Friday, June 17, 2011

me and my problems

hey dear dear friends ,it is really wonderful feeling to be back to you all,

i really missed being connect with you friends,

hope and pray that all is going well in your beautiful worlds,

i was away from my PC because its motherboard and processor had some problem and i got nobody to take it to the repair shop because my husband was and is so busy with construction work in our house,

even today i am writing it from another PC which belongs to my husband's office,who brought it for while just for giving us favor,

i am honored and glad to found your kind words in comments ,hopping that will get my PC back soon and will be able to be with you friends,

stay happy and realize your blessings always,

have a blessed life


  1. Welcome back baili..we really missed ur musings

  2. enjoy the leisure period you got bcoz of ur PC...:))
    hope to see you soon here.


  3. Nice to hear from you Baili. Hope it won't be long for your PC to get fixed...

    But in case it does, please pen a few lines every now and then from a borrowed PC like you just did...

    Thank you!

  4. hmmm nice to meet u again, hopefully ur pc will healthy again soon :)

  5. We miss you! :D Glad to hear from you :)


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