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Milk ,Water And Fennel Water's Miracle

Here we have milkman who drops milk daily at morning time . But it is customary  in cities only. In village customers go and buy milk straight from the house of milk sellers. I did this back in village till my early teens (12 probably) . Since the packed milk arrived in the market many advertisements are shown to discourage buyers from buying whole milk direct from the buffalo owners by revealing how unhealthy it can be for people . I don't know advertisement in your part of land but most common and true sounding one here is that the water that milkman adds to the milk can be contaminated and life threatening .Even it could not convince us for buy packed milk instead of whole milk that we think is most nutritious and complete meal. As we both belong to times when whole milk was most trustworthy food item among all .It seems tough to switch it with something new and unknown thing. All original qualities of milk are extracted before packing it as so called milk actually which makes it scary and useless for those who seek genuine and simple things.  

Since sometime milkmen are being tricky and demanding. They ask to raise the price each one or two month and still supply milk full of water. We used to make  curd or yogurt with portion of milk we take daily. If the milk has more water the yogurt would not form at all or properly. It's happening frequently now and even we are paying their favorite prices it seems impossible to get better milk .I did not use the word  the word "pure milk" because there exist no such thing here anymore.

Our milkman stopped our milk supply few months ago despite we paid what he wanted .He said this is the season when all buffalos are with child so it will be temporary. It never happened before in thirty years of milk purchasing actually. 

I have watched in old English  tv shows how milk bottles were dropped on the door of houses by van man. It would bring pleasant feeling regarding milk supply system there in my little mind. My father would tell sometimes that unlike eastern people , western people like cow milk more. I would listen and continue to focus on show without asking any question. I think i regret that carelessness little bit now. I wonder if same milk supply is available still in your area and with same standard of milk ??

We were missing taking milk before leaving for bed these days when one night before dinner i put three cup of water on stove after dinner and added one and a half table spoon funnel to it. I covered it on slow heat and turned off the stove when it was boiled for ten minutes at least. Three of us took one cup full of Luke warm funnel water .I felt lot better next morning surprisingly. When i mentioned this to hubby he agreed to it that he felt his head clear and lighter than any previous day. Since then funnel water has replaced milk in our routine and i think you must give it a try too .Please share if you feel the same or anything else .I think it is worth trying and miraculous. What else one can ask for if the head is light and focused in morning as to get on such head or mind state one have to wait for long time and sometime it is beyond approach all day completely.

Thanks for being with me precious friends! 

Your kind comments are always appreciated and mean lot to me.

Health ,peace and joy to you and to loved ones!



  1. When I was very young up, a milkman delivered milk to my family's home. There was a small insulated box on the front porch and the milk in bottles was placed in it. The empty bottles were then left in the box for pickup the next time the milkman came. I was very young so do not recall how long this continued, but it did eventually stop and then my parents purchased milk in the grocery store. I never heard of the milk being watered down.

    I did not quite understand the process you described about boiling water and adding a table funnel to it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience dear Dorothy
      I enjoyed how things were shown in movies were happening there actually.
      The packed milk bought by your parents must be qualified for public use by authorities.
      Here authorities check the quality and process as well but so many people like us still want to stay on natural resources for milk and other dairy products honestly and it is much because natural resources are considered best by them unlike modern and processed stuff.
      We use milk pack while we are in other city but never found its affect on metabolism like natural whole milk.
      Which we think is essential if one is buying milk on triple price.
      We used to add funnel in our daily milk take actually.
      I would add one and a half table spoon while boiling the milk. Funnel are considered helpful to enhance metabolism.
      Now when our recent milkman is providing watery milk .it is hardly enough for the tea we make twice a day and yogurt we make daily. No milk is left to have for any of I started to boil drinking water with same amount of funnel and it is working fine for us thankfully. Can say about nutrition but it's proving great for mental clarity surprisingly

  2. I too miss milk deliveries. They were so convenient.

    1. It seemed they were permanent part of culture but with time we experience that there is no such thing as permanent here

  3. Glad you are coping with no milk

    1. I am thankful that I had such idea to keep taking funnel water at least till we may find some better option

  4. I hope he brings you extra milk sometime, soon. That isn't right. Do you have powdered milk you could use? I know it isn't as tasty, but sometimes a necessity to cook with. Here, a lot of pantries will give you that for free. I have found a few box milks that don't need the fridge before opening too. Telling you all this, I don't drink milk anymore. I have had to go to unsweetened almond milk. I have learned to like it. Here's hoping you find ways to get milk in your area. All the best to your health and a good summer.

    1. You made me smile with first phrase dear Ellie: )
      9nly some years back men from surrounding villages would appear to notify city people if they need milk ?
      But due to population increase milkman have got tantrum like other shop keepers and cut the supply if ask to provide better milk so it is useless to hope something nice from them.
      My father would bring powdered milk when I was little. It would make tasty tea but we never drank it.i hated meat and milk till I got married and life revealed through child births how wrong I was about it.hubby made me drink small glass of milk regularly since then.we all have been since long

  5. When I was a small child 60 years ago, the local milkman would drive in his van and deliver milk and cream to houses. But by the time I started school, this service was pretty much gone. Now we all buy our milk and cream at the grocery stores. We do have good quality pasteurized milk though.

    1. seems like getting whole milk direct form cow man ended lot sooner in your part of land than ours here dear Debra
      i think the packed milk came over here around twenty or so years ago or even later for common people .
      we still find feel hesitant to buy milk from grocery because of our old fashioned approach that it can be low in quality as compared to real milk gotten from buffalo . our packed milk even the most expensive such as nestle aren't getting much popularity though among rich classes they are quite in but for both high and low middle class they still are questionable .
      when i was being treated for my stomach ulcer doctor prescribed me nestle milk but unlike whole milk it could not keep the metabolism smooth which makes us whether it is best choice

  6. I'm sorry you have so many problems to get good milk nowadays. When I was young I lived in a rural area. My favourite milk was fresh milk from the cow or goat as sold by our neighbour. The milk was not pasteurized as it is when sold in the big stores in the city and no one ever got sick. I too saw the advertisements for home delivery of milk but since I didn't live in the small city our milk was not delivered.

    1. dear Joyful thanks for sharing your thoughts
      how nice you too have witnessed times when fresh milk was part of daily routine. .
      being from village ,i am familiar with days when it was impossible to find home where people did not have domestic cattle or getting milk and other dairy products from them. even though i hated milk my family would manage to buy milk daily and everyone would have cup of it . i was tough target for mom when it came to eat meat or have milk .
      i dream of days when fresh milk was so common .now when i have managed to like milk and have it regularly it is disappearing quickly.

  7. The milkmen in Portugal are since long gone, dear baili.
    Have a great week

    1. but you had them long ago Pedro
      wow seems no place was exception when we talk milkman

  8. We have cows milk down here Baili. Our milk is pasteurized and it's illegal to buy milk that has not been pasteurized. We buy our milk from the supermarket with all it's additives for freshness, taste, texture and so it will keep longer.
    When I went to school milk in bottles (small ones) were delivered for we children to drink which we did. At the time milk was delivered in bottles to our home for many years. When I first was married my husband and his late father used to milk cows, this milk was brought home for our use, it was pure milk, and of course the cream was too and I used to make butter.
    Water here can be drunk straight out of the tap as it's clean, and has chlorine added to it to keep away any germs and bacteria. I don't care for the taste so I drink bottled water which I prefer - seems silly, doesn't it.

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  10. thanks for sharing your experience regarding milk in availability in your time dear Margaret
    this is exciting to know that you had relatives in family who were directly involved with domesticating animals and getting fresh milk from them :)
    wow that you too used to make butter from milk .i saw my grandma doing so and my mother and my aunts as well . that was fascinating to roll around the stick in the huge milk pot which would form butter :)
    i never did this but hubby des it as they had animals as well when he was in little but they were gone when he was in high school .he can make ghee too .now doctors are recommending Ghee that was once forbidden strictly by them because all kinds of cooking oils have been rejected for the health except ghee or olive oil and one more i can't remember right now .
    buying fresh milk is illegal in your country wow .
    here people have buffalos herd and sell milk openly though they are blamed for injecting buffalos for more production sadly so we avoid them too .hubby buys only from acquaintance so we can trust what we are having .it seems harder in coming days

  11. The days of milk delivery here are long gone. We buy milk at the grocery store. The price has increased tremendously the last few years though. Many people don’t buy milk any more since it is so expensive.

    1. i wonder how long you have been able to consume milk dear Marie ?
      milk prices are at peak here as well .specially last two years they reached beyond approach for so many sadly .we are buying milk at four time double price we used to two years back .huge and heart breaking difference .

  12. Dear Baili - In my childhood, a milkman delivered bottled-milk every day. Nowadays we buy milk cartons at the supermarket. I remember the taste of fresh milk on my journey to countryside. Fortunately and uniquely, there is a small size dairy farm in Nara City. Due to sanitary regulations and to avoid diseases, visitors can’t take part in milking cows, but we can buy milk and ice-cream cones made from the farms milk as well as strawberry, chocolate or vanilla “monaka” (a kind of Japanese sweet made from rice) . They are special treat when I go around there.

  13. thanks for sharing your personal experience dear Yoko
    milkman seem to a universal character indeed who appeared in every part of the world and delivered milk :)
    increasing population and tremendous increase in demand milkmen are no exception but simply people who want more money by selling least quality as everyone else is doing everywhere these days.they in order to earn more are adding much water in milk and selling this on highest price to the people .
    since last year they have started to show tantrum and if ask to supply better if not pure milk they just skip the customer .it is so disappointing .
    i am glad you still have farm in Nara which provides fine quality milk and milk ice creams :) lucky you !

  14. I'm sorry you have so many problems to get good milk nowadays.
    Until a few years ago we had a regular milk delivery that was very reliable.
    Nowadays we buy our milk from the local store or supermarket.
    However the supermarkets will deliver groceries to your door (for a charge of course) and many get their milk and other goods this way.

    Take care, sending good wishes to you and your family.

    All the best Jan

  15. I miss having mild delivered to our door. The milk man got so unreliable, turning up mid to late morning when we would be at work and the milk would be in full sunshine till we got home. We had to bin him and get our milk from supermarkets - the only other option available to us. At least the milk was cold and fresh.

  16. oh that sounds so rude dear Cheri
    even though if they provide pure milk the way they do it makes it useless indeed.our issue is that they don't provide pure or even better milk even we pay them their favorite prices .getting bad sadly

  17. This was really interesting, Baili! It's always important to think about where our food comes from. Here in the US, we have a lot of unhealthy ultra processed food with much of the nutrients replaced by chemicals. Unfortunately this food has a long shelf life, is cheaper, and is convenient, so it is popular I've never drunk buffalo milk, but I do like buffalo mozzarella cheese which is made with milk from the Italian Mediterranean buffalo. The memories you shared brought back memories of my youth. We, too, had milk delivered by a milkman with a van throughout much of my childhood. When my father was young one summer he helped deliver milk with a horse-pulled cart in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. When we lived Up North we had to drink milk made from powdered milk stirred into water. I still shiver with dread when I think of it. It was also served at the school where my father taught as part of a nutrition program for the Oji-Cree students. I was expected to drink it cheerfully as an example for my classmates. Ugh, but I did it. I carried the boiled water for it from our home to school in buckets and sometimes had to mix it up for the school's students. When we lived in Lac Seul, we had canned milk as well as powdered. Double yuck! We get good pasteurized milk and cream here from our supermarkets, thank goodness. That was interesting to hear about your drinking fennel tea. I have just started buying fennel. I read that you should try to eat 30 different kinds of fruit and vegetables a week, so I've been striving for that ~ hence the fennel. I make an apple/fennel salad which Terry really likes. 30 kinds of fruit and veggies is a challenge ~ lol! Hugs to you, my dear friend!

  18. dear Louise processed food is slow poison of the modern era unfortunately and i think worst part of it is that we don't realize it nor we can separate it from our routine of life .i have been reading ,listening and above all observing it a lot and i think processed food is causing damage to us irreparable health damage combinedly throughout the world. This is worrying .processed food like everything else where makes life easy bringing us deep rooted diseases whether mental or physical .nobody will take notice because we are entranced by the dazzle of advertising world which is at work to generate new necessities in our psyche and make us feel desperate enough so we jump to buy them mindlessly .this is mess indeed.

    i am familiar with powdered actually a silky off white powder with nice smell and appealing taste . my father would bring sometimes in transparent packing so he can ask mom to make him tea without listening excuse that there is no milk in the house . we would take tea made by it which was different but as kids in early teen i found it okay .though we never had it as milk .it was beyond imagination because my grandparents ,aunts and uncles had cows ,buffalos and goats and the real milk had strong appearance in daily life and ofcourse was considered genuine source for nutrients . this is other thing that we were not rich enough to buy milk regularly though mom would manage to buy few days in a week once in a while .i would try harder to not take a sip of milk and i was successful until i got sick seriously due to strong anemia attack and mom made me drink milk for some weeks inevitably.

    i am sorry you had to not just drink that powdered milk dear Louise but with gesture of happiness .it must be annoying but i really admire you helped your father with his work so bravely and with sense of responsibility :)
    unlike cheese other milk products are more popular here in my country such as butter ghee and yogurt and probably because it is not cold part of the world . Cheese got popularity much after introduction of pizza and burger here and now we mostly have cheese in freezer because they are needed when make any of it .
    oh this is so nice to hear that you too buying fennel and taking it in your tea :)
    Terry likes fennel tea this is amazing as hubby has been taking fennels since many years .he believes that such simple old ways of precautions can keep health out of trouble . i am taking fennel tea since sometime but the clarity it brings to mind has made me fan of it totally :)
    thanks for such detailed response .you made my day with your kindness and devotion as reader .i love you for your honesty and goodness my dear friend !!!!!
    hugs and love to you both!


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