Saturday, June 22, 2019

Balance Is Justice Balance Is Beauty And Everything Possible!

I  wonder   if  something   is  more  important  than  balance  in  this  whole  universe .

There  were  nights  when  while  laying  under  stary   sky  i   used   to  contemplate    about   the   countless  shiny   dots   and  silvery  smoky   ways  before  my  eyes .

What Are  These  ? question  poked  my   head   until   i  learnt  about  them   sometimes   from  my  elders   ,sometime  from  books  ,radio   or  t.v.

Answers   led   me  towards  other   questions  as  they  mostly  do ?

How  they   are  hanging   in   the  space  without  any  support  ?

And Why? and  never ending  query .........

May   be  it  is   Magic .

We   call   something  magic   until   we  learn  the  trick  it  works  by.

Before   18th  century  flying  was  magic . It  remained  so  until   the   man   learnt   the   trick   how  bird  fly  and   used  it   for  invention  of   aeroplane .

What   does   a  bird   need   to  fly ?

Yes  wings  of course   but   his  wings  are  useless  if  they   cannot   BALANCE   the  air   under   them .

Creator   has   offered   his   Signs   through   all  his   creations.

He   created  this   universe   which  is   working    strikingly     systematical    and  astonishing   Balance!

He   then   handed   it  to  us  and  asked  for  only  one  thing 

"Observe   and  Learn "

We  learnt   from   ants  how  to  make  home and  numerous  things   from  others  creatures  to  advance  or  life   indeed.

But  we   could  not  learn   the  one  most  important   thing  upon  which  this  whole  universe  is  based ,THE  BALANCE!

 After   giving  us  this  planet   our  Creator   asked   us  to  do 

  "JUSTICE  IN  EVERYTHING " ,So   life   here  can  be  peaceful  and  prosperous   for   all  equally .

What   is  Justice ?

Justice   is  Balance ! 

We    could  not   learn   the  true  value  of  Balance  even   we  invented    the  countless   things   which  work   accordingly  such  as  two  or  four   wheeler   and  counting  is   hard  because  there  is  nothing  which  can  work  without  this  very  particular   thing   or  characteristic  called  Balance.

Today   Not  just  our  planet   but   our  lives  are  getting   ruined  because  we  have  ignored  it .

Years  ago  we   used  to   read  story  about  bad  man   who   killed   others   so  he  can  have  the   special    herb  who  can   make   him  eternal .

And  we  are  still facing  such  madness  .People   with  powers   claim   that  only   they   have  right  to  rule   this  world. They   do  not  think  that  they  are  here  to  just  live  for  while .

They   have   forgotten  that   all  the    cruelty    and  injustice   they  are  causing   to   humanity   is  


Unbalance  ,which  can  destroy  the  universe  in  seconds .

It  is   sabotaging   the  world  on  this  planet   so  quickly .

Even  if  they  succeed   in  achieving    the   immortality  they   will   not   be  able   to   live   with  peace  because   they   had   broken   the    universal   laws   and  they  have   done  injustice   to  others   for  their  selfishness.

Balance   is   beauty    if   we   adopt  in  our  daily  living. From   lifestyle  to    diet  it  is  essence  of   healthy  life .

Balance   is  essential   for  mental   health  either  as  we  all  know.

Giving  importance   to   yourself  is  as  important   as  giving  it   to   all  around  you.

Working   on  inner  problems  (stress ,anxiety ,anger ,sleeplessness  ,fear ,  forgetfulness and  on..)   is   equally  important  as   solving   outer   ones.

IF  we  ignore   cleaning  and  organizing  our  inside   worlds  as  we   do    often   to   world  around,  our   outside   world    gets   weird   and   complicated .And   we  feel  stuck  and helpless.

So   we   should   do  justice  to  ourselves   and   we  can do  this  by creating  Balance  in   our   life .

Balance   in  behavior   is   also  helpful   in  making  life   and  specially  relationship   smooth.

We    can   follow   our  moods  until    it  effects   only  us   but   if    we   choose  to  treat   people   around us  according  to  our  mood  ,it  is  unfair.

Stability   of  any  person's  behavior    can   strengthen   his  relationships  with  love  respect  and  trust.

I  believe  that  everything   in  this  universe  is   giving  us  message  like   the  way   a   tall  tree   comes  out  of  tiny  seed  and  after  certain  time  turn  bit  of  it's  being   into   seed   once  again .

Like  sunlight   grabs    numerous  drops    from   the   heart   of  ocean    turn  into  clouds  ,snow  or  rain   ,fall  on  land  and  flow    towards  ocean  to  reach  home  again .

Like  countless   stars  and  planets   floating  in  this  space  ,they  are  calling  us  to  look  at  them  

they  are   whispering   " learn  that  what  can  happen  if  there  is  no  balance...

Everything    in   this   world  seems  to     trying    to   keep   Balance   in this   world  which   is    most   essential    for    making   it   suitable    for  all ,  Except   human   who are  constantly   damaging  it    with    mad  lust  of  power. 

How    strange   that  we   still   think   ourselves   A  SUPERIOR   SPECIE   OR  IT  IS  ONLY    COMPLEX   WE  ARE    SUFFERING   from? 



  1. This is so beautiful, you write so beautifully, you captivated me with each line!

  2. let us strive for balance, I like how you were looking under the stars, we should all do that sometimes.

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  4. This is such a wise and deep post! I think you're absolutely right -- balance is everything!

  5. Well written! Indeed it has to be a balance! Well said!

  6. You said this so very very well. Is it too much to hope for?

  7. Balance is the key, in all things!

  8. When I hit a bad golf shot it is almost always because of poor balance. Balance does start small and work it way to the through the universe and beyond!

  9. Yes, dear Baili, BALANCE is so important to us. And when we get off track, which sometimes, we do, we must get balanced again. What a wonderful reminder this is.

    "Giving importance to yourself is as important as giving it to all around you"........those words are so special, Baili. Sometimes I give to family and friends and children and everyone, that I forget to give to myself, and that's important as well.

    Such a lovely and heartwarming post this is. Thank you for sharing your wise words. It's getting hot here, and just trying to stay cool. : )


  10. Balance in all things is always welcome..

  11. A balanced life and world would be good but I wonder if it will ever happen.

  12. A very thoughtful and creative insightful post. I agree about balance and its importance. I am fairly optimistic about the future however. Despite some very bad setbacks from time to time, I think that we moving towards a more balanced and just world.

  13. That balance is the reason why the image of justice has a balance.
    The sword is the punishment part.
    Have a great week!

  14. Really interesting thoughts, balance and having yoir priorities right is really importnat in life, for me family, our health and our love is the most important! Have a lovely week:)

  15. O equilíbrio do Universo deixa-me sempre maravilhada… A Justiça tem que ter equilíbrio para que nós, seres humanos, possamos confiar na vida. Gostei muito do seu texto.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  16. what a nice blog!
    would you like to follow each other?

  17. Dearest Baili, truer words were seldom if ever spoken.
    There's nothing I can add to your wise words. I can say "thank you", however. :)
    It's good to hear Brian above is optimistic about the future. :) I'm not, not today.
    But it's wonderful to read your encouraging posts.
    Big hugs!

  18. Dear Baili - so well written and very wise thoughts. Hubby and I was just talking this past weekend about how important it is to have balance. Thank you for sharing.

  19. There are many things that come to my mind for the word “Balance". One of them is human activities which have caused damages to this beautiful blue planet. We human beings have created unbalance with nature in spite of the fact that we are part of nature. Thank you for the food for thoughts, Baili. Have a nice week.


  20. Dear Baili, thank you for this philosophical musing on balance and our need for it. (That photograph of the stack of smooth river rocks really shows that.) Here in the United States we seem to politically have lost our balance. Our president seems unbalanced--to me. And our Congress is so partisan that it, too, is unbalanced. All seem to have lost the understanding of the need for compromise--in that is balance. Peace.

  21. These are true and wise words.

  22. A most thoughtful post.
    Balance is not always easy to find.
    There are many things that can make life and our surroundings un-balanced.
    None the less it is important that we all strive for balance.


    All the best Jan

  23. I always enjoy you sharing your thoughts!

  24. A lovely and thoughtful and wise post, baili. I, too, feel that humans are the only thing in the universe that actively seek imbalance (or at the very least ignore the concept of "enough" and "balance"). Some look for more than their fair share in power, others in wealth, others in fame. All of it affects other humans and the natural world around us. I no longer have the optimism I used to have; the world's population is continuing to increase so fast, and soon there will not be enough resources for everyone. Even now, although we still have enough for all, it is not fairly distributed and many folks are hungry and poor while others have more than they could ever use in one lifetime. It doesn't need to be like that. I wish I could be more hopeful!

  25. Very thoughtful and well written. We live in a fallen world and we can only try to keep balance as much as we can.

  26. Very thought provoking post, Baili. You are right, balance is so necessary in our world.


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