Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Wake Me Up (poem)

i am dreaming ,i dont know may be ,

world has become ,full of joy and
peace ,

autumn is turning into the spring,

try to listen even stones are singing,

sky is sewing wounds of her heart,
earth is happy ,she wanted ,she got,

she is smiling ,smile is very bright,

life is showering in limits of my sight,

i am safe as i have got shelter,

don't want to think about bitten of water,

don't take me wrong and don't think me selfish,

take joy as sea and consider me fish,


  1. Love the pictures especially the last one - they go so well with your words

  2. Like the 1st picture very much. The bird looks lovely. Lovely post too. Have a nice weekend to you.

  3. hi shabana!you're always insipiring us with your poetry. I love the 2nd pic. I think it's romantic :)
    i am sooo back! it's been a while :) sorry i didn't get the chance to see your last comment :( but hope to read more of your blog soon :) have a nice day :)

  4. Thanks for your visit to "memory blog" Unfortunately the news is mostly bad, although we try as much as possible to find the positive.

    A hug

  5. great pictures, i liked em a lot :) bravo


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