I am praying for peace as well. God Bless you.

  13. I don't know what more we can do to save our beautiful planet, Dearest Baili. It is always awful to feel powerless.

  14. I will pray for you, your family and for peace.

    Tell your son, there will be no World War III. There will always be war. War has always existed along with poverty, disease and death.

    You are very right in that powerful people make all of these decisions.

  15. i totally agree with everything you have said. And so sad that it is "nothing" to leaders that a plane full of people were murdered, or that villages have been leveled and people displaced etc etc goes on and on and all I can think of is for God Sakes - Give Peace a Chance ...most people hopefully realize that we are being played and this whole idea of divide and conquer can't be used anymore. We are all one in the Mind and Heart of God and the fools that keep this division and hatred going ... well this just has to stop I actually believe that nobody who is running for election in any country is immune to the corruption of power. sad belief to have but it's there.

  16. This was a huge tragedy! Hopefuly it is not a beggining of something worse

  17. We pray for the world. It's indeed sad.

  18. Once again people are shot down just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Have a great week

  19. Your final paragraph speaks very loudly to me, and I fervently hope that it can be realised.
    Sadly I think that the inciters of violence are rarely at any risk themselv es and lack the insight and empathy to realise that this world is for sharing.
    How I wish the empathy bug would bite them. Hard.

  20. I was so shock to hear about the shot, too.
    Very sad.

    Have a great day.

  21. O mundo é cada vez mais um lugar muito perigoso e governado por loucos…
    Um texto que faz pensar.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  22. Thar is such a tragedy, so so sad. News make me angry sometimes. I am also praying fir the victims and their families! Have a lovely week ahead☺

  23. As common citizens, we can only pray and hope for peace...

  24. Such sad times we live in. Praying for peace here.

  25. my dear friend... I'd like to apologize for not BW (blogwalking) for a long time. thank you for leaving a comment on each of my posts. I'll be back to work later. thank you for the support. see ya! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!

  26. I join you too dear Baili in your thoughts and prayers for peace.
    Your words are so true and echo what many think about those people who presume to dictate our world's direction.
    I'm staying away from the news more and more.
    Lovely to be back and I shall look forward to visiting you throughout this new year.
    Sue xx

  27. Sad to say that normal citizens like you and me are helpless and we can only pray and hope for hope.

  28. A very good post.
    Praying for the world.

    All the best Jan

  29. Hi, Baili! I've been thinking about you, your family and your country mates and the difficult weather Pakistan has experienced. I hope that no one you know and love has suffered in it. I don't want anyone to suffer, of course; but you are the one who brought Pakistan alive for me. I'm well past fifteen, and I can't imagine what horrors a third world war would bring - quite possibly the end of the world. I pray for peace a lot. The accidental shooting down of that airliner was horrific. It feels so personal to me because most people on that plane were connecting through to Canada and so many Canadians were killed. My country is grieving for all who died. Again, I wouldn't want anyone to die, but knowing that so many Canadians were impacted only makes it feel more real. I'm afraid a bunch of idiots are deciding the fate of millions. You are a force for peace and understanding and love, my friend!

  30. I do not read the news as fed to us in a biased way either.

    I do however read a weekly publication of world news that explores all sides of major world issues.

    The analysis in that publication is that recent actions have not moved us towards WW3 but moved us away from that scenario.

    Even if that is true the aggressive actions sit heavily on my heart.

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