Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rain Again And Weather's Glory

Hey    Blooming   Souls!

Hope     grabbing    your    joy   from   the   bowl   of   days    so   wonderfully :)

Two    days   back    clouds   made  their   way   to   the  sky   above   our   city   and     poured      some   rain  (half and an  hour)  which   dropped   the   temps    from  30  plus   to   20 :)

We   did  not  waste  bit  of  this  kindness  and  ran  to   enjoy   the   rain   to  our  roof   top .

It   was   windy   there  ,my  younger   ,son  left   his   books   and  joined   us   (me  and  hubby)   to   capture   the   beauty    of   moments .

As   you   all  know  that    rains   are  rare   here  so  whenever   weather   is   rainy   our   hearts    fill   with   joy  which  is  beyond  definition :)

                             i   tried   to  capture   the  beautiful  weather   from  roof   top

                            wind   and  rain    turned   cool   down   the  weather  instantly

 this  one  taken   from  yard   before  rain  started ,i  was  overwhelmed   by   joy   of  probability :)))

                                our  climber    has   worn   it's  springtime  dress  so   excitingly

this  is  favorite  place  for  few  various   kind  of  birds  for  nesting 
which   is  pleasurable 

it  rained   heavily   so   streets  were  flooded  and  water  was  dropping  from   shelters  which  is  always  fascinating ,you  can  see  the  dropping  water  on  left   in  the  image  

In  the  evening  when   clouds  left   sky  was   absorbingly   gorgeous  and  clear ,and  i  tried  to  capture  this  enchanting   moment  before  my  evening  prayer !

haha  ,my  younger  son   took  umbrella  as  he  was  afraid   his  phone  can  be   drenched  in  rain   though me  and  hubby   loved  to  be  under  shower  for  few  minutes ,hubby  took  day  off as  ways  to  office  were  flooded .lots  of  chat over  the  cake  and  tea ,but MISSED  ELDEST  SON SOOO MUCH!

We  are  happy  that   rain   has  delayed   the  heat   for  while  by  the  grace  of Lord !

Joy  hidden   in  small  things  and   tiny  events  is  far   precious  than   happiness  related   to  big  achievements.

Realization   of   having  blessing  is  MORE  IMPORTANT THAN   to   have  blessings.

It  gives   us  insight   and  privilege   to  correct  our  outlook  towards   life!

Stay   Blessed  My   Precious  Fellows  with  strength   given  by  faith   and  hope   given  by  faith :)

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. I am so glad that you got the much needed rain. Wet weather is not so rare where I live but I still love the rain and I do not mind being out in it.

  2. Lots of beautiful rain! The flooding isn’t good, your garden will appreciate the water!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, and I'm sure they appreciate the rain as much as you do. :)

  4. Your attitude toward rain is interesting. Our rain is very cold so we would not go out in the rain without proper rain gear.

  5. A good rain is my favorite weather. And after the rain is over the air and the earth smell so clean.

  6. We have not gotten any Spring rain yet but we need some badly. Then things will turn green and flowers will come!

  7. How lovely that you had a good, cooling rain! Even though we have plenty of rain here, I still enjoy it almost all the time. Cold rain in cold weather is not so pleasant, but even that is needed to fill wells and rivers. Your photos are beautiful and show the stormy sky very well. I bet your plants enjoyed the rain as much as you did :)

  8. Thank you for your precious comments on my posts, dear Baili!
    I'm sorry I have been so slow in visiting blogs recently. After Easter I'll be back with more time and energy.
    Hugs and blessings!

  9. Rain can be so lovely, but too much of it not a good thing!
    Your flowers look so colourful, I'm sure they appreciated the rain.

    All the best Jan

  10. A cooling rain is exactly what is needed sometimes. I'm glad you received some. We have been getting rain for a few days now and I'm hoping for sunshine!

  11. I'm glad that the rain brought you some relief from the hot weather, Baili! Your climbing vines above the sunflowers are gorgeous. I hope more cooling rain comes your way.


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