Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Visit To A Mehndi Function

Hi friends hope and pray that everything is going smooth and fine in your lovely worlds,and if there is any tiny miny problem comes in your way you  overcome to it with you wisdom struggle and strength.

Each participant  of  this function  and especially bride  must have this  color of  Mehndi on their hands ,isn't it so beautiful .                                                                                                                                      

                                 For this dance function a huge area near  house   is  used .

Today i  went to attend a Hina ceremony which  is almost first  part of long wedding procedure here.My sister in law's daughter is getting married and the wedding will go on for eight days usually it goes on for six days but my sister in law added tow more days just because of me as i can attend it only on Sunday.During these all days the different traditional function will be held which obviously i will not be able to enjoy.

               On the way  saw this lovely pair of ducks   enjoying  their evening  floating  
MY sister in law lives in a small village about 40 minutes drive from our town.  It was great fun to be in such a big colorful and vibrant  crowd with so much loud music and dancing.I wanted to share photos but family belongs quite  to conservative part of society they did not allow me to share especially picture of bride.But glad  that you can  imagine the liveliness of the function through this sensational second pic above  where on the beat of  drum women are having lots of fun in their traditional way.     

View of a restaurant   by the canal  ,in some of my next post  will  give you its  insidious look which is great as we often go there for dinner . 

we stopped on the fly over situated few minutes away from our home and took a pic of look below. 

                           This train  was passing  under the bridge when we stood there.

you can see the lots of dates tree across this  small canal .dates are the main source of income for  this  warm  part of the country .

Thnk you for your kind visit and words dear friends .Have a blessed  and beautiful life each moment.amen


  1. Is that like a henna tattoo? It's very pretty.

  2. That is one colorful wedding.

    So sorry to hear of the terror attack in what you show to be such a beautiful country.

  3. I followed for a bit (she quit blogging) a Jewish lady who got simpler henna tattoos prior to her wedding; very beautiful! I wish the married couple in your family congratulations and a long life together!


  4. The design and colour on the hands are beautiful. Have a great celebration!

  5. They are very well done indeed. Glad it was a lively and fun function too.

  6. How interesting to hear of your family function that takes place for a wedding. I especially love weddings. Everyone in your photo is so beautifully graced in brilliant colors.
    How very sweet of your future SIL to extend the days for you to join in.

    Thank you for coming by for a visit and leaving a sweet comment.
    The Lord bless you~~

  7. The hand painting is very beautiful!


  8. Traditions are wonderful. Enjoy!

  9. I enjoyed the quick look at part of the wedding tradition for your family. The Mehndi is beautiful. And I love all the bright happy colors.

  10. Very pretty hand painting I love weddings

  11. The tradition of painting the hands of the bride it´s very beautiful, and the colorful bright colours of the women at the wedding show how they´re really enjoying. I didn´t know that a wedding would last for several days.
    Thanks for sharing the nice photos.

  12. I love colours a lot and all these bright colours make me feel good. Very nice photos, especially I love that one with ducks :) Wishing you a bless week ahead! Liuba x

  13. Wonderful to see photos of your country and train.
    Long pre wedding celebrations, but that's your tradition.
    Hands do look quite nice and different to what we have.

  14. I loved every photo.
    Wonderful to see the date trees, and there is always something exciting to see about a train, you wonder where the people on it are going, what their lives may be like ...

    The artwork on the hands is just beautiful.
    Interesting to read about the long wedding celebrations ... may they be happy, when the final wedding day is here ...

    All the best Jan

  15. An eight day wedding? That is a very long ceremony (party?). Love the hand design.

  16. Replies
    1. I came this way because your comment wouldn't open.
      I wanted to tell you that I love your custom of the henna tattoos on the bride's hands and yes, the big wedding is only one time and it should last for at least three days! Beautiful custom.
      Thank you for your kind visit. Hope to see you come by again.

  17. My goodness...that is a long wedding procedure. I'm sure it was quite wonderful. It's fascinating learning about the culture of others...thanks for sharing. :)


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