Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elves And The Giants

where we were sat we could see that how life turn into worse when something gets unbalanced some where ,we were on the piece of soft cloud which was floating over the planes which were full of greenery and smiling faces just few days ago ,but now they were under the brown muddy cover of water who does not seems friendly,he came over like uninvited guest and pushed and threw away the life so cruelly,as a human i should feel sorry and may be cry too but you know i am not such emotional fool but i forgot that baili is.so i was stuck now.

it was quite while that we met after and i was hoping so much fun and excitement but instead of it i was bearing her so much noisy silence, watching her still face and painful eyes,i could see lots of water in her eyes too which was not brown but Cristal,if she would have move her eyes even slightly these pearls could have fell down on her cheeks,

that's not fair ,i said ,
hum; she said and looked at me then pearls of her big eyes broke down the prison , ran over her cheeks and jumped in and disappeared into her slight blue dress,
i mean ,why are you so absent ,i avoid word sad .and that time i could not bear questions and complaining of her eyes and ran my eyes over scenes below ,i think these are the situations where we cannot do any thing ,then why wasting time in such un profitable emotions,
you know you are lying ,she said this time her voice had revolution.she added ,god made humans better and mentally powerful then other creatures so they can live their lives with more comfort and to be useful for others and the atmosphere too,but it has become the game of power and
ok stop please donttell me the old same story again,dont you see that we are safe then why should wasting our time in worrying about some thing we dont even belong,cant you celebrate the beauty of this beautiful moment ...by singing a song or ,i think she tried to smile this time but could not succeed,she said i know you like to live in fairy tales ,listen this one,

there was a small green valley ,a shiny stream passed through it happily , on the left side of stream there was a little village of elves and on the other side was a huge palace of giant who was cruel and selfish,once heavy rains fall for long time in valley and stream over flowed because the right side of stream was down so water start to gather around the huge palace of giant,it could not harm it cause palace was very strong but giant could not bear it he just moved his just one finger and made a big cut on the left side of stream ,suddenly angry water attacked on the tiny houses of elves,and vanished away their whole village in seconds ,on the other side giant was smiling at their damage once again he succeeded to harm these innocent creatures.

meanwhile i think i got a string in my eye.

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