Monday, August 23, 2010

beautiful morning

hello dear friends hope all of you are feeling the beauty of the moment you just have right now ,just like me it is beautiful airy day today sun does not seems in bad mood ,plants in my small garden and so happy as they have got their favorite company of naughty air ,my neem
tree is also looks happier then ever and seems dancing around ,when ever in the morning i hold cup of tea in my hands and sit beside the garden i think of swing in my mother' house on which i used to swing while having cup of tea or some of my favorite book,it was tied with a big tree in our front yard ,and its ride was smiler to mother 'arms ,while swinging i used to take deep breath and enjoy looking at amazing scenes of my lovely village as our house was at the hill and from there village looked breath taking ,holding cup in my hands i was thinking about my younger one too who is very good in his studies but some time says things makes us smile for long ,as i was playing with them hide and seek and it was my turn to find them so i waited in yard and let them hide in rooms ,when i was looking for them my younger one whispered from room beside me and he was really serious ,'mother mother dont search here i am not here i am in the other room front of you ,and his seriousness made me laugh that time ,


  1. hmm really beautiful moment :) GBU always :)

  2. I alawys love reading your posts as there is always an upbeat and postive side to all that you observe and write

  3. Sorry for not visiting your blog for a while. i'm glad that you are able to derive happiness from a life that seems so ordinary. Hope all is well.


  4. what a lovely lfe you are living :-)

  5. That's what I love about you. You can always make simple things sounds so special -- and it really is. I am glad that you're having a wonderful time with your family! More blessings to come Shabana! I miss you! ♥


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