Monday, October 4, 2010

new entry

hello friends hope all of you are facing your new morning with well come smile and excepting the challenges of it , i been pretty busy with my new sudden responsibilities ,my sister left for USA some days ago ,before leaving country she came to me for two days and requested to have her one year baby doll for some period of time so she can go usa as she has some important business there and she cannot take her daughter with her ,i had no choice even i was happy to have my niece for while cause i dont have a daughter and she is daughter to me ,i thought it will be quite hard for me cause she is too young to get away from mother but many thanks to god that she is a very calm and active child . i am real happy and enjoying fulfilling my duties towards her but my busier life has become busiest friend ,and one thing is making me bit worried that my youngest son seems little disturbed with new change and i am trying to be fair with both sides ,i want to share some pics too it is hard to bring nice quality due to not have powerful camera ,my two elders are also having great time with their new baby sister and i really wish that the third one can join too


  1. im sure u will have great time for ur niece :)

  2. All members of your family will surely have to adjust. I remember when my youngest daughter was born, even I had to adjust. So I'm sure that won't last.
    I bet it's exciting for you to baby sit your niece, since you don't have a girl yet. Take more pics of her. I am sure she's just as beautiful as her aunt.

    God bless dear!

  3. Your niece is a doll, like her eyes. At least for now your youngest get to feel how it was like to have a kid sister for a while. Hope you have a great week with her around

  4. hi you have really beautiful blog, i enjoyed being here

    greetings from the diary

  5. Hi there Shabana

    Your baby niece is adorable and so are your boys. I bet you're having the most fun. I love my grandchildren but know they're lots of work and a great responsibility. You're such a good sister to take this on.

    god will bless you ten fold and I'm sure your little boy will come around. Besides, who doesn't adore babies??


  6. have a wonderful time babysitting!

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