Monday, April 8, 2019

Our Primary Education System Lacking There Most Important Subjects

We   drop   in  world   like   a  blank   paper  .

Our   curiosity   is   mattock    given   to   our  mind  .

With   this   weapon   we   dig   holes   around   us.

Answer   we   get  transfer   to   our  brain's   pages  in  the  form  of  observations   and  experiences .

And   storage   of   these   memories   shape   our   attitude   and  personality .

When   we   are  3  or  4  years  ,we   go  to   school   to  learn  in  proper  and  organized  way.

What   we     need  to  learn    ,decides  our   Government   board.

We   are    taught  mostly   math ,general   science  ,social  studies  ,  some  important  knowledge   in  national  language , grammar ,geometry   and   religious  knowledge .

I   think   there   must   be  three   more   subjects    for   students.

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One    for   boys  ,to   teach  them  from  beginning  that  how   to   behave   with  opposite   gender.(i  think   it   will   reduce  oppression   against  women  and  create  understanding  among  both  genders)

Other    for  girls   how   to  defend   themselves   from  beginning    through   oppression . (  If   they  will  learn  defending  themselves ,they  will  be  more  strong  and  confident in  all  fields  of  society)

Second   subject    also   for   girls  to  teach  them   how   to   grow  healthy   human   beings  in  future .(i  believe  they  should  learn  it  from  childhood)

Third  one  is  MOST   IMPORTANT .

Because   girls   grow   into  women   and   then  become   MOTHERS.

Being   mothers   they   do   MOST   IMPORTANT   JOB  IN  THIS  WHOLE  WORLD .

They   raise   kids.

Children   come  in  their  hands  like   a  raw  clay!

They   can   give   them   any   shape  they  want.

And   if  they   know  the   importance   of  their   job  and will  do  it  honestly  and  dignified way  THEY  WILL  GIVE  TO  THE  SOCIETY   HEALTHY   MINDS   AND   PEACEFUL   SOULS .

Who   will   definitely   bring  peace  and  prosperity   to   t 

his   world .



  1. O seu texto é excelente e cheio de motivos de reflexão. Realmente os sistemas de educação não se centram nas coisas práticas da vida. Penso que é assim em todo o lado. Têm que ser os pais a complementarem aquilo que a escola não ensina.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  2. Very interesting, I think those subjects are really needed in those countries, where woman suffer a lot of opression. In Poland we don't have that problem, but we have some classes which teach you about family,gender issues,love and stuff like that. Have a wonderful week, hugs☺☺

  3. Thank you for this wise post, dearest Baili!
    I would like to add that in my opinion the third subject should be for both girls and boys. :)
    Hugs and blessings!

  4. Fascinating post and thought provoking questions. There is a feminist argument that boys should be taught respect for women and basic autonomy that I have heard. Perhaps it would work. Perhaps it would be better to intergrate the values of gender equality into history and current events. This is one of the most important topics in the world today and it is worth thinking about.,

  5. Wise... Mothers shape the world. It's true. I think in Ages past there was more focus on older women teaching the young about the important things. Now sometimes the young and the old are just twirling in the breeze.

    The education system here in the USA has its challenges. Fotunately, we have options like private schools and also homeschooling. That's what I do.

  6. Having been a teacher for 37 years we cannot make a one size fits all education system. Too many people without any educational back ground want to say what should happen in education. Most of the time it should happen at home. Two of the things you suggest should have their major input from home. And yes the school should have some input.

  7. I believe men and women both could benefit from parenting classes.

  8. Yes, we need more personal critical thinking and less political propaganda in schools. We need to teach children how to question things in respectful ways.
    A strong family is the answer. I would not depend on the values of those who sit in paid positions on school boards to shape the future of our children. Home schools, private schools are growing in popularity here in the US for good reason.
    Great thought provoking post. I totally agree with you about motherhood :)

  9. Wonderful post! Very thought provoking, thank you for that,

  10. Classes on being a good mother and/or a good father would be important, I think. Parenting is a difficult job in this world today.

  11. Yes, I do agree and would add a fourth: I think all children need education in managing household finance and budgeting so they live according to their means and within a realistic budget, know how to save, plan and bank their hard earned money. What my grandmother, a keen dressmaker, called 'cutting your coat according to your cloth'

  12. I agree, baili. It would be good if parents would teach these things, but it is clearly not happening for a good percentage of children, so having instruction in school is the next best way to ensure this important work is done. I agree with some other commenters that parenting should be taught to both boys and girls, though. Also cooking, basic sewing, and basic repairs. A lot of things we were taught in school are no longer available due to cost, but I think it's something to strive for.

    And you have taught me a new word: mattock! When I looked it up, it said it is much like a pickax, which is what I would have called it, if given a picture. Thank you for that; I like learning new words.

  13. I like your ideas. They would be valuable for all the children to learn.

  14. Civic education.
    When studied in Jesuit school we had moral.
    But it was too much moral and very little civic education.

  15. Those things you mention are certainly lacking in the education system here in Australia.
    Everything has gone haywire.
    It would be wonderful if those things you suggest were taught in school and by parents in these times.

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  17. Life skills would be nice. When kids leave home (move out or go to college/university), some of them don't know how to take care of themselves. Some basic cooking, laundry, sewing, small repairs, paying bills, etc., would be very handy. The parents/guardians should be teaching these, of course, but for the kids that don't learn at home, learning in school would be advantageous.

  18. I agree with you Baili! These things really should be taught in the home, but with that lacking in our society, having a class to ready and prepare children for the responsibilities of adulthood would be a wonderful thing! Great thoughts, as always I love your insights!

  19. Oh, yes. I am a retired teacher and saw amazing changes over 20 years. Parents stopped being the ones who insisted on moral behavior and life skills. They dumped this on the teachers. I even had to teach 2nd graders how to brush their teeth!

    Students need to become adults who have more than math and language, but who know how to behave civilly, treat others with respect, continually
    seek knowledge.

    Good post.

  20. There are so many "human qualities" that need to be reinforced at school. I also think kids should learn to take care of themselves, to cook, clean, and mend their clothes, and manage money. But then there is so much to learn in life, it is also up to parents and society to teach their kids, there just is not enough school time to do it!

  21. I always did education at home to supplement what the school system did not reached. We bought our own books for that. Later on our kids were homeschooled.

  22. In the UK and elsewhere, school curriculum is all set down now, but I can remember years ago my parents saying to me, part of why you go to school is to learn the three Rs (as in the letter R) reading, writing and arithmetic! Yes this is important but I think it is also important to learn life skills.

    Lots to think about in your post today.

    All the best Jan

  23. As a retired teacher I have thought a lot about what should be included in an education. I went to school during a time when girls took home economics (cooking and sewing, nutrition and decorating) and boys took shop (basic woodworking, safely using practical tools, and drafting). For me there was no choice; for my four-years-younger sister Donnie there was. She fought for and won the right to take shop instead of home economics. Her winning argument was that I was at university majoring in geology and that I was at a disadvantage because I had been denied the opportunity to learn basic drafting because I was female. Things have changed a lot since then. Now male and female students in high school have the option to take a life skills course. I don't think it should be an option. Part of many lifeskill courses in having to care for a baby. I think that it should be a requirement.

    One glaring lack in our education system here is a foundation in managing money in our personal lives for financial wellbeing throughout our lives (bank accounts, how to buy and maintain a house, retirement saving, budgeting, saving, emergency funds, basic investing, charity, and taxes). I think that should be required throughout the world, especially for women because women tend to place the wellbeing of their families above other things.

    I thoroughly believe in the importance of art, music, and physical education. Our nation has a huge problem with overweight and obese children who are developing diseases that people used to get much later in life. I think there should be a physically active component and a health component that teaches students how to prevent illnesses and to promote a health lifestyle. Music and art feel our souls in different ways. It's been shown over and over that studying music improves our skills in math and science. Art develops our creativity and human understanding. These subjects should not be being cut from our curriculum in the name of saving money.

    I think developing computer and technology skills should begin in kindergarten and continue through high school. You cannot function in the modern world without these skills.

    I believe that all students should be required to master a foreign language. In the US perhaps the obvious choice is Spanish because such a large part of our nation speaks Spanish; but I could argue for Mandarin Chinese, French, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, any language.

    Call me terribly old-fashioned, but I also think handwriting should be taught, largely because of its implication in brain development.

    I also think comparative religion, civics and citizenship, and sex education should be taught ~ controversial I know, but I would advocate for them and have.

    Science education should include environmental studies, climate change, and global warming.
    Social studies should include a thorough grounding in world history.

    I don't want much, do I? LOL

    Thanks for a great question!

  24. Dear Louise thank you so much for incredible response !

    applause for your sister who fought for her rights and won the battle , when during school days i wanted to take science it upset my father because he thought home economics was best for a girl
    my mother supported my decision and i took science to be an army nurse because our financial conditions were not strong to support me to become a doctor.

    i agree each bit you have mentioned here ,i am not surprised that you keep such deep eye upon the topic as your insight is always so inspirational no matter what the topic is !

    your suggestion about handwriting made me giggle as i a one who needs this most lol

    i think religion divide people and religious leaders do nothing but spread
    hatter among people so i don't want religion to exist (my opinion)

    i want only one religion to be followed in this whole world and that is HUMANITY!


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