Monday, September 20, 2010

sorrow of the night

sorrows of her heart all the time being shower ,

tears of the
night on the faces of flower ,

accent of the air has deep wet feel ,

ever will be back season of the heal ,

journey has arranged wounds on the feet ,

time has played always with cheat ,

rivers of the eyes changed in plane ,

clouds are vacant after regular rain ,

holding the last breath looking at you ,

waiting for the
moment when you say i do ,


  1. umm this is very nocturnal - goes very well wth the pictures you have chosen

  2. really touch poem, i can feel that sorrow...

  3. I'm not good at poetry, but this is about a wish in despair, no? :)

  4. All I feel is a deep sorrow.... The face of the girl seem to compliment the poem. Thanks for sharing Shabana!

    Have a super fun weekend with your family!


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