Thursday, October 21, 2010

ride with friend

hello dear friends hope all of you are enjoying the recent pleasant change in weather except friends who already live in cold areas ,in my area summer is not ready to move away yet ,so i am really enjoying the in between kind of weather here cause peak of both seasons makes me uneasy to live normal life ,

life has become more busier since i got my niece to look after but its true that these are some of most beautiful moments and i will really really miss her when she will not be here any more ,her mom told me that she is coming in next month and after staying bit long she will go back to her home, i am also preparing for my exams for first semester of my B A. some days back i got pain in my arm i took pain killer but next day same pain felt in my leg so my husband took me to doctor who said that due to weakness and work load my bones have become very weak and i have to complete course of medicine in next six months and should add some rest in my routine life,i was not happy to hear that cause i cannot bear to stay away from work it like life to me it help me to forget the pain of loosing my dreams ,i know myself i will never give up with them but some time i feel tired which frightens me ,

this new sickness news made me think about more about my nice husband who is always there for me ,for the very first time i offered him to go out with me so he chose his favorite ride motorcycle and we pulled out an hour from bucket of time,i really felt peace sitting beside him and having beautiful ride.we chose the place to have cup of tea where the atmosphere was calm nice and not so shiny and crowded,we enjoyed tea while looking at the sky who was also happy to have a company of moon among stars.


  1. HI Shabana, first of all congratulations to you that you are in the process of finishing your degree.I am located in Houston )though originally from India) and the weather over here too is sort of in between and I am enjoying it too. :)

    One the other hand your reference to tea gave me a nice nostalgic feeling, I miss these things too.

  2. Sorry that I haven't been to your blog for while since I've been really busy. Hope your leg and your arm are alright. Would you mind telling me what you are studying?

    Hope all is well,


  3. Ilike the pictures in your blog. I'm also a lover of nature...Tnx for sharing your life.
    God bless!

  4. Hope you get well very soon and continue your passion.

  5. Hi. I looked also over your blog and I really like your pictures and the way you write. :) ( i have the blog that you couldnt read but you liked my profile picture. thank you for apreciating that. it is one of my favourites). i will continue to read your posts. i wish you all the best.


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