Friday, May 3, 2019

Visits , BarB.Q And Eyesight Problem Due To Mental Weakness


 Hey   Brave  Hearts !

Hope   enjoying    the   water  from    well   of  life   that   you   been   digging   since   long   with   the   tools    of   dare   ,wisdom   and  foresightedness :)

Hard  work    of   living  never  ends  though   ,it  slows  down   when  we   be  successful   to  obtain    water   from  our  well of  life .

Time  to   sit  ,relax  and  embrace  the  glory   of  blessings  you   have :)

Saying   goodbye   the  leaving  moment  and   cherishing  the  present   one   with  optimism    for  upcoming   which  always  remains   unpredictable    yet   mysteriously  beautiful    is   art   we   learn   through   our   adventures   of   life!

Sipping  the   each   moment  with  deep  sense  of  gratitude  and   peace   makes   the   time  light   and  bright   for  us  to  pass   by!

Our   last   two  days   spent   in  visits   to   areas   out  of  city.

On  Wednesday   we   went   for  shopping    to  Sukkur   city . And  yesterday  we   visited   to  the  rural  area  to  attend   wedding  ceremony   in   my  sister  in  law's   house. 

The  under construction   road   was  quite  hard  and  tiring to  travel  on ,Returning  from  same  rout  after  few  hours  made  us  more  tired  but  we   enjoyed  the  wedding  and  gathering  anyway.

The  fasting  month  of  Ramadan   is  starting   from  5th  May  i  think   and  therefore  summer  vacation  have  started  early   (from  first  May  to  First  July).

Having  hubby   and  kids  close  is  most   precious   thing  though   we   all  miss  my  eldest  son  TERRIBLY :(((

my   eldest  son  sent  this   image   two  days  back  ,captured  so  nicely  ,water  looks   healing  and  compelling!

My  son   and  his  friends   had  barB.q  party   along  the  canal  and  had  so  much  fun   which  is  pleasure  to  hear  always :)

Long   summer  days  offer  to  do  many   things   that  we  find  hard   during  winters  .

For  me  this  is  time  to  reacquire  my   hobby   of  reading .What   is  most  irritating  thing  about  it  that  my   eyesight   refuse  to   be  much  helpful   for  this  .

When   i  went  my  first  eye checkup  i  was hardly  18   and  after  tests  doctor  told   that   my   eyes   are  perfectly   fine   but  blurriness   and    feeling   burdened   head   is   due  to   neurological   problem .

i  don't   remember   what   treatment  doctor  did   but   since   i  am  here  in  this  city  of  Khairpur   and  visited  eye specialist  many  times   i  got  no  help   or  cure .

I  asked  him  to  prescribe  some  kind  of  eye  drops  but  none  he  gave  by  saying  that "you  don't  need  it"

Though   he  gave  a  cheap  eye  drop  that  only  refreshes  eyes  for  while  but  no   improvement   in  vision.

Since  one  year  i  am   using  almond  powder   in  glass  of  milk  in  hope  that  may   it  make  some  difference .

Still  i  am  wondering  that  may  be  you  guys  have  any  idea  about  treatment  for  weak  eyesight    caused   by  mental  weakness!

Hope   you  guys  will   take  lots  of  care   of  yourself   and  keep   enjoying  the  sipping   pure  fresh  and  magically   delightful  water  from  the  well  of  life!

Stay  Blessed  With  Strength  Of   Hope  That   Grow   in  Garden  Of  Faith!
Faith  In  Your  Maker !

Faith  In  Yourself!


  1. I haven't heard of weak eyesight caused by mental weakness, only eye sight that needs spectacles to correct. I can only suggest you read in a good light, and for short periods so you don't tire your eyes. I hope it is nothing permanent and that you will be rested.

    1. Yes dear Betty mental weakness can cause eyesight problem
      Either I was not aware of this until I read an article online

      I got some time free afternoon and due to heat I have to stay inside and rely on artificial light instead of natural one

      When I was in my native town I used to sit under shady tree in our front yard and it was genuine pleasure to read favourite books then

  2. "Hey Brave Hearts !"

    :-) Have you seen that movie?

    I have never heard of eye sight issues caused by mental stress. I wonder what to do about it. Stop worrying...ha, easy to say, right? But I think our thoughts affect our physical well-being immensely. I hope you will be at peace. I wish your oldest son lived closer to you. I miss him for you!

    1. Dear Sandi your concern for my lounging to have my eldest baby close is really truly appreciated! !!

      No my dear friend I have never heard of this movie but I heard or may be I watched a movie "brave heart" if not mistaking

      But I will look for this certainly as sounds great as you mentioned :)

      I wear glasses when I read and the number is 3 but they don't help with headache that follow reading

  3. Dearest Baili...thank you so much for sharing your son's wonderful photos with us. The barbeque looks so delicious!😊
    Oh I do wish I could offer some advice on your eye problem. Are you taking any drugs for any other problems? I know from experience that many medications have blurred vision as a side effect.
    I really do hope and pray that you get to the bottom of the problem soon. It is so frustrating when reading is possible, isn't it?
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way, my beautiful friend!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dearest Ygraine i am pleased that you found images by my son beautiful :)

      yes my dear friend i am having many kind of medication since years for my various health issues and there is possibility that they might effected the vision

      i love reading so much but since some years constant vision loss has strained my beloved hobby almost

      how can i say thank you enough for your warmth of love my precious friend!
      you are so kind and sweet!

  4. Sorry to hear about your eyesight problems. I have had some issues myself. Unfortunately, I just do not know enough to give advice. I hope that your eyesight improves.

    That barbecue looks very good. I think that you son is doing well!

    Have a great day.

    1. this is good that you eyesight issues been resolved dear Brain which is so fortunate indeed specially the way you read books and then write their review so brilliantly is astonishing!

  5. I've never heard of eye problems due to mental weakness and I find it hard to believe you could have any mental weakness, From your posts you are mentally very strong.

    Perhaps a stronger prescription, or better lighting.

    1. Dear Joe when i was told first that my eyes have no issue but vision blurs sometimes due to insignificant signals that brain send to eye muscles i was 18 and i did not understand the seriousness of problem ,i used medicine for few months and then forgot about it

      after entering my 30s i again visited eye specialist and then later few others who could only advised eyeglasses

      sometimes back i read an article few articles actually that reveal that eyesight problem can be caused by neurological deficiency and i am glad that at least now i know the reason

  6. In the first place you are not mentally weak in any way. Now about your eyes maybe you should talk to your regular doctor. Tell him that eye doctors seem to think there is a neurological problem that affects your vision. He might have some tests he can run to help you.

    1. My dear Emma!

      in my last visit almost year ago i asked my doctor to write me some tests that can reveal the actual reason behind but he smiled and said that

      "you worry so much "
      and he was not even giving me drops for what i argued to him

      i think i will have to go to Karachi or Islamabad for better treatment

  7. Can't advise on your eye problem, so sorry.

  8. Have you tried used a magnifying glass? I'm sorry you get headaches after reading, as books can be such a source of knowledge, entertainment, and relaxation. Good luck. I like Emma's suggestions of seeing your regular doctor.

    I love that photo of the river that your son sent to you. Water is soothing!

    1. Dearest Jenny i never tried magnifying glasses though i mischievously used sometimes my father's when he was repairing watch

      i am little scared from eye glasses specially when after using one certain number for few months you know that you need to improve number of your glasses

      i mean where it will end once it starts ?

      and is this really a solution?

  9. So in life we have some good things and some bad things. Our days go up and down.

    1. Ah life is bundle of smiles :) and sorrows :( dear Red!

      but no doubt that each side has significant beauty and charm !

  10. Oh, that sounds like a nuisance with the eyes. I think this is a situation where it is helpful to live in a modern global world. Go to a doctor with a different healing tradition. A western hospital, or perhaps a Chinese one if you prefer. Doctors have so many ways of approaching things depending on their culture! Illnesses of the body and mind are not simple, like a machine. The approach to it is also significant.
    You can also look at the wonderful photo of the water, which your son has so kindly sent you. It will calm your nervous system, I think.

    1. i can agree that living in advanced part of the world can be helpful to detect actual reason of any disease dear Jenny!

      i would have found better cure with normal eyesight weakness but it seems that my recent doctor is hesitating to accept or express that my eyesight problem is coming from weak brain signals to the eye(from article)

      or may be he thinks i will not be able to get his point of view

      anyway i am studying about my problem and looking for the solution which is not seem to be find until now

      oh this serene water is soothing my nerves for sure :)

  11. I would definitely get another opinion about your precious eyesight. So sorry you are experiencing these problems with your vision...

    It is wonderful thatl your eldest son sends photos. He must realize they warm your heart and bring you joy knowing he is safe and happy. And thank you for sharing them!!

    Big hugs, my friend:)

    1. you are right dear Chris about option of second opinion and i will definitely go for it

      i am a very blessed mother to have such kindhearted son who is living away from home and family since 8 years but his heart still does not forgot to think about us as warmly :)
      his love and care makes me feel better and so blessed not just mentally but physically too

  12. Your sons seems to be enjoying himself immensely, how wonderful is that :)
    Your eyes, you need to go to have them seen to and tested by another person, and if not satisfied then other - do not muck around with your eyes and strain them. My father was legally blind for over 20 years and his Doctors were of great help to him.

  13. i am sorry about your father's eyesight problem dear Margaret as ability to see things is truly a blessing that allow us to embrace and understand the beauty of nature and fulfilling the all aesthetic pleasures

    i wear glass for reading or for watching t.v though i was asked to keep put them on all the time but i never did so as it seems uneasy to carry the burden upon my ear

    it's been almost year since i visited my doctor and i think too that i need to change the doctor

  14. Great photos! I imagine you miss your son terribly like I miss my daughter. It's so good when they came to visit isn't? Hope your son will came to visit soon. My eye doctor told me to rest the eyes. Take over the counter omega 3 tablets. (Fish oil.) He told me to stay away from screens..all screens from computer, tablets or phone. However I am stubborn.

  15. I'm sorry to hear of your problems with your vision. I don't know of any solutions to offer you, but I hope that it improves for you. The photo your son sent of the water is lovely and serene.

  16. Hi, Baili! I'm sorry that your eyes are bothering you. It can be so frustrating. If you can, perhaps you can get an opinion from a second eye doctor. I understand only too well that glasses can hurt your ears. They can hurt your nose too. Perhaps you could find glasses made of lighter materials. That helped me. I use magnifying glasses to read, and I have to read in good light. I have a friend who loves to read, but she is very busy tending her horses and other animals, bees, garden, and working. She listens to books while she works. Perhaps you could listen to a book from some resource on line. It might give your eyes a rest. I think you might check with a different family or primary care doctor. I would be gritting my teeth if a doctor told me that I worry too much! You live in your body and know it better than anyone else. When I'm reading I look up from my book fairly often and focus on something across the room, and sometimes I make my eyes look up, down, and around a few times just to give them a break. Love that lovely and serene photo of the river that your eldest son sent. That BBQ along the canal looks like it was fun. All the best to you as you observe Ramadan! XOXOX

  17. Ter problemas de visão é realmente preocupante. Espero que melhore.
    "é arte aprendemos através de nossas aventuras de vida!" É muito certo. Gosto muito do rio da fotografia que partilha.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  18. I'm so sorry about your eyes, Baili. I wish I had some advice for you but I can't think of a single thing. I hope things get better xo

    How wonderful that your son is having such a great time and making good friends. We always feel such joy when our children are doing well.

  19. as you know, Baili, I recently had cataract surgery to improve my blurred vision. I'm not sure if your eye issues could be caused by a similar problem and it's unfortunate that the specialists cannot determine the cause of your headaches and blurred vision. And the comment from a medical professional that your eyesight is a mental problem seems like a lot of nonsense to me. As another person already suggested, perhaps some of the medications you take for other issues may be causing this problem.

  20. Do you know which was the most romantic barbecue ever?
    Me and my wife in a desert little island that you can only reach by boat in Thailand.
    Great sunset!!
    Have a great week.

  21. It was so nice to see the photographs your son had sent you.

    I'm sorry you are experiencing eye problems ...The Royal National Institute For The Blind (RNIB) does has an information page about various eye conditions, which you may find helpful.

    Thinking of you and hoping you can get your eye sight sorted.

    All the best Jan

  22. The photo of the water your son sent you is beautiful. It reminds me of a peaceful stream, river, or brook. He is getting good with Photography. The barbecue looks delicious. I'm sorry you have weak eyesight, Baili. Our eyesight is such an important thing. I do hope you find the right treatment to help you with this.

    Take care, sweet friend.



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