Sunday, August 29, 2010

surrounded by you Oh Lord! Poem

there is some thing in the air ,

i can feel it ,i just swear ,

what am i thinking in this while ,

i dont know but have one smile,

may be i am thinking about you ,

i dont plan but i just do ,

all your love and all your care ,

makes my life so nice and fair,

how can i thank you for this ,

but if i wont then i will miss ,

pleasure of soul and peace of mind ,

blessed with eyes and being as blind ,

leave my body ,but on my soul ,

oh my lord you always rule ,

i am yours and it is true ,

oh my dear god i love you ,


  1. really touching poem,tq 4 share :)

  2. Sweet surrender....I rarely hear nice and clean thoughts nowadays.

    Have a good day Shabana!

  3. What a very nice poem!
    I really like it. More! More.....

  4. Great post - am following you now from Link Referral!

  5. Shabana, beautiful poetry. Love it. Looking forward to more.


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