Sunday, April 28, 2019

Some Stomach Friendly Food ,Tea And Haircut

Hello     Lovely   Fellows !

Hope   Life  is   feeling    proud    to  have   you   within :)

Sorry   for   last  two   little   heavy   posting   if  i  bothered   you  with   my   spontaneous   query   or  desire   to  share  my   opinions  with   you  .

I  had   no   intentions   to   bother  anyone  ,and   if  i  did   i  am  sorry!

Lets   keep   our  talk   light   today   , we   have  entered  in  40  plus  temps   and   May   is   on  the   door   with  terrible  and   unbearable   heat   with   warm   winds.

What   is  light   in  it?

Well  we   are   breathing ,moving  with  health  and  all  other  blessings  and  most  of  all  still  in  senses  to  REALIZE   ALL  THE  PRECIOUSNESS   AND  BEAUTY  OF  LIFE  HIDDEN  IN  PRESENT   MOMENT :)

Lighter   are   seasonal   fruits    which   don't  upset   my  stomach   and  it  seems   as   i   will   be  relying   on   fruits   and  veggies    in  future   more  than   any  other   diet .

Ah!!!......once   upon  a  time   i  used   to   have  7  to  8  cups   tea  in  a  day   ,now    3   hardly ,Ah...age...

thank  god  that   my  kids  like  muskmelon   too,sweet  and  refreshing  if  use  after  storing  in  fridge  for  while  

   Since   always   watermelon   is  my  most  favorite  fruit ,lasts  only  hardly  for  two  month  due  to  extreme  heat  get   spoiled  quickly

Sapota  or  chikoo local  name ,deliciously  sweet but  my  kids  don't  like  ,just  me  and  hubby

cucumber     has  not  rich  in  taste   yet   i  find   it   very  good  for  metabolism 

diet    for  my  soul :)  my  son  sent  this  one  two  days  ago  after   his  haircut !  He   called  us  on  Saturday    and   we  had  so  much  fun  as  he  was  cooking   chicken  with  spinach   while  speaking  with  us  and  later   he  gave  us  virtual  visit  to  Turkish  general store  from   where  he  purchased   bread  and  some  grocery ,i  felt  sooo  BETTER  to  be  with  him :)  

               Our   climber  is  bursting  with  blooms and  birds  are  loving  her  shelter

Our   electricity   was   disappeared   for  more  than  14   hours  yesterday  ,from  7 am  to   10 :20 pm (night)

Hubby  and  i  took  advantage  of  this  and  read  our  favorite  books  ,i  mean  some pages   of  them  as  our  eyes  can't   stand  tiny  texts  for  long .

I  am  crawling   with "Away From  Madding  Crowed "  by   Thomas  Hardy  which  i   am  loving  so  much , 

 specially  devoting  to  each  description   few  pages  is  something  we  hardly  find  in  new  writings .This  true  pleasure   of  reading  belong  to   only  old    type  of  literature.

Wishing   you   all  a  Blessed  beautiful  healthy  life   with  positive   outlook   and  undefeated  spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love  you  All!!! 


  1. your climber is looking very pretty. I hope you don't have any more power cuts (cold showers, no cooking?) your son looks happy and relaxed. I like cucumber sliced in sandwiches of white bread with butter. We have very cold days here in the UK again, I planted tomatos and chillis in pots but they need to stay indoors for a while.

    1. Dear Betty the absence of electricity doesn't bother our cooking as our stoves work with natural gas instead of power

      hope weather support your plantations my friend!

  2. Sorry to hear about that you need to watch what you eat. I also have developed stomach issues over the past few years. I also once drank lots of tea but had to cut back.

    Those fruits look good. I also love watermelon.

    No need to apologize about posts where you express your opinion. As you know, I do it all the time.

    Have a great week!

    1. dear brain i learnt my lessen (hopefully) that spicy ,oily food can make me suffer terribly so i think nothing can be harmless than fruits so i have decided to keep them more in my diet rather than grains

      thank you for supporting words !

      sometimes i really forget that i write posts as being part of society which has different culture than your's

      realizing this later made me feel that may be i said something which my foreigner friends will not understand through the our point of view

      you do EXCELLENT work through your great book reviews ,indeed

  3. Bonitas fotografias de frutas refrescantes. O seu filho está muito bem.
    Desagradável, a falta de energia…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  4. What nice summer fruits and veg! The only Thomas Hardy book I ever managed to get through was "Jude the Obscure." He is a hard read.

    1. this is my first experience to red Thomas dear Debra

      earlier i read the summery book of one of his novel which i can't remember the name right now but it was really wonderful novel (summery) brevity of the context made it appealing as poor reader who can't stand thin printed words in the books

      i agree reading his work takes LOTS of time but once you enter in his world it is captivating :)

  5. The fruit looks beautiful! I think we all would benefit from your diet. Your son is a handsome fella and I know how you miss him, I miss my son also and treasure our phone visits. Losing electricity really can upset things but it makes us slow down for a while lol, nothing like a good book to pass the time and escape into! Take care my friend, don’t worry about what you write, it’s from your heart and that’s a good thing.

  6. Your fruit and veg look delicious!

  7. Dearest Baili, oh I do so hope your diet of fruit and veggies will help with your digestive problems. Stomach problems can be really distressing, I know that first hand...and am sending you positive and healing thoughts and prayers, my dear Friend!😊😊
    Those melons look SO appetising! Makes me want to rush out to the local store and buy some!!
    Oh please don't feel you need to apologise for expressing your thoughts and opinions. These are what make you who you are...and we all love you for that!😊
    Your son has a cool haircut! He looks such a nice young man...I can see why you are so proud of him!

    Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤

  8. A couple of your fruits I don't recognize although the sapota looks a lot like kiwi fruit. I like the rest and watermelon is also my favorite. Any topic you wish to discuss is good for me. I enjoy your posts about your family and home and I like the ones that make me think.

  9. Baili, the yellow rose tea cup is gorgeous. There are so many Yummy foods on here today. Your muskmelon looks like our cantaloupe here. My dad used to eat it all the time. How interesting for your son to visit the Turkish general store. I bet he found lots of goodies to take home. I'm glad he's doing well so far away from home.

    Wishing you wonderful May days, dear Baili.


  10. I have never heard of sapota! What is it like? I looked online and it grows in Florida, so I bet we have it in some of our speciality stores. I am going to try it if I can find it.

    Will your son move back to your city when he is done with school?

    1. my likening for sapota started this almost one year back dear Sandi

      before that hubby used to love and bring them often in their season

      they have slightly different sweetness ,taste feel good after swallowing it

      this is summer fruit and lasts for 3 months i think .

      through net i know now that mostly all part of lands have different fruits ,still some of them can be found commonly everywhere like banana or watermelon

      My Son's studies will end in January 2020 probably and then he will be back hopefully ,that is what we know until now

      God knows better for the future though

  11. That is a pretty climber, I too like cucumber in hot weather and watermelon.

  12. You know, Baili, that you never need to worry about expressing yourself honestly because fellow bloggers who read your posts understand. Everyone has good and "bad" days and venting is helpful many times. I appreciate your directness. Like yourself, I enjoy tea but rarely have more than 1 cup in a day and the same with coffee. The power outage didn't prove bothersome for you as it gave you and your husband time to enjoy reading, so good for you both. I have never read anything of Thomas Hardy myself.

  13. I drink tea quite often.
    And all kinds.
    Black tea less and less.

  14. Tea, gosh. Once drank many cups a day but now usually only one, so drink water.
    Love all the fruit there in your photos and your sons haircut does look good.

  15. If we didn't care what you thought, we would be doing something mindless like going on Facebook. Serious talk or light - no matter among friends :)

    The food and drink look so refreshing! Our bodies probably thank us every time we eat something healthy. Summer is the perfect time to eat lighter and closer to nature.

    Your son looks and sounds very happy. I know that warms your heart :) Wishing him continued success at school!

    So sorry about your loss of power. Our electric lines are buried underground in our community so we don't lose power too often, but it was awful in our old neighborhood. Every summer the lights would go out; one time for FIVE days in very hot weather. Glad you and hubby were okay.

    Finally, thanks for the look at your gorgeous blooms! I can almost smell them :)

    1. Dear Chris your kindness is really overwhelming!

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  17. I also have to ommit some tea now, cls I am breastfeeding my son, now I only drink some herbs,especially for lactacion,juices and water☺ I also love watermelon,actually I love all fruits,but haven't tried sapota before, so interesting☺ Have a lovely week☺☺

    1. This is really amazing to know dear Natalia that you are breast feedifeeding your baby:)

      I was not never as lucky due to be extremely anemic :(

  18. I'm sure you were happy to see your son's picture and his new haircut. I love watermelon and muskmelon too! Your flowers are so pretty.

  19. Lovely photograph of your climber, it has vey nice blooms.

    I find cucumber and watermelon very refreshing in hot weather.

    How lovely that you got to talk to your son, I wish him continued success with his studies, I like the photograph of him.

    All the best Jan

  20. I love summer fruits! Watermelon is - and always has been - my favourite. It brings back fond memories of my father. We were the only two in the family that loved fruit and we would often share some together.

  21. Oh how sweet memories dear Martha :)

    My father was fond of watermelon either though mom and younger sister loved muskmelon more so we used to share lot as they were grown in neighbouring village and then men sold them by carrying on donkey cart from place to place

  22. Hi Baili, I just love what you said, "Realize all the preciousness and beauty of life hidden in present moment." Wow, if more of us could focus on that it would be a better world. Thank you, Baili, for sharing your blog. I hope you have a happy day. Take care my friend. John

  23. Oh, melon is so delicious - I love this time of year when they are so plentiful and sweet. Your flowers are so pretty and it's so nice that your son stays in touch with you often. I hope his studies are going well. Sending blessings for your weekend, dear Baili. xo Karen

  24. Hi, Baili!
    So much to think about in your post! Terry and I are focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables as well. We're eating a lot of cucumbers too. I like to dip them in hummus. I love ripe muskmelons or cantaloupe as we call them in the US. Chilled watermelon is always delicious on a hot day.

    Your tea cup and saucer are lovely with their pretty flowers. Coffee mugs aren't nearly as elegant, and I drink a lot of coffee! Your climber is beautiful, and I love how it drops over your sunflowers.

    I can imagine the joy, love, and pride you must feel as you talk with your intelligent and handsome son, Baili! Writing a thesis will be a challenge, but I have no doubt he will succeed at it. I hope the time until he returns flies by!

    You are wise to focus on the preciousness and beauty of the present moment. I received devastating news earlier this week about a special and longtime friend of mine. Three weeks ago she was active and perfectly fine. Then she was struck with an aggressive brain disease and likely will not live another two weeks. I've been in shock and grieving. We have to remember each and every day, that life is a precious gift and that all we can count on is the present moment. We must hold those we love close and let them know how important they are to us. Your life can be gone in a heartbeat.

    I am so grateful that we have become friends, Baili! Big hugs to you!

  25. I love your picture an thoughts about your son xx


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