Sunday, January 5, 2020

Photos From London Trip By My Son!

Hello   lovely  souls!

Hope  enjoying   each  moment   of your  beautiful  life  with  gratitude  and  lots  of  positive  energy 

I  know  i  am  being  improper  in  my blogging  since   while ,all  is  i  am  having  kids  at  home  and  spending  more  time  with  them.
Winter  holidays  have  ended  on  second  January but  first  day  of  their  school  and  collage  when  my  sons  got  back  they  told  that   there  were  hardly  few  students   present  as  weather   is  being   quite  cold  temps  between  4 to 15(for us of course)  and  parents  are   avoiding  to  send   kids  to  schools. No  official  announcement  for  further  vacation  so  teachers  and  staff  have  to  come  regularly,So  it  is  bit  confusing  situation   we  are  facing  here .
My  eldest   son  went  to  visit  London  before  Christmas .His  few  friends  from  U.S  joined  him  there  for  holidays .They  spend  almost  two  weeks   there  and  visited  lots  of  museums  and  Theaters .My  son  found  theater  most  inspiring .Sharing  few  images  below  from  his  fun  he  had  with  friends  in London.

He  have  bought  a  guitar  though  haven't  started  practice  yet  due   to lack  of  free  time, I loved  his  imaginary  playing  here :)  he  had  less  time  for  long  chat  so  i  could not  ask  him  names  of  places  and  events he  participated so  ,sorry  for  not  being  much  informative  about  these  ventures :(

In  another  image  my  son  was  sitting  beside  painting  with  brush  in  hand  so  i  think  this  is  his  quick  art  during  holidays ,which  i  found  lovely :) Choice  of  colors  and  features  is  fascinating  i believe ,i  wish  he  can  find  more  time  to  explore  his  creative  side  more

                                                         one of the museums i guess

i   these  can't  tell  again  what  amazing  youngsters  doing  in  this  image  but  what
ever  it is .it  shows  how  "togetherness "  brings  beauty   and  happiness  in  an  environment :)

One  of  churches  he  visited , i think really  sensibly captured image  and  reflects  the  glory  and  charm  of  church  beautifully !

image  is  taken  in  Germany  on   Christmas  evening  with  best  friends  young  lady  with  scarf  came  to  Germany  for  job  interview  and  she  was  chosen  easily ,She  is  future  wife  of  Mubashir standing on left with my son , best friends to each other ,i  was so  relived  to  know  that finally  parents  of  Mubashir  were  agreed   for  their  marriage  as  kids   were  in  commitment  since  they  were  together  in  university  almost  eight  years  ago ,i  am so happy for  them and believe  these  two  blessed   souls  will  have  beautiful  life  together !!!

common  friend  of  my  son's friend ,she  is  now  very  good  friend  of  my  son  too ,her  husband  is  doing  job  in Germany and  they  moved   to Munich  few  months  ago,couple  is  really  warm  and  friendly and  my  son  adores them  for  their  sweet  nature  and  generous  hospitality!
this  river  seems  to  near  to  place  where  my  son  stayed  with  friends ,i love  having  water  close  to  hotel or  residence  we  stay  during  holidays ,it  has  magical  healing  power for  soul

unlike  before  this  year  sun  seems to appeared  more  regularly  over  the  skies  of  London  and Germany Munich ,my  son  says  local  people  missed  white  Christmas still  it  was  cheerfulness all over during  festival

One  of  the  friends  he  stayed  with,she is  best  friend  to my  son  since  they  were  on job  in  Karachi .

gorgeous  view  indeed, water  close  to  man made  buildings create  balance  and  harmony  in life and it's crazy  swiftness i  think ,the  tranquility  it  offers  is  way  to  stimulate  the  soul's  burdened wings  and  take  fresh  flight  of  easy  and  reasonable  breathing

hubby  and  me  spent  most  of  our  time  while  sitting  on  this  bench  during  holiday  and  created some  more  cheerful  memories  together  until  weather  became  completely  cloudy  and  sun seems  to  take  break  as  forecast  about  rains  is  all over  the news 

we  sent  this  selfie  to  our  son  at  new  year  evening , time  though  seems  like  huge  mysterious  body  of  still  water  but  we  humans  like  to  throw  pebbles  of  such  titles like  day ,month ,year etc  just  to stir up  our  souls :)  but i like and enjoy such self illusioning games :)

 a    cute  pet  is  lovely companion  when   one is on vacation , i don't  know  how  did  they found  this  furry beauty  but  they  had  fun time with her i can see that :) my  son  always  loved  having  pet but he  was only allowed to have parrot so he had it  for few years ,now he want to have an eagle as pet  which is really expensive ,he mentioned his name but i can't remember it right now

Dear  friends  hope  you liked  the glimpse of trip ,i will be visiting  your  places asap .Please take great care and stay blessed  with hope that  grows  on the  lands of faith!


  1. I loved seeing your pictures Baili, especially of your son in London, I think he has been to Borough Market, the embankment along the Thames River and maybe the Science Museum - looks like he had a lot of fun.

    1. thank you for mentioning the river's name dear Betty .i am familiar with Thames river but i didn't know this one is it

  2. Hi Baili, those happy family photos are so lovely. The eldest one is not only smart and good with friends but also wonderful in acting and painting :)
    The smile of the baby one looks like yours.

    Take care, Baili!

  3. Wonderful photos! He is seeing the whole world.

  4. Very nice pictures Baili. London is a wonderful place to visit and it looks like your son had a great time there.

    I hope that you weather improves!

  5. London is a wonderful city. I've only been there once but would love to go again. Glad your son had a good time and sent you such nice photos!

  6. Your son has found some great friends and making some good connections.

  7. Thanks for sharing these beautiful family photos good to know everyone is doing well.

  8. Looks like good times in London. If he forces himself to an hour a day of guitar practice, In a few years it will pay off for the rest of his life. His art reminds me of the style of the famous painting "the Scream."

  9. There is so much to see and enjoy in London. It is great to see it through your son’s eyes.

  10. It looks like all of you had a grand holiday. And you look younger all the time. Life is good.

  11. always nice to see your son's photos - wow the river scene... and your son and his art - i love the colors he chose - ... so much nice to read here.

  12. It looks like your son had a lot of fun in London.

  13. What a lovely post this is. I did enjoy seeing all of the photographs, London is a wonderful place to visit.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. You have a beautiful family, Baili and everyone looks very happy.

  15. It sounds like your son has made many good friends. That is evidence of his own ability to be a good friend - it takes being a good friend to have good friends :)

    Your other sons are getting so grown up! I like your comment about time being a huge body of still water, yet humans try and divide it up and portion it out. Very good analogy!

    Thank you for these lovely pictures, baili. Time will fly and your son will soon be home again!

  16. London is a wonderful town, Baily.
    My daughter Catarina is going to study there next year.
    Have a great week

  17. A fabulous trip. Thanks for inviting us to come along. The great pictures made me feel I was there.

  18. Dearest Baili...oh I am so glad your son had an enjoyable time in London. He and his friends look so happy together! :))
    Oh thank you so much for these wonderful photos, my wonderful friend...just looking at them truly warms my heart! Such a beautiful, happy are all truly amazing! :))

    All my love & hugs, always xxxxxxx

  19. Happy New year to you and your family, Baili, and Thank you for the well wishes on my blog too. I enjoyed seeing the photos your son sent from his London trip. And, I especially enjoyed seeing the lovely photo of you and your husband and the family selfie. Your sons are growing up quickly.

  20. Dear Baili, I count myself lucky to have met you in the blogosphere. Your warmth and good nature comes across so well in your blog. Thank you for sharing the photos from your son's trip ... it looks like he had a great time and he sure took some great photos. I loved to see you and hubby sitting there smiling. You two are wonderful! Thank you, Baili, for stopping by my blog and leaving me kind comments. I always look forward to your comments. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! All the best from Seattle! John

  21. Sweet Baili! What a lovely collection of wonderful photos of your son in London! He was having so much fun, and what a blessing for him to be there with his friends too! My daughter visited London earlier this year, and it is truly a magnificent city. Sweet pictures of your and your husband enjoying the warm sunshine, what a sweet blessing! Such a pretty kitty that your son was playing with, I'm sure he misses not having a pet. I pray that you are enjoying a lovely new year 2020, and wish you many blessings!

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  23. Gostei muito das fotografias. Tem uma família muito bonita. Que sejam sempre felizes.
    Um ano maravilhoso.
    Um beijo.

  24. Aww, beautiful family photos! How wonderful that your son is visiting different places. That is a lot of fun and the best type of education: learning about the world!

  25. I like the painting done by your son. He seems to love art! That is wonderful. I imagine your son enjoys every photo he gets from his family. I live far from family and really love to see their photos when I get. We like cats and that is a pretty cat your son is playing with! Thank you for sharing all the pretty photos! Thank you so much for your visits and kind words! Blessings to you and your family!

  26. Hi Baili :) Lovely photos! I'm sure he had a great time. Your son is playing "air guitar" lol...Alex often pretends he's playing too and I always find it funny. I hope your son explores his creative artistic side too! :) I went to London when I was 19 and I did a lot of touristy stuff, it was nice. If I ever went back I'd probably do more of a scenic rural visit! Your family looks so happy in the photos!!! :)

  27. Ah! Brings back nice memories of my London trip...thanks for sharing

  28. Adorei ver as suas imagens! Que bom, que seu filho fez uma óptima visita a Londres!
    Parabéns, pela bonita família, que tem! Peço desculpa pela minha ausência, por aqui, já há algum tempo... estive com a minha mãe, com diversos problemas de saúde, ao longo de todo o ano de 2019, pelo que fiquei com a minha disponibilidade reduzida, para visitar todos os blogues, que gosto de seguir... felizmente, está melhorando... e de novo, sempre que der, cá estarei espreitando as novidades!
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom!

  29. I enjoyed seeing these photos from your son's trip. Looks like he got to see a lot and had a fun time with his friends.

  30. I loved seeing the photo of you and your husband, Baili! I can feel the love and contentment between the two of you. It was lovely to see your oldest son and the fun he was having with his friends. London is a marvelous city. I'm glad that your son was able to visit it. I wonder if he stepped on a place I stepped on somewhere in the city. I like to think he did. Hugs to you, my friend!


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