Monday, June 3, 2019

Weather ,B.M.W And Current Business

Hello   Beautiful   Souls!

Hope   life   is   wonderful   at  your  end !

And  weather  is   friendly .

Our   weather  is  also   friendly   though   sometimes   misunderstanding    between   friends    create   Heat   above  the   bearing   level  

Otherwise   we   are   doing  fine  even   our   friend  is  testing  our  nerves    by  giving  shots   of  50 plus c :(

But   hey   haven't   we   been  enjoying   the  soothing   sun   of    glorious   winters   :)

And   then    cheery   delightful   spring :)

So   we   are   facing    these   bad  moods   of  weather     with    lovely     shield   of    memories   of  those   gorgeous   days :)))

Second    month   of  vacation  June  has   started   and   i  am   already   feeling   sad   that   office   and  school  will   reopen  and   hubby  and    kids  will  be  back  to   their   routine  .

I   will   be  missing    these   long   sittings  together  full   of   joy   and  fun !

first   day   at  new   office  :)

My   eldest    told   us   about   his   new   job (part  time)    which   he   got   in  world    famous   multinational   company  B.M.W.

When    he  told  us    during  his  video   call   yesterday   we   were   excited   to  know   that    he   is  joining    the   company   about   which    great   things   we   knew   through  media  ,  but    my   son   said   that   he  is   joining   as  an   initial    employee    and   it   is   a   part   time  job    still   he  was   happy   that   he  was   selected   for   that    company  !

We    are   happy   for   him  with    our   heart   filled   with  prays   that   May    Lord   make  his  dream   come  true   along  with   all   other   hardworking   kids    who   struggle    for  better   future   by  keep   themselves   on  right  path!amen!

Ramadan   is  ending   and  Eid   festival   is  two   or   three  days   away   (depends  on  moon  sighting).

Since    weather   is  harsh   i   am  not     getting    into    much   deep   cleaning   as   when  i  try   i  feel   dizzy   and  fainting  with   sweltering   terribly .

I   am   cleaning   main    visible   stuff    so   house   can   look   neat   ,i  will   wait  for    better   weather   to   clean  my   kitchen   cabinets    as   kitchen   is   Hottest   place  to   work   these  days!

                      Jasmine   loves  summer ,i can  see  that :)

Believe   it   or   not  you  guys  are   always  in  my  thoughts   and  sometimes   even  in  talks  :)

Thank   you   sooo  much  for  all  the   love  and  encouragement   you  provide   with    your   kind   generous    words !

May   you   all   find  joys   of   peace  health  and  prosperity  each   step!amen!

Please   take   great   care  of  yourself!

You   are   Precious!



  1. That is great news about your son’s job. Working for a car company is neat. BMW even neater.

    Have a happy Eid!

  2. Congratulations to your son for the job at BMW.
    Your jasmine is so lovely! There was a jasmine bush in my grandparents' garden. I still remember its scent... :-)
    I wish you a happy cleaning, and a beautiful June!

  3. Congrats to your son, you must be so proud!

  4. Hello dearest Baili, such lovely news about your eldest son's work! His first car - if he decides he will need one - may be a very good one. :) Surely it is an interesting workplace and yes, that the young ones would find their place and role in society is so very important for us families and the society itself.
    Blessings and hugs!

  5. You keep cool there, cleaning always waits :) the deep cleaning of cupboards and so on. How wonderful your son has a part time job with that company. Your Jasmine looks healthy. Always wonderful to have family home, but one has to work to feed you all and pay the bills, the children have to venture back to school and learn for their future. You can say how blessed you are in having such a wonderful family and reminisce what a great time you have had with your family lately...happy days my dear bail...

  6. Oh that sounds super - BMW sounds great! One of my aunts worked for BMW in Munich, Germany for many many years and my hubby had once a BMW as he was younger - but now BMW is too pricy for us as a
    Wishing your boy the best for his part time job! He will make his way - I am sure!
    My daughter starts studying this September - school finished - makes me so proud as well!
    Our children are our future !

    Have a wonderful June!
    I am sorry - I missed your blog so many months - don't know why I wasn't a follower alread to show me new posts on my dashboard!?
    But I follow now (again ), hope it will work to get the new postings of you!

    Big big hugs, from Austria to Pakistan!

  7. Congratulations to your son!! Working for BMW sounds great! Wishing him the best for his future! Your jasmine looks so pretty. I have never seen that type of jasmine before. The aroma of jasmine is so nice and sweet.

  8. Good luck to your son in his new job, I hope he makes new friends and enjoys the work. BMW is a great brand to be a part of.

  9. Good grief! That 50 degrees is incredible! How can you stay cool?

  10. Congratulations to your son on his new job; perhaps it will develop into a full-time one in the future! I'm sorry to hear your weather has gotten even hotter but you have such a wonderful attitude toward life's difficulties. I need to remember this when our summer gets warmer and I feel like complaining instead :)

    Remember that housework will keep, but family time is here for a limited time. You have the right approach!

  11. OMGosh Baili...50+???????????? That is insane, how do you cope with that? We never get higher than 40-42 here in the summer and I find it unbearable because we have the mountain/forest humidity to add to that! But you're right...I welcome the sun FOR SURE...even if he wants to really show off lol! Good luck to your son on his new job! Your jasmine is so pretty!!

  12. Congratulations to your son on his new position. I know you are the proudest of mothers. Continue to take care of yourself during the hot weather. The cleaning will wait until you get to it.

  13. Many congratulations to your son for getting a job with BMW.
    Your jasmine looks so lovely, and I enjoyed seeing all the photographs you've shared.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    All the best Jan

  14. Another congratulations to your son! His future looks so bright and beautiful!
    So sorry you have to endure the sweltering temperatures. I hope you make water your new best friend:)

  15. Yes, your son is fortunate and has earned a good position . Where it shows later on is on his resume.

  16. Just one comment - BMW rules!!!!
    Quoting a friend of mine, car is written with three letters - BMW :)))

  17. Baili, I wouldn't be able to do anything in 50º C. weather! I don't know how you do it! I whine when it hits 30º C. Take it easy on yourself, please!

    Your jasmine looks cool and lovely with its green leaves and flowers.

    And congratulations to your eldest son! You have every right to be proud of him for landing a part time job with BMW. It takes courage and determination to travel to a very different country and culture to study and to work at the same time.

    Save the deep cleaning for the cool days when they return, and enjoy every moment you can with your husband and sons That's what matters most.

    It's cool in Colorado, so I'm doing the heavier jobs. I dragged my kitchen stove out from between the cupboards and counters surrounding it and scrubbed the floor underneath where it was and the walls and countertops. Then I scoured the stove from top to bottom inside and out. This weekend it will be the fridge's turn to get pulled out. I grumble when I'm doing a big job like that, but it always feels good when I'm done. Tasks like that keep me grounded and humble. LOL! Sometimes I think the high and mighty would be well served by getting down on their knees with a scrub brush and doing some honest work!

    I'm hoping that you have a wonderful Eid festival at the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is a long and holy month, so I'm sure it will be wonderful to celebrate after a period of religious reflection and worship. Sending you big hugs! Whenever I pull up your blog and see your smiling face, it makes me feel so happy!

  18. Oh, Baili, that is wonderful news about your son! How exciting for him and for all of you. I'm so happy for your family. Wishing him well!

  19. Congratulations to your son! A great job to work

  20. Housework can surely wait for better weather, Baili. And, thank you for your always wonderful and uplifting comments. Sorry that I am falling behind in blog reading, but when traveling it becomes harder to keep up with all my other wonderful blog friends, but I read and appreciate your comments and everyone else’s on our adventure posts. Take good care of yourself. Congrats to your son on his new job, the first of many more to come and your pride does show, my blog friend🙂

  21. Oh I am SO happy for your son! I really hope he enjoys his new job, and will be very happy there!😊
    I do hope the weather is soon much kinder to must be so difficult for you to do very much, in such punishing heat.
    We are having our usual late spring weather here, namely, chilly rain interspersed with the occasional warm spell! 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful Eid celebration!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. How wonderful to hear that your son is doing so well! Sorry I haven't been around much lately, very busy few weeks. But so nice to be here now to catch up on all your news, my friend.

  23. The jasmine is lovely. Congratulations and good wishes to your son on being chosen to work for BMW. I wish him much success. I hope the weather is treating you kindly today. It is beautiful day here.

  24. Wonderful news about your son. You must be so proud of him :-)


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