Saturday, June 22, 2024

Gratitude !!!!!!!!!

 Hey Kind Hearts !

Hop beating beautifully on the rhythm of life 

I want to thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet and generous comments you left on my previous post !

This is always an amazing and comforting feeling for me as blogger that i have such kind friends here on blogging land who show love ,concern about things happening in my life and share their priceless thoughts and views about it . I really appreciate your love and support and want to say that it truly matters for me and gives me strength to keep sharing my life with you all unhesitatingly because i have developed  habit of seeing you all as my own family and it is beyond my control!

We got thunderstorm and heavy rain night before last day which transformed our weather and brought some really needed relief thanks God ! Despite no airy since it rained for two hours almost yet we are having nice bearable few days and hoping for more grace of God in future !

Although on the other hand it is heartbreaking to see how fires in California are causing trouble for so many residents ! we been watching bbc videos about recent weather conditions actually and how unusual heat is taking over various parts of the world . I am keeping all the people suffering with heat and fires in my prayers ! may God bring sooth and ease to them and to all of us amen !

As we celebrated our Eid Ul Adha on 17th June despite our both elder sons were away we are utterly grateful for the online time we could spend with them during three Eid days specially .It helps so much to sad parents who have kids abroad or in another city indeed!

My younger son was invited by one of his close friend where he spent whole fourth day of Eid with his friend and his family .He told the food was delicious and company great which pleased us as parents . The mother of his friend gifted her some dishes and raw meat (mutton) to cook . 

 We get plenty of beef and some of mutton on Eid of sacrifice from friends and family . As hubby does not eat beef anymore since more than decade he distributes all the meat in his brothers . He keeps some portion of it for our younger son who likes beef little bit. Yesterday hubby boiled all the beef on huge pot ,then he crushed it in the mortar ,mixed spices and made the flat kebabs for our younger son so he can fry and eat them later . He freeze kebabs in the freezer.

It took him hours to prepare all this .My younger son and i helped him but most of the job was done by him . He is really an amazingly loving and  responsible father for his kids and it makes me feel proud of him each day more !God bless him always!

I visited my mother in law on Eid day evening . We too have been having guests constantly since eid day . One of my sister in law left while with her family. I love the kindred spirit of Eid honestly !

Thank you again for being with me always and believe it or not you guys are always in my thoughts and prays without any conscious effort !!!!!!!

hugs and blessings to all of you ! health ,peace and happiness to you all and to all you love precious friends! 


  1. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Eid! That's great!

    1. thanks dear Debra
      i would like to repeat my gratification for online time with kids .it really makes difference for parents like us by the grace of God!

  2. Glad you had some family time during Eid with your younger son. Your husband is a great father. Blessings to him and to you, Baili.

    1. dear Marie yes we got some quality time with our both sons on Eid day and this made our Eid really Eid day actually .being able to see or hear on such days makes our heart light and at peace as parents
      hubby had quit cooking completely for years since he survived hepatitis but he tries to make foods on such days specially when he is such an expert of meat dishes lol
      i am so lazy about putting as much effort honestly as i think eventually everything goes into stomach so what is the point in wasting time and energy in intense experiences .i know this sounds boring but you know me right :)
      i really admire hubby's effort when days are too hot to be in kitchen for long durations .yes he is amazing person ,husband father and amazing in all relationships he has been blessed with i truly agree !

  3. It is great your son was able to celebrate Eis with his friend and not alone.
    I hope your day was great too. Have a happy weekend.

    1. thanks for dropping by dear Eileen !
      we were happy to hear this as well that he got an invitation from his friend and spent pleasant time with him and his family while having nice meals .good friends are gifts indeed .best wishes for you and family

  4. A lovely, heartfelt post dear Baili. Your husband did a wonderful, loving act for his sons. What a wonderful father they have. I'm happy you enjoyed your Eid despite the absence from your usual routine and I'm happy too that you were able to spend time with your sons though it was on line. It sure beats not seeing them at all! Have a great rest of your weekend.

    1. dear Joyful heartfelt thanks for sweet comments !
      we are truly blessed to have hubby as husband and father with us . i pay thanks to God all the time that he has gifted us with such kind and gentle soul who is really a wonderful person who leaves no room for anyone so he can think that he did not did his part in his life . when i got married to him he always helped me in household without listening what others says about it as there is no custom that men take part in household ,the ignorant people consider it a disrespectful thing for a man to do .though things are changing and media and tv has influenced people's mindset in positive way thankfully but it was hard and criticized thirty year ago . hubby would make me dishes and so much .he has skills to keep his family at vibration of love and care and this is the vibe i too share with him :)
      i agree online time can never replace actual presence but what if even it wasn't the option so i feel grateful for whatever is offered by dear God

  5. You have friends all over the world because you are a special and caring person. It is good that you and your family are having a good holiday.

    1. you are so sweet dear Emma !
      i am happy that i have nature that has no boundaries and i feel like i am floating within ocean where everything is part of me . i know it sounds stupid but we all are captivated to our own perceptions and i am happy mine is not harmful at least and brings me abundance of joy and peace .for which i am grateful who installed such approach within my soul !

  6. The flat kebabs sound delicious and how good of your husband to cook and prepare the meat. I first discovered kebabs when I lived in Istanbul, they had restaurants and street stands devoted to them. I know you miss your sons at Eid but that is good you meet with lots of family during this time.

    1. thanks dear Tera !
      oh wow you lived in Istanbul !
      my eldest son told that in Turkey everything about food contains meat and they have numerous types of dishes of all types of meat specially red meat .kebab are so famous here as well actually and hubby had med kebab for us for more than two decades even though i would not beef but my mom and hubby would force me to have some at least on the Eid of sacrifice .kebab were favorite of my all kids and hubby basically
      here family visits are essential part of Eid days actually and we enjoy such gathering thoroughly as meeting otherwise is rare no matter how close people live these days

  7. It's a treat to read about the customs in your culture. Surprised that you have beef there.

    1. thanks dear Red
      oh i did not know you don't have beef in Canada ???

  8. What a lovely post Baili, one of caring for everyone as you always do. I bet those kebabs taste delicious. Take care.

    1. heartfelt thanks dear Margaret for generous words as always !

  9. So glad you are celebrating. Especially, with mutton. Where I grew up, we raised sheep. Mainly, for wool back then. But in the summer our neighbor always had a barbecue and he would have mutton. Since then we might have it for Irish Stew on Saint Patrick's day.

    Thanks so much for sharing your celebrations. It does sound like a treat, indeed, and to see family is sweet too.

    Good to hear about the rain. It has gotten Hot and Humid here with fewer thunderstorms. Although, flooding in Minnesota and up north of us has given the Missouri river a chance to rise. The lawns are still green. And a lot of mowing going on in our neighborhood.

    Thanks again for the post. I hope you are staying well. The cough I have lingers a little. I hope I don't get caught in a vicious cycle, but the pollen count is still so high here.

    Best wishes from the Midlands aka Heartland of the States.

  10. first of all i am sorry you got virus precious friend Ellie !
    i hope you recover soon and feel better asap ameen!
    i feel embarrassed when realize i know so less about the tradition in your area regarding meat . your comment seems to say that you don't eat beef or don't raise cow and buffalos there just sheep in order to get wool and some meat occasionally?
    we have beef on shops that people buy daily .beef and mutton is sold daily except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays . on eid ul adha thousands of cows ,buffalos and goats and sheep are sacrificed throughout the world among Muslims after the Haj ceremony completion in khana kaba Saudi Arabia which is an important pillar of Islamic rules .
    this meat is distributed among needy within cities which is main reason behind this gesture of sacrifice actually .
    oh yes here as well since we got rain weather has got humid afterwards no sign of air at all yet weather is bearable which is good until now
    i hope flood does not rise to bothering level and people of the area stay safe !
    sending you tons of healing energy my friend ! lots of love and best wishes!

  11. Such a lovely post dear Baili.

    You have many friends in blogland, who like me always enjoy visiting your blog and sharing your life and family. You are a wonderfully caring person. I do like the sound of the flat kebabs your husband made (how lovely of him to do this) they do sound delicious.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. É sempre um gosto ler as notícias que nos traz.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  13. Baili, I echo Emma's comment that you have so many blog friends worldwide because of your caring nature. You share so much of your life and that of your family and it is like hearing from a good friend. Thank you for sharing how your family celebrated Eid Ul Adha and even though your older sons could not be home, you were able to visit with them online. Your husband does sound like a very special man and it was wonderful that he cooked the beef for the kabobs that you son enjors.

  14. Lots of visitors and visits enjoying family time together is the best indeed.

  15. Hi, dear Baili! I enjoyed reading this post and hearing all your Eid news. You have many, many friends around the world, because you share yourself, your thoughts, and your loving kindness freely and openly. I consider you among the best friends I've ever had in my life.
    You've been so kind to put up with my erratic visits to your blog. I've been focusing on trying to balance my life better. Here I am at 74 still trying to figure it out ~ lol! I'm attempting to set boundaries on my time and to be less driven. So what do I do? I become an administrator for the Insecure Writer's Support Group ~ lol. I'm hoping that it will ground me and make me better at checking my emails and sticking to my calendar. I thought retirement would help me be more focused and struggle less with my ADHD. Wrong! I'm worse ~ lol! I need structure!
    Your Ali is such a caring sweetheart! You and I are both blessed with wonderful life partners! What a kind thing he did to make the beef kabobs for his younger son. I bet they'll be delicious!
    I'm glad that you had a little relief from the relentless heat. It's been close to 100º F/37.7ºC here, and I think that is bad. I can't imagine how you've been functioning.
    Please take care! Love, hugs, and blessing to you!
    Oh, I was delighted to see that Pat Hatt visited you! He is a dear friend of mine, and we've been blogging buds since I began to blog. I'll be seeing him in Nova Scotia shortly. He's an IWSG admininstrator too. I think it's fun that 25% of the IWSG admins are from Nova Scotia! Much love to you!

  16. I am so happy that you were able to celebrated Eid despite that your elder sons were unable to join you.

    Our summer in England has been the opposite to yours. Quite unseasonable and rainy. The sun came out today and I am sitting outside with my computer taking advantage of the late evening air.


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