Friday, May 31, 2019

Lament of Departed (poem)

It     seems ..

I   was   part   of    something   So   Huge  back  then 

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Happy  with  interdependence 

Nurtured   by   harmony  

Completely   unaware   of   self  existence  

Part     of    an  absolute   composition   of   larger  than   life!

I   don't   know   what   did   i  do   to   deserve   this 

Departed      from   my   "Wholeness "

Thrown    to   be    into    this    twisted     world 

To   be  just   all     by  my    Own 

Dragging   my  "being"   hither     and  thither  

Which   is   soaked   in   countless   queries  ???

Unsatisfied    with   all   that   world   offers  

I    am   starving    to   rejoin    my   origination 

In   the    deep    well   of   darkness   

Sometimes    i   dazzle   to   the   firefly   of    hope 

I     hasten   to   embrace   the   lustre   erratically

With    notion    that    i   found    my    cradle !

But      In  vain   all   my   avidity 

All    my   thrive    to    disband  ,to  indulge  ,to  regain 

Each   time   i  tried   to   complete  me   

  By   joining   the    withered    pieces   around  me 

I   stood     Vacant   and   desolate   

By   the    illusion   of    "You "  oh  my  only  One

Each   part   has   hardly    that   essence   of    You  anymore 

So   i    found     them   stray   ,useless  , barren   and  Lost!

Tired ,  broken   ,extinct  i  am  laying   on   grass

With   trembling  breathes    hard  to   keep   open   my   eyes 

Staring      at   the   sky   above   me,   embellished   with   stars 

Praying   that  may   You   recall    the  moment    of   Union 

And    pull   me   back   into   your    soothing   silvery   vastness!

Perception    of    reunion    stimulated     my    soul 

I    just    saw   the   bird   flying    from   cage  

Bird   of   soul    left    prison   of   Frame  

Ready    to     glide    back   to  my   "home" :)

Where    i   belong  , where  i   will   be  sheer

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Deepness   of  my  Joy   is   hard   to  measure 

Staying    away   from   "ownness "   is  not  a  pleasure !




  1. Great verse Baili. I love the way that you played with the concept of self. This is something that thinkers and artists have been dealing with for a very long time.

  2. beautiful Bali. you truly have a gift!

  3. "Where I belong..."

    A lovely, heartfelt poem, Baili. I like it. It conveys separation, urgency...a seeking heart. Powerful!

  4. Baili - very lovely. So glad you shared this beautiful poem.

  5. I think you meant this as a poem of joy. I however saw so much sadness.

    1. Dear Emma !

      all i know that i sat with empty head before laptop and start writing this poem without being aware of feeling i was dealing with at the moment

  6. This is profound. Thank you for sharing such feeling.

  7. This poem made me think! Great job!

  8. Oh WOW...such an incredibly profound and beautiful poem, dearest Baili!!
    You have truly taken my great away...and, indeed, really made me think!
    You are such an inspiration, my lovely Friend...oh thank you so, so much!!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤

  9. Baili, you're so good! Very thought provoking poem! :)

  10. Olá! vim agradecer sua visita e por seguir nosso blog. Seja bem vinda! obrigada!

  11. A beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it.

  12. Lovely poem you have written and shared :)

  13. Oh, my friend! What a beautiful idea, put into beautiful words! From stardust . . . to stardust. Thank you for such loveliness.

  14. You are really gifted my friend.
    Continue giving us such beauty.
    Have a great week.

  15. You are such a lovely and spiritual thinker and poet, dear Baili.


  16. Um texto muito reflexivo, que gostei imenso de ler.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  17. Beautiful poem, dear Baili! ♥

  18. Thank you for sharing your poem.
    I enjoyed reading your words and also seeing the images you've used.


    All the best Jan

  19. Deep thoughts and feelings are expressed here, Baili. I hope you can return to find what you are searching for. Lovely words.


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