Friday, September 17, 2010

whispers of the evening poem

are you listening whispers of the evening,

what is silence of trees trying to say ,

why has stream has contrast its made waves ,

why are the stones on the bank looking as sad ,

what kind of pain is seeming in the bird's song ,

all was well while ago ,then what went wrong ,

why is the sun crying in the hill's arms ,

is this because of the air hide in the corns ,

i am trying to look in the eyes of sparrow ,

there was still a little hope of tomorrow ,

i said good bye to the sun with a smile ,

then got shining star on the sky after while ,

it is amazing too,and that was a beautiful scene ,

after a deep sadness i felt happy again ,


  1. really nice, whispering of the evening hmmm tq 4 share :)

  2. A walk in the beach watching the sun set is always a pleasant thing to do, too bad I don't live near the beach. Only get to visit beaches during school holidays. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


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