Sunday, April 14, 2019

Heart Talk

Hey     Sweet  Hearts !

Hope   enjoying    each   sip   of    the  Tea    of   Life   because  i  am  sure   while   pouring   it   in   the   cup   of    your     heart   you   are   straining   all   the   negativity     through   the    strainer   of   your    faith   and   optimism  :)

Thank  you  again   for   overwhelming   comments   from   all   of   you   kind    souls ,i  feel  so  Blessed  to  have  you  with  me!

And    sorry   for   not   responding   them  as  i  thought   i  would   (ah   this   poor   health  of  mine :(  )

I   would   have   been   much   better   today   but   unfortunately    last   day   i   cooked   bitter   gourd    so  fondly ,  which   in  traditional   way   of   cooking     take  little  more  cooking  oil (again  a  thing  i  should  avoid  strictly )

Dish  turned    out   to   be   so   delicious  ,hubby  and  i  loved   it  but   one  thing  that   i  forgot   to  do , to  discard    it's  extra  oil   before  pouring   it   in  plate .

So   consequences   are   not   surprising.  we   both   are  feeling   dull   and   heads   are   burden   to  carry .

But   i   am   sure    that   effect   will   last   only   for  24   hours ,  and  20  hours  are   already   passed.

We    missed    hearing    from   our  eldest   son   yesterday   as  he    is   busy   with   exam   preparation .

But   holiday   became   much   vibrant  when   while   having   Sunday's   noon   tea  (before  lunch, hubby  likes  to  take , as  he  usually  takes  in  weekdays  in  office ) 

 we   indulged   in  history   conversation   and   once   hubby  starts  to   talk   about   history (his  most  fav  topic )  times   simply   fly   by  quickly   yet  pleasantly .

I  love   listening   him    telling    these  all  amazing  facts  which  he  has  stored    wonderfully   in  his  memory ,all   the  names  of   characters  ,their   invasions  and  causes  behind   it and  so  much  interesting .

If   there   is  competition   of   historic   knowledge  specially  about  south  Asian  history   he  would   definitely  won  some  prize (i  am  proud  of  him :)))

My  youngest  son  is  giving  his   final  exams  of  7th  grade   and  younger  's  final  exams   of  11th  are  starting  from  18th  April  so  both  are  fully  dipped   in  their  studies  which  is  satisfying.

   this   morning   surprised   us  with      dark  grey   clouds   which   dropped   few   drops   miserly  ,but  sight   uplifted  the  soul   definitely !

  captured     this   while  sitting  in  front yard   yesterday   evening, breezy   calmness   provoked  me   to  capture  the  beauty  of  moment   but  cameras   don't  convey  the  soul   of  view   until  now

                           first   jasmine   opened    it's  sweet   eye   in  my  small   garde



Love    you   guys!

Please    never    waste   your   precious   PRESENT  MOMENT!

This   is   all    you   got   in   your  hand   to   prove   that  YOU  ARE   ALIVE   not  just   living   or  breathing!

God  Bless  you   All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope that you both feel better soon.

    Exam time can get so busy for students. I remember from a very long time ago of my experiences. Good luck to your sons!

  2. Gosto do jeito que você conta a sua vida com tanta simplicidade. Gostei das fotografias. Uma Páscoa muito abençoada.
    Um beijo.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, you have such a smart family!

  4. I hope you feel better soon my friend,, you write so beautifully, you express yourself in such a lovely way, its a joy t read. Your gardens look beautiful, the sunflowers are amazing!

  5. Dearest Baili, while your sons are so busy with their exams, you must be missing their company and conversation so much. I wish them the very best of fortune with their endeavours...and I am certain that all their hard work will pay off
    and they will be successful!😊😊
    Oh that beautiful little jasmine flower! Such a delight to see!!
    I do hope you and hubby feel better by sending lots of healing vibes!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤

  6. I think many of us do not realize when we eat something that upsets us.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck to your sons on their exams. I know studying for them is hard work. So wonderful that your husband shares his knowledge of history with you. It is right that you are proud of him. Beautiful sunflowers and the jasmine bloom is lovely too.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry to hear you were feeling sick, hope you and your husband are fine now! I am keeping my fingers crossed for your sons exams, but I am sure they will pass them easily☺ I always love what you have to say about faith, cos it is a big part of my life also☺ Have a great day☺

  9. I hope you have good days ahead, Baili.

  10. Except fpr you feeling under the weather your life seems to be going well. Your sons and husband are also doing well which I know makes you happy.

  11. I hope you feel better soon, baili. Some people are lucky and have strong stomachs and can eat anything, but, like you, I have to watch carefully what I eat or suffer later. Good luck to your sons with their studies! You must be very pleased with their dedication. Your husband must have a good memory for facts; mine is the same and loves history also :)

    Take care, my friend. You have such a sunny outlook on life. It is inspiring to read your words.

  12. read your last few posts - sounds like u have had quite a problem with illness and i'm glad you are feeling better.

  13. Sending a feel better soon wish …
    Good luck to your sons for their forthcoming exams, I'm sure they have been studying well.

    Your jasmine bloom is beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  14. Good luck to your boys.

    Happy Easter. Rejoice! Christ is risen!

  15. After reading your earlier post, it was disheartening to read that both you and your husband were not feeling well, Baili. Hopefully you will be better each day. It's nice that you and your husband can sit and talk and enjoy tea. Hope your sons all do well in their exams.

  16. To live each day with intensity, that's my moto also.

  17. Sure hope you continue to feel better soon, and thank you for the lovely picture of the trees and jasmine. You always find something positive, no matter what! Hugs...RO

    1. Thank you dear Ro!

      My motive for next breath is always spread positivity around as world has already so much negativity to male people feel low

  18. Good luck to your boys! Sending blessings to all of you!

    1. Thank you dear Martha!
      This is so kind of you!

      I am so happy for you have spring around you eventually:)

  19. Baili, it sounds like your son is learning many things in college. History is a wonderful subject, and my son likes it as well. I always sound ignorant when having discussions with him on history - I should know more haha. The jasmine flower is so pretty, and do you know that jasmine is me and Nel's favorite scent? I hope you feel better soon, Baili.


    1. Well said about knowing less the history dear Sheri

      even when m6 husband starts talking about history I feel embarrassed as I know quite less than him lol
      And May be this is why I enjoy his insightful knowledge

  20. You and Ali have raised fine and responsible sons, Baili! I wish them success in their exams. I also hope that you feel 100% soon. I believe that we should eat a variety of foods in moderation, even healthy oils and fats. I have a brother and knows history the way your husband does. Roy and I dearly love to discuss history, but sadly I don't have my brother's mind for details. Enjoy your day!


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