Thursday, April 4, 2019

My Son's New Hostel Room , Few Blooms And Importance of Diversity

Hey    Brave   Hearts !

Hope   and   pray   that    you   are   embracing    the   new   happy   season   with   gratitude  and   joy  :)

I   often   think   what   if   planet   earth   does   not   change   it's   tilting   position  ?

What   if    we   experience   only  one  season ,  Spring  for   instance ?

What   if   we   never  knew   about  all  other  three  seasons    ,winter  ,autumn   and   summer ?

Nor   we   be   familiar    to   all  the  other   unpleasant   changes  in   climate    brought   by   mother   nature .

But   just   spring ,the   most   desired   and   delightful   season :)

The   more   i  think   the  better  i  understand   the  VALUE   OF  CHANGES   IN  LIFE.


Both   kind   of   changes     are   essential    to    DISCOVER   OUR  REAL   INNER   STRENGTH   AND   WISDOM   NOT    JUST   TO   FACE    LIFE   BUT  TO   MAKE   IT   BETTER   EVERYDAY!

Life   is  not   name   of   just   BREATHING   BUT   THE  ACTUAL   DEFINITION   OF   LIFE  IS  


And    who   can   be   better   without   facing    challenges  in  day  to   day   life!

Variety   of    seasons    and  odds    of   life   make   us   grow    for   better.

I   believe  that     all   of    you   brave   and   wise    people    know   so   well  that   how  to   survive    the   abrupt   diversity    of  life  :)

Sharing    some  recent   images   of   garden   and   few   glimpse   of  my   eldest   son's  new  hostel    room  where   he  moved   last   week.

 like   every   year few  pair   of  parrots   visit   my  small  garden  regularly  to  eat  the   sunflower   seeds (i  don't  understand  what   they  eat   as  most  of  stuff   is   thrown   to  the  floor)  first  time  i  was  succeeded   to  capture  one  of  them  

                    captured   by   my   younger   son  ,he  is  better   photographer   than  me

 My  eldest  son moved   to  his  new  hostel   room which  is  smaller  than  earlier  one   but  surroundings  are   much  useful  as  he  likes  to  have  gym  and  swimming pool  around ,  he  was  in  the  middle   of  unpacking  when  he  sent  me  these  pics on  my  request

                                   first   or  second  floor  may  be ,view  from  his  window

   i  wish  i  can   make  his  bed  and  make  him   meal  as  he  is  soooper  busy   with  his  upcoming  exam  and  part  time  job

i  found   this  red   door   interesting 

      these  tiny   purple   blooms   look   so   pretty   while  peeking   through  big  sunflower  leaves

                            Poppy  is  trying  to  find   his  way  to  upwards  through  this  shade

 cosmos  are  still  giving  company  to  little  purple  blooms ,but  increasing   heat  has  dimmed  their  color

    All  blooms   last   hardly  until  mid   April  because  after  that  extreme   summer  take   starts (50 plus)  so  all  that  survive  is  grass   ,few  tough  plants  and  roses  become  so  thin

         inside  the   garden  grass  is  still  missing ,after  April  it   start  to  grow  long  quickly

    few   last   carnations in  my  small  garden :) but  glad  they   existed  to  cheer  me  up  for  while  at  least :)

    when  i  stepped  out  all  other (four i  guess)  parrot  flew  away  ,but  he  was  little  late  luckily (on right)

 My   neem   tree  has   started   to  put  on  her  spring   jewels   smoothly ,I  captured  this  two  days  ago 6:50 am when  i  get  up  to  prepare  kids  for  school  and  college , She   looked   happy  and  serene  to  receive  "Hello"  from  mr  Sun :)

Stay   as   strong   and   wonderful  as  you  are  my  precious   friends!

Be   kind   to   yourself  as  you  deserve  best!

Wishing   you  all  a  blessed  healthy  and  happy  life  ahead,amen!



  1. Lovely garden and the parrot looks so exotic! Nice room too!

  2. Lovely flowers! Great room, hope your son will feel comfy there☺☺

  3. Your sons room looks very cosy and bright! Your garden is so beautiful, the colours are amazing, thank you for sharing this Today!

  4. Oh yes, a typical student's room! i used to live somewhere very similar when I was in university!

  5. I used to like all the seasons but as I get older I am also wishing that we only have warm weather.

    I understand why your son wants to be nearer things like the gym, I feel the same way.

    I like the picture of the neem tree. We do not have those here in New York.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful, your son's new place looks nice.

  7. Your proposal of on season only is interesting. When you stop and think about it there would have to be tremendous changes on the planet...many losses.

  8. Gorgeous flowers, dearest Baili. Hugs and blessings!

  9. I don't believe I would be happy living in an area that does not have season changes. Your son's new home is very nice. And your flowers are blooming nicely.

  10. I think your sons room looks good.
    The flowers in your garden are lovely, so colourful.

    Enjoy the coming weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Students don’t get much space. Good luck to him.

  12. A reminder that change is good. I agree with you, Baili.
    Ah, your son's new room and surrounding look very comfortable, and your flowers are just gorgeous, as usual. A welcome post on this gray day :)

  13. Beautiful flowers!! You do take good care of them. They in turn give you lovely blossoms to make you happy. Nice photos from your son. Glad he is doing well!! Have a great weekend.

  14. That is a really nice room for a student. And your flowers are so pretty!

  15. All is looking good in the garden. Roses just don't like the weather being too hot.
    Mine are still blooming and it's autumn.
    Your eldest sons room is looking alright.

  16. Beautiful shots of your garden and flowers! That parrot is camouflaged well amongst the sunflowers. I wouldn't have seen him if you hadn't mentioned it.

  17. From my own experience, I agree fully that we don't grow without challenges, baili. When things are too easy, we do not change and improve ourselves. I've often said I wish it could be spring all year, but I wouldn't really, because then I wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much :)

    Your flowers are so appealing, and that parrot! Lucky you to have parrot visitors!

    I understand your son's wish to be closer to certain things. It's good he was able to find such a place.

  18. How pleased I am that your son has the kind of accommodation that he wants! A gym on the site is wonderful! Fifty degrees sounds more than I would like to have to endure, but then I feel it is impossibly hot when it reaches 33 degrees. Sometimes I am glad I live in a temperate climate!

  19. "What if we never knew about all other three seasons ,winter ,autumn and summer ?"

    What if there is a fifth season, but we've never seen it because our world doesn't tilt enough?

  20. The room is similar to the one of my daughter Catarina.
    I prefer like this - alone, not shared.
    Have a great week.

  21. Your garden is looking so delightful. Your son's new room looks extremely tidy! When my oldest son was at university he spent a long time cleaning his room before I came to visit, his room mates laughed at him and as a joke when he went to meet me, they emptied a whole rubbish bag of used paper coffee cups all over his floor, hoping I would think he spent all his time throwing them on the floor himself! I could hear them giggling outside his room! so just said 'my goodness you're drinking far too much coffee'!

  22. Lovely blooms in your garden, Baili, and how lovely that you can see these every day until the extreme heat comes. Your son’s room seems small, but he is mist likely so busy with scool and work that it doesn’t need to be very large.

  23. Your son's new room looks quite cozy, although I'm sure a mother's touch would be much appreciated by him! The blooms in your world are gorgeous! Amazing that you will be in the heat of the summer when our blooms here are just ready to come out! I have enjoyed seeing the beauty of the blooms in your garden! I hope you are continuing to enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Blessings to you sweet friend!

  24. His room looks great and the blooms look beautiful :-)

  25. Good morning, Baili! I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and enjoying your beautiful spring blossoms. We have a few daffodils and crocuses popping up in gardens around our neighborhood, but only a few dandelions in the open spaces. Your son's room looks functional and efficient which will help your son in his studies. I have always believed that to appreciate life you have to experiences life fully: to know joy, you must know sorrow, to know strength, you must know weakness, etc. When you've been tested with challenges and hardships and you have survived, you know you can stand on your own two feet and survive. Have a great day, my friend! Big hugs to you!

  26. Your garden pictures are so beautiful! Your son's room looks great for his studies! Big Hugs!


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