Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid

hello dear friends hope and pray that all of you are having blessed lives and feeling the real
beauty of life ,

in my dear country today
every one is celebrating a eid day which is one of the most beautiful gift dear god to his loved ones .

i always find this day so special and most amazing and exciting day of my life cause on this day i feel extreme peace and joy to think about all of people who are feeling as happy at the very same moment .

i am sharing the excitement of this day with all of you friends
shopping starts month before which makes the each moment remembered ,girls love to wear bangle on this day i love their voice especially which they create in the beautiful wrists of girls.

morning begins with prayers ,which includes deep sense of gratefulness and asking for more blessings .

meeting and visiting each others is most important part of eid day ,at this day
people forgive each others even greatest fault and make their heart refresh with new warmth of love and relationship.

children enjoy this wonderful day more then any one else .
they receive eidee from elders and almost rule this day.
sweet dishes are most important part of meal on this day ,and woman love to cook and serve especially on eid day to their families and guests. this beautiful day comes once in a year but leaves wonderful memories for whole year.


  1. Happy Eid sweety, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. happy eid mubarak, hope the best blessing for all of us...amin

  3. Happy holiday to you. I love those bangles. Nice photos too. Hope you have a great week ahead too.

  4. Belated Happy Eid to you! I hope you had fun on that day. Thanks for sharing us on how you celebrate that very special day. The bangles are so nice!

    God bless you and you family!

  5. Happy Eid-Ul Fitr 1431 H may god accept our deeds and yours


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