Saturday, April 27, 2019

Civilized People ?

As  we   all  know  that   early   men   used  to   cover  themselves  with   leaves .


May  be    it  was  protection  from  weather   a  natural  instinct   to  hide  their  bodies   or  (atleast ) specific   parts   that   decide  gender .


  We   left   the   jungle   and  moved  into  modern   safe   houses .

We   divided  our  houses  in  portions  because  this  is  what  civilization  demands ,

Each  portion  is  classified  with  it's  part   of  job.

Why   cannot  we   perform   all   the   doings   in  one  big  hall?

Why   Separate   rooms  ,such   as  Kitchen ,Bathroom ,  Bedroom?

Is  this   just   care   we   do  about   cleanliness  or  management   or   there  is   something   about   DECENCY ?

Why   a  husband  and  wife   shut   the  door   of  bedroom  before  getting   into  physical   contact ?

Why   they   cannot   not  perform  this  very  natural   duty       before  their  kids   or  family  members  in  a  same   big   hall?

Why   we  raised  the  hand  to  slap  the   kid  but  think   hundred   times   to  do  so ?

Even   we  have  reason   to  hit  him  ,we  try   not  to.Why?

We   liked   to  be  called  CIVILIZED   PEOPLE  so  we  dress  appropriately,  talk   with   sensibility   and   behave  according  to  code  of  morality ,isn't  it right  ?  

When   i  said  "censorship"  i  meant,   


I   wanted    to   say   that   unnecessary   exposure  of   sex   and   violence   on   media   is  killing  the  


  Early   exposure   of  sex   brings    sensational    changes   in  the   harmons   of   children   and   they   feel  motivated   to   early   sex  activation  and  gets  early  puberty .

Learning   is  most  basic  and  most  important  instinct   of  humans.

When   these     innocent   little    brains   watch  such   stuff   over  and  over    and  all  over   they  naturally   consider   it  a  NORM   TO  ADOPT.

Why   in   movies   a  psycho  killer  always  appeared   to  be  son  of   some  cruel   father   or   mentally  disturbed   mother?

Because   he  inherits   what  his   parent  had .

By    watching   horrible  violence   in   games   and  movies 
Although may  be  not   every  child   will   not   be   violent  but  this   is   not  deniable   that ,


And  if  sometimes  in  life  his  aggression   leads  him  to  do  so  it  is  OKAY.

Today   members  of   almost    each  family   spent   time    with   Media  more   than   each   other .

This   is   correct   that   it  is  up   to  us  what  we   see  and  what   not .

But  Children   don't   have   such   strong  will  power  to  push  away   all   the  temptations   that   media   offer.

Media    has  power   to     form   our  taste   according   to  it's  own   benefit.

Like  a   clever   businessman  they   try   to  SPICE UP   their  product    without    caring   about   health   who   use   it.

They   can   change  our  mind   by   repeated   pouring   of   stuff   they  want     to   be   popular .

We   should  not  let   the  media   to   decide  our   lifestyle .

Specially   we   should   not   follow  the  content   that   making  us   travel  in   DESCENDING  ORDER.

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As   we   are  fond   of   being   CIVILIZED aren't we?

Or  we   don't  care  anymore!



  1. Wise.

    Here in the USA they used to have a standards department for TV stations. They would not allow certain things on TV. It wasn't that long ago.

  2. I like that meme. Well said on censorship.

  3. The debate about children being exposed to violence in the media is one that I remember going on when I was a child. It is astonishing that it is still going on. I suspect that it will continue for a very long time.

    I agree that people are spending too much Media time and not enough time with each other. Hopefully that trend will reverse itself.

    Have a great day Baili!

  4. You cover some very important territory in your post. Some people want to make very simple answers. The answers are very difficult and we've been dealing with the topics for a long , long time.It's good to bring up the topics and give your followers something to think about.

  5. I agree that it is up to parents to protect their children from what they feel is inappropriate. The parents also need to teach what is appropriate. If people no longer support those things that make them feel uncomfortable those things will disappear.

  6. The world is a odd place not perfect but it's all we have.

  7. Unfortunately the standards in movies and television shows and video games have sunk to very low levels the last few decades. And it's not just children who start thinking these things are the norm. Plenty of adults have become desensitized to violence and other anti-social behavior through watching films and playing video games. I don't know the answers; I just know we need to keep trying to find them. Good post, baili. It's an important topic.

  8. We never did let our kids see any tv with sex or violence or other questionable stuff. What happens is the child will be desensitized to those things and became amoral.
    Amoral means : "lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something." That would be wrong for parents to raise children like that but sadly it occurs all over the world.

  9. Descending order as in "circling the drain."
    Children are being desensitized by violence and discouraged to have standards of conduct.
    Almost as if an evil force has been rising...

  10. Education, civility, is it so difficult?
    Have a great week

  11. I like your descriptions here on this post. Well said.

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. You make some very interesting points.

  13. Hi, Baili! I think that parents should shelter their children from inappropriate things and provide them with love, attention, and security. They also need to provide their children with a moral foundation on which to build their lives. As the children get older it is important to teach them about the perils of the world and help them develop skills to handle the challenges they might face. It is not an easy world that our children are inheriting.


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